Canada will host the Pan American Snooker Championships

And the winner of the Seniors event will get a spot in the WSS ROKiT 2020 World Championship

Here are the informations about the Pan American World Championships

Canada to host Pan American Snooker Championships
filed on Monday, December 9, 2019.   10:44am PT/USA

The Pan American Snooker and Billiards Association (PABSA) have announced that the 2020 Pan American Snooker Championships will be hosted in Canada at The Corner Bank in Toronto from March 23 – 29.

2020 Pan American Snooker Championships - The Corner Bank, Toronto, Canada. March 23 - 29

After a successful 2019 staging by the United States Snooker Association (USSA) earlier this year at Q Ball Snooker & Pool in Houston, Texas, it is the turn of the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA), who have chosen to play the Championships at one of Canada’s premier cuesports facilities which is located in the Scarborough administrative division of the city of Toronto.

The Corner Bank in Toronto, Canada - Photo courtesy of The Corner Bank
The Corner Bank in Toronto, Canada

Photo courtesy of The Corner Bank


In a change from 2019, PABSA have expanded the 2020 Championships which will now encompass the main 2020 Pan American Snooker Championship event, and the 2020 Pan American Seniors Snooker Championship event for players aged 40 and over. The Seniors event will be played first from March 23 – 25, followed then by the Main event from March 26 – 29.

A view of the snooker tables in The Corner Bank - Photo courtesy of The Corner Bank
A view of the snooker tables in The Corner Bank

Photo courtesy of The Corner Bank


The Championships are open to entry from a player who is a citizen of any of the 41 countries which make up the Pan American Olympic movement, with a special dispensation for players who have been a legal permanent resident of one of those nations for a continuous period of the past five years, and have not had any previous representation for a foreign nation in any international snooker competition.

The United States is expected to have several participants competing in both events.

Players interested in entering should visit the PABSA website for further details:

Seniors Irish Masters 2020 – Draw and Format


Followowing the Liverpool event last week, the draw is now complete

Here are the draw and format:

Friday 27th March 2020

Session 1 – 7pm

Jimmy White v Tony Drago
Michael Judge v Dennis Taylor

Saturday 28th March 2020

Session 2 – 10am

John Parrott v Rory McLeod
Stephen Hendry v Cliff Thorburn

Session 3 – 2pm

Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 3
Winner Match 2 v Winner Match 4

The Final – 7.30pm

All matches to the final are best of 5, the final is best of 7.
Roll on roll off format.

Get your tickets here.

Seniors Irish Masters 2020 – Liverpool Qualifying Event


WSSLiverpool Venue

You can follow the tournament here:

Preliminary round (L128)

Alex Ferguson W/O – Chris Clarkson
James Brown 3-1 Ady Holley
John Whitty 3-0 Steve Evans
Michael Wrigley 3-1 Dharmendra Patel
Andrew Greaves 3-0 Ian Spawton

Last 64

Rodney Goggins 3-0 Colin Mitchell
Marcus Lord 3-2 Patsy Fagan
Tony Corrigan W/0 – Neil Caroll
Philip Blackburn 1-3 Les Dodd
Richard Emery 2-3 Gary Miller
Steve Bird 0-3 Dean Sycamore
Sanjay Meghani 3-2 Alex Ferguson
John Snape – Aaron Canavan W/O
Lee Richardson 3-0 Ray Grail
Mark Ball 3-0 Stevie Carroll
Karl Townsend 1-3 James Brown
Anthony Massey 0-3 Rory McLeod
Sean Lanigan 1-3 Wayne Townsend
Colm Gilcreest – John Welsh W/O
Neil Craycraft 3-0 George Apperley
John Whitty 2-3 Leo Fernandez
Patrick Wallace 3-0 Adrian Atkins
Johnny Stevens – Darren Barton W/0
Andrew Milliard 3-2 Mark Sutton
Bal Sembi W/0 – Lee S. Martin
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Simon Keenan
Mark White 2-3 Michael Wrigley
Stephen Campbell 3-1 Ali Anwar
Gary Thompson 3-1 Stuart Watson
Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Andrew Greaves
Neal Jones W/O – Nikolas Neale
Cary Kikis 3-1 A. Pennington
Dennis Tristram 1-3 Gary Filtness
Tony Knowles 2-3 Steve Whalley
Jon Charlton W/O – Pat Bonnar
Gary Coulson 1-3 Danny Crawford
Michael Judge 3-0 Abbid Manzoor

Last 32

Rodney Goggins 3-1 Marcus Lord
Tony Corrigan 1-3 Les Dodd
Gary Miller 1-3 Dean Sycamore
Sanjay Meghani 0-3 Aaron Canavan
Lee Richardson 3-0 Mark Ball
James Brown 1-3 Rory McLeod
Wayne Townsend 3-1 John Welsh
Neil Craycraft 0-3 Leo Fernandez
Patrick Wallace 3-0 Darren Barton
Andrew Milliard 1-3 Bal Sembi
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Michael Wrigley
Stephen Campbell 0-3 Gary Thompson
Jonathan Bagley 3-2 Neal Jones
Cary Kikis 0-3 Gary Filtness
Steve Whalley 2-3 Jon Charlton
Danny Crawford 1-3 Michael Judge

Last 16

Rodney Goggins 3-1 Les Dodd
Dean Sycamore 1-3 Aaron Canavan
Lee Richardson 0-3 Rory McLeod
Wayne Townsend 1-3 Leo Fernandez
Patrick Wallace 3-0 Bal Sembi
Wayne Cooper 0-3 Gary Thompson
Jonathan Bagley 3-2 Gary Filtness
Jon Charlton 2-3 Michael Judge

Quarter finals

Rodney Goggins 2-3 Aaron Canavan
Rory McLeod 3-2 Leo Fernandez
Patrick Wallace 1-3 Gary Thompson
Jonathan Bagley 0-3 Michael Judge

Semi finals

Aaron Canavan 1-4 Rory Mcleod
Gary Thompson 3-4 Michael Judge

The Final

Rory McLeod 1-4 Michael Judge