2022 WSS Seniors Ways Facilities Management UK Championship Update and Preview

This was announced today by Jason Francis on social media 

We are sorry to announce that Tony Drago has been identified as a close contact of someone who has contracted COVID and his enforced period of quarantine means he cannot travel to the UK for next weeks event. Tony will be replaced in the event by Patrick Wallace who is the current World Number 1 ranked Seniors Player. Patrick will face Jimmy White in the Last 16 Bonus Arena, Hull WAYS Facilities Management

Of course, we wish Tony the best. Hopefully he won’t develop any (severe) symptoms.

This is the updated first round draw:


We have some interesting matches in prospect!

Michael Judge v Peter Lines.

This is a hard one to call. Both Michael and Peter have loads of experience, a good tactical nous and a vast knowledge of the game. This should be good and it should be close. Peter is playing on the main tour, he should be sharp. How much and how well pthe epared Michael will be is the unknown factor. I’m certain though that he will do everything in his power to be ready: He’s the defending Champion. I can’t pick a winner.

Ken Doherty v Lee Walker.

Expect hard match play. Expect grit and patience. Expect fancy socks… 🧦. I will go with Ken for this one, but only just. Ken  is very shrewd and has more experience of the “main table situation”. Lee though is a very solid player: if he manages to dictate the pace and style of the match, he will definitely give Ken a serious challenge.

Jimmy White v Patrick Wallace.

Patrick is the number one Senior player for a reason. In the past however he has struggled with nerves in the big matches, on the main table. Jimmy on the other hand loves such situations, he thrives on them. He’s a showman. Because of these differences in personality, and because these are short matches, I fancy Jimmy to win, but not by much.

John Parrott v Wayne Cooper

John Parrott has very rarely performed convincingly since the Seniors Tour started. I’m not sure why. I must admit that I don’t know much about Wayne’s game, but he has come through the qualifiers which isn’t easy. Wayne Cooper to win.

Joe Johnson v Rod Lawler

Joe Johnson’s cue action is all over the place these days, but he still relishes the battle, and still pots some very good balls. The competitive animal has not been tamed. Rod Lawler is someone I fully respect because he always tries 100%, but I’m not a fan of his pace and he has struggled in recent years. I can’t call this one. I have a feeling that it will just depend on either player’s form on the day.

Cliff Thorburn v Kuldesh Johal

Cliff is 73, getting down of the shot is a struggle, the shot-clock a nightmare. He is however a great champion, and still has the heart of a great champion. Will it be enough to beat Kuldesh? I’m not sure. I would absolutely love to see Cliff do well but I think that Kuldesh will have too much for him.

David Lilley v Philip Williams

Philip Williams has been a strong presence in qualifiers on the WSS tour those last years. He sure can play. David Lilley is the Seniors reigning World Champion and he plays on the main tour. This should be a quality match but, ultimately, I expect David to win it.

Stephen Hendry v Barry Pinches

Now this is an interesting one. Stephen Hendry has hinted that he is playing well in practice. Every time he plays on the main tour he has lots of expectations to cope with and, because of his ranking, he usually faces a “current” top player. This will be a different proposition and an interesting “test” for Stephen. Barry Pinches had a very decent career, he is/was very solid but never really classed as a “top” player. I will go with Stephen here, mainly because, given the opportunity, he still has the scoring power. However, if Stephen goes for too much and gives Barry a lot of opportunities, he will probably pay the price.



World Seniors Snooker and BBC Sport agree new broadcast deal

This Press release was shared by Jason Francis on social media


World Seniors Snooker and BBC Sport agree new broadcast deal

The World Seniors Snooker Tour is delighted to announce a new deal with BBC Sport which will see the 2022 UK and World Seniors Snooker Championships shown live across the BBC’s digital platforms.

The UK Seniors Snooker Championship runs from the 3rd–7thJanuary at the Bonus Arena in Hull.

The World Seniors Snooker Championship returns to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield between the 4th–8th May.

