Happy New Year 2018

For all snooker fans and players who supported the Seniors Tour in 2017, here is a message from Jason Francis ahead of 2018:

You dared to dream, but buckle up as the dream is going to get bigger! 

Happy New Year 2018!


And remember this is the best way to start 2018, in the “bear pit” of snooker !

Irish Masters 2018- Poster-2

See you in Goffs!

I f you wish to support the Seniors tour…

Following Shaun Murphy’s generous gesture, Jason has been contacted by another tour player, which has prompted him to send this message around:

Dear World Seniors Tour Player,
Following on from the fantastic gesture from Shaun Murphy yesterday i received an email from another tour player asking if we accept donations from players and snooker fans of what we are doing trying to create this tour.
As i said to him anything we get donated will be paid out in full in prize money for you. I totally understand everyone has different financial circumstances but the one thing we have in common is our love for the game and our support of this venture. Therefore if anyone wishes to make a donation, either publicly or in private then please email me
If you want to keep it private then we will say its an anonymous donor, if you want publicity for your business or a charity then we can use our huge social media numbers to do that as well.
We can provide receipts for any donations made, in some cases this can be tax efficient for you.
Most of you who know me will understand I will work as hard as I can to generate as many opportunities and as much prize money as possible but we welcome all the help we can so please get in touch.
thanks again

And, don’t forget, coming to the events, is also a great way to support the Seniors Tour whilst having a lot of fun!

Do you dream to play at the Crucible?

Seniors Masters Poster

Yes? Then this email sent by Jason Francis is for you…

Dear World Seniors Tour Player,
We all love snooker and I’m sure as you were growing up your dream was to step out and play in a single table set up at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, the home of the World Snooker Championships.
Of course before the World Seniors Tour came along the only way you could do that was to get to the semi finals, a tall order and many hugely successful ranking event winners on tour have yet to achieve it….
But you can, if you dare to dream
The winners of the two qualifiers will get that chance… and a dream tie against either John Parrott, Joe Johnson, Dennis Taylor or a certain Stephen Hendry.

The two chances are in Newbury and Upton Park. Look at the calendar below to see the full tour dates

Crucible Club Newbury 3rd and 4th Feb (with 2nd Feb if required) CLOSING DATE 19TH JAN
Upton Park Snooker Centre, London E13 17th and 18th Feb (with 16th if required) CLOSING DATE 2ND FEB

Entry is £60, the prize fund is £14,000

You will find the Calendar as well as the link to the entry form here

And there is more good news …

Dear World Seniors Tour Player,
Shaun Murphy has today donated £500 into the prize pot for the end of season top 16 race. I intend to make this the high break prize for the weekend. Its a fabulous gesture from a top professional who wants to help us.
I’d be really grateful if you would find time to thank him for supporting us. His twitter is @magician147 or you can email him
its important we recognize the help we are getting. I will be approaching more top pros and asking them to contribute to the prize pot too so that everyone who  makes that top is on prize money and has a great weekend.

Nice gesture! Thank you Shaun! 

Important information regarding World Seniors Q6 in Beijing

This important information was sent around, by email,  today by Jason Francis:

A few players have indicated they may travel to Beijing to compete in this qualifier. Here is the information you need including the email to use to sort your entry… BUT please be aware you will need a visa to travel to china and you need to crack on if you don’t already have one.
We use Regent Visas in London
325, Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent St, Soho, London W1B 5TE
Open today · 8:30am–6pmPhone020 7039 0152
We are delighted to announce our friends at Superstar Online as the sponsor for World Seniors Qualifier 6 which will be held in Beijing at the CBSA Academy between the 5th and 7th January 2018.
The winner of the event will travel to the UK in March 2018 to take their place amongst the legends of the game to fight it out for the World Seniors title, £10,000 and a place in the 2018 World Professional Snooker Championship Finals.
Superstar online has announced the prize money for the winner and its massive news for any amateur snooker players over 40 before Jan 4th 2018.
Winner-¥30,000.00 and a trophy (approximately £3500 sterling)
Runner up- ¥10,000.00
Semi-finalist -¥5,000.00
Entries are open now and close on 25th December 2017
All interested players will need to email yuanlaosai@rigourmedia.com to get an entry form, we welcome players outside of China who are willing to travel.
Entry fee for this event is 100 RMB (Approximately £10)
Check-in time will be no later than 17:00 on January 4th 2018 at Tiantan Hotel. (address: No.1 Tiyuguan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing,100061)Please note players from outside of China will need to obtain a travel visa.
The dates of this qualifier do replace those originally advertised in the World Seniors Tour Calendar.

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WPBSA World Seniors Snooker Tour Announced


WPBSA made this announcement yesterday

WPBSA World Seniors Snooker Tour

14th December 2017

Snooker Legends arena

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) can today announce its involvement in the beginning of an official WPBSA World Seniors Tour.

WJimmy White with trophyhilst the World Snooker Tour has gone from strength to strength in recent years, it is vital that we consider the longevity of the careers of our players. We recognise the excellent work already carried out by Jason Francis and Snooker Legends in creating interest and events which many of our sporting greats now compete in. Our intention is to create a partnership with Jason to take what he has done global and create more playing opportunities for amateurs than ever before.

There is clearly a role to play for the WPBSA as snooker’s world governing body in ensuring this concept receives the attention and support it deserves. Globally, there are significant numbers of players who are over 40 who continue maintain a strong competitive instinct in our sport, this includes many passionate amateurs and includes both past and present World Snooker Tour players.

In support of the many players and the work of the World Snooker Federation as snookers IF, we are now engaged with the partners involved to build a tour of events as an official WPBSA World Seniors Snooker Tour.