All the games will be available on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website and app, giving snooker fans free-to-air coverage for those in the UK.

The events will feature the likes of Jimmy White, Stephen Hendry and Ken Doherty as well as Qualifiers from Asia, Pan America, Europe, Oceania and Africa.


Seniors 2022 World Championship Qualifiers – Event 2

This is the draw for the Seniors World Championship Qualifiers, Event 2.

The event will be played in Reading, from the 17th to the 19th of December 2021.

This is the draw (I know, it’s very hard to read, but I can’t help that)

Seniors Event2 draw

And this is the format:

Seniors Event2 format

These are the “last 64” matches, with  original numbers

1. Stuart Watson BYE
2. Ray Grail 1-3 Dennis Tristram
3. Stuart Reardon 3-2 Paul Burrell
4. Richard Emery 1-3 Andy Booker
5. Ant Parsons 3-0 Darren Bradstock
6. Gaurang Vyas 0-3 Kark Townsend
7. Kevin Palmer 0-3 Tony Chappel
8. Adrian Atkins 0-3 John Hunter
Wayne Townsend BYE
9. Peter O’Malley 2-3 David Taylor
10. Ashley Beal 3-1 Richard Pipe
11. Sanjay Maghani W/O Rod Lawler
12. Mukesh Parmar 0-3 Gareth Coppack
13. John Snape 3-1 Darren Millard
David Brock W/O Simone Zappi
14. Dharminder Singh Lilly 3-1 Jonathan Bagley
15. Tony Knowles 2-3 Adrian Morrissey
16. John Palmer 3-0 Minesh Doshi
17. Adam Denham v Nigel Philips W/O
18. Justin Eggins W/O Kuldesh Johal
19. Patsy Fagan 3-0 Falsai Majid
20. Andy Lavin 3-2 Anthony Massey
21. Gareth Edwards 2-3 James Heigth
22. Gary Britton v Aaron Canavan W/O
23. Matt Ford 3-0 Andy Battams
24. David McDonnell v Richard Beckham
25. Gary Coulson 3-0 Ian Whiting
26. Tony Corrigan 3-1 Steve Crowley
27. Mark Ganderton 3-1 Richard Somauroo
28. Mark Bell W/O Darryl James
29. Simon Chandler 0-3 Brian Morgan
30. Phil Williams – Anthony Bonnar W/O

These are the last 32 matches

Stuart Watson 3-0 Dennis Tristram
Stuart Reardon 0-3 Andy Booker
Ant Parsons 3-2 Karl Towsend
Tony Chappel 3-2 John Hunter
Wayne Townsend 3-0 David Taylor
Ashley Beal 3-1 Sanjay Maghani
Gareth Coppack 3-1 John Spane
David Brock 0-3 Dharminder Sihgh Lilly
Adrian Morrissey 3-1 John Palmer
Nigel Philips 3-1 Justin Eggins
Patsy Fagan 1-3 Andy Lavin
James Heigth 3-0 Aaron Canavan
Matt Ford 3-2 Richard Beckham
Gary Coulson 1-3 Tony Corrigan
Mark Ganderton 2-3 Mark Bell
Brian Morgan 3-0 Anthony Bonnar

These are the last 16 matches

Stuart Watson 3-0 Andy Booker
Ant Parsons 2-3 Tony Chappel
Wayne Townsend 0-3 Ashley Beal
Gareth Coppack 0-3 Dharminder Singh Lilly
Adrian Morrisey – Nigel Philips W/O
Andy Lavin 3-2 James Heigth
Matt Ford 1-3 Tony Corrigan
Mark Bell 1-3 Brian Morgan


Stuart Watson 4-1 Tony Chappell
Ashley Beal 0-4 Dharminder Singh Lilly
Nigel Philips 3-4 Andy Lavin
Tony Corrigan 1-4 Brian Morgan


Stuart Watson 4-3 Dharminder Singh Lilly

Andy Lavin 2-4 Brian Morgan

The Final

Stuart Watson 4-3 Brian Morgan


During the event, you will be able to follow the scores/results on this page

The results and the draw for the next rounds will also be added here.

Seniors 2022 World Championship Qualifiers – Event 1

This is the draw for the Seniors World Championship Qualifiers, Event 1.

The event will be played in Reading, from the 14th to the 16th of December 2021.

This is the draw (I know, it’s very hard to read, but I can’t help that)

Seniors Event1 draw

And this is the format:


These are the “last 64” matches, with numbers

1. Stuart Watson 2-3 Dharminder Singh Lilly
2. Adrian Morrissey 3-1 Richard Pipe
3. Kuldesh Johal BYE
4. Shaf Hussain 3-1 Dean Sycamore
Ant Parsons BYE
– Andy Lavin BYE + No Show/Withdrawal
Gary Coulson BYE
5. Richard Beckham 3-0 John Hunter
6. Wayne Townsend 2-3 Tony Corrigan
7. Andy Milliard 0-3 James Richardson
8. Mark Bell W/O Gary Britton
Rod Lawler BYE
9. Leo Fernandez 3-0 Chris Jones
10. Stuart Reardon 3-0 Ian Desmer
11. David Brock 0-3 Neal Jones
12. Paul Burrell 0-3 Jonathan Bagley
13. Tony Knowles 3-2 Sean Vaz
John Palmer BYE
14. Richard Emery 3-2 Anthony Bonnar
Dave Finbow BYE
15. Patsy Fagan 1-3 Anthony Massey
Adam Denham BYE
16. Gareth Edwards 2-3 David Taylor
17. Tony Edwards 0-3 Aaron Canavan
18. Matt Ford 3-0 John Evans
19. David McDonnell 3-0 Faisal Majid
20. John Snape 3-0 Minesh Doshi
Steve Crawley BYE
21. Mukesh Parmar 3-0 Andy Booker
22. Mark Ganderton 3-2 Darryl James
23. James Heigth 3-0 Sanjay Meghani
24. Philip Williams W/O Simone Zappi

Last 32 matches

25. Dharminder Singh Lilly 3-2 Adrian Morrissey
26. Kuldesh Johal 3-0 Shaf Hussain
27. Ant Parsons W/O Andy Lavin
28. Gary Coulson 0-3 Richard Beckham
29. Tony Corrigan 3-1 James Richardson
30. Mark Bell 3-2 Rod Lawler
31. Leo Frenandez 2-3 Stuart Reardon
32. Neal Jones 3-2 Jonathan Bagley
33. Tony Knowles 3-0 John Palmer
34. Richard Emery 3-1 Dave Finbow
35. Anthony Massey – Adam Denham W/O
36. David Taylor 1-3 Aaron Canavan
37. Matt Ford 3-2 David McDonnell
38. John Snape 1-3 Steve Crowley
39. Mukesh Parmar 3-2 Mark Ganderton
40. James Heigth 0-3 Philip Williams

The last 16 matches

41. Dahrminder Singh Lilly 3-1 Kuldesh Johal
42. Ant Parsons 1-3 Richard Beckham
43. Tony Corrigan 1-3 Mark Bell
44. Stuart Reardon 2-3 Neal Jones
45. Tony Knowles 3-2 Richard Emery
46. Adam Denham 2-3 Aaron Canavan 
47. Matt Ford  1-3 Steve Crowley
48. Mukesh Parmar 2-3 Philip Williams

The Quarter-finals

49. Dharminder Singh Lilly 4-0 Richard Beckham
50. Mark Bell 4-3 Neal Jones
51. Tony Knowles 2-4 Aaron Canavan
52. Steve Crowley 2-4 Philip Williams

The Semi-finals

53. Dharminder Singh Lily 4-1 Mark Bell
54. Aaron Canavan 0-4 Philip Williams

The Final

55. Dharminder Sigh Lilly 2-4 Philip Williams

Congratulations Philip

Philip Williams

and you can hear Philip’s reaction here