Good news from Jersey

The next Seniors event is the second Seniors World Championship qualifying event in Jersey and there is good news.


Indeed there is an increase in Prize money in Jersey.

Thanks to a donation from the Jersey Billiards and Snooker Association the total prize fund in Jersey has now passed the £3000 mark.

Any player reaching the last 16 will get their entrance fee back (£50) and anyone reaching the quarter finals will now receive £100 up from £75.
You still have time to enter the draw in Jersey but entries close on Thursday, if you are interested enter here
The event is being held between the 16th and 18th November with the winner getting a place at the 2019 World Seniors Snooker Championship.



Centuries so far this season (5.11.2018)

Here is the list of centuries made so far this season…

2018/19 Century Breaks

Rodney Goggins 135 Bruges
Aaron Canavan 131 Northampton
Barry Pinches 125 Newbury
Patrick Wallace 125 Newbury
Patrick Wallace 124 Bruges
Rodney Goggins 121 Letterkenny
Mark White 120 Northampton
Barry Pinches 120 Clacton
Rhydian Richards 120 Northampton
Ken Doherty 117 Uk Champs
Barry Pinches 114 Newbury
Ludovic Arnaert 109 Bruges
Barry Pinches 106 Clacton
Jonathan Bagley 106 Bruges
Rhydian Richards 105 Newbury
Jonathan Bagley 104 Newbury
Lieven Vanthournout104 Bruges
Steven Waldron 104 Northampton
Michael Judge 104 Letterkenny
Barry Pinches 104 Newbury
Patrick Wallace 104 Newbury

Remember there is £5000 for the grabs – thanks to Kia Victor Wood – for the man with the highest break over the season.

Seniors World Championship 2019 – Qualifier 1

Ninety entered the first qualifying event for the Seniors World Championship 2019. This event is currently underway in Newbury. It started yesterday. There is £2500 for the winner of the qualifying event, plus, of course, a spot in the Seniors World Championship next March.

Patsy Fagan, the original UK Championship winner (1977) is amongst those who entered

Patsy Fagan in Newbury

This is the draw:


First round (last 128) results:

Sanjay Meghani 3-0 Dean Sycamore
Patsy Fagan 3-0 Mark Davies
Andrew Bolter 0-3 Don Newcombe
Jon Charlton 3-0 Bradley Fish
Nick Neale 0-3 Chris Rice
Leo Fernandez 3-0 Jamie Trump
Pat Patel 0-3 Johnny Stevens
Andrew Milliard 3-0 Andy Turner
Tony Knowles v Andrew Darken
Steve Bird 3-0 Georges Apperley
Mart Gray 2-3 Matt Ford
Dean Venables 3-2 Ali Anwar
Marcus Lord 2-3 Tony Corrigan
Ray Grall 0-3 Anthony Massey
Surinder Gill 3-0 Daniel Mooney
Lyndon Paxford v Richard Emery
Garoid O’Connor 3-0 Alan Harvey
Karl Towsend 1-3 Adam Ashley
Steve Evans v Shabir Ditta
Lee S. Martin 3-0 Muhammad Aurangzaib
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Gary Miller
Michael Wrigley 1-3 Neil Craycraft

Last 64 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Karl Walker
Ashley Beale 1-3 Stephen Waldron
Daren Mirza v Paul Burrell
Simon Seabridge 1-3 Mark White
Gary Britton 3-0 Stephen Campbell
Gary Skipworth 2-3 Sanjay Meghani
Bilal Ahmed 0-3 David McDonnel
Andrew Diacopoulos 1-3 Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches v James O’Sullivan
Patsy Fagan 3-1 Don Newcombe
Andrew Isitt v Nick Spelman
Jon Charlton W/O Rodney Goggins
Chris Rice 0-3 Leo Fernandez
Neil Caroll 1-3 Johny Stevens
Alex Ferguson 3-0 Gary Filtness
Ant Parsons 1-3 Andrew Milliard
Andrew Darken 2-3 Steve Bird
Matt Ford 3-1 Les Dodd
Rhydian Richards 3-2 Dean Venables
Tony Corrigan 2-3 Lee Martin
Anthony Massey v Sean Lanigan
Surinder Gill v Lee Richardson
Richard Emery v Garoid O’Connor
Adam Ashley 3-2 Steve Evans
Lee S. Martin 3-2 Aidan Owens
Sinon Dent v Darren Morgan
Wayne Cooper v Sean Halligan
Sean O’Shea v Andy Papaiacovou
Neil Craycraft v Patrick Wallace

Last 32 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Stephen Waldron
Paul Burrell v Mark White
Gary Britton 3-0 Sanjay Meghani
David MacDonnell v Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches 3-0 Patsy Fagan (125, 104 Pinches)
John Hunter v Nick Spelman
Jon Charlton 0-3 Leo Fernadez
Johnny Stevens v Alex Ferguson
Peter Delaney v Andrew Milliard
Steve Bird 1-3 Matt Ford
Rhydian Richards v Lee Martin
Neil Jones v Sean Lanigan
Garoid O’Connor W/O Surinder Gill
Lee S. Martin 3-0 Adam Ashley
Darren Morgan v Wayne Cooper
Sean O’Shea v Patrick Wallace

Last 16 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-0 Mark White (105 Bagley)
Gary Britton 3 (52,72,53) v 1 (88) Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches 3 (114) v 0 Nick Spelman
Leo Fernandez 3 (50,58,62) v 1 (56) Alex Ferguson
Andrew  Milliard 1-3 Matt Ford
Rhydian Richards 3 (54) v 2 (58) Neal Jones
Garoid O’Connor 3-0 Adam Ashley
Wayne Cooper 1- 3 (104,125) Patrick Wallace

Quarter Finals:

Jonathan Bagley 1-3 Gary Britton
Barry Pinches 3 (55,55) v 1 Leo Fernandez
Matt Ford v Rhydian Richards
Garoid O’Connor 1 (62) v3 (61) Patrick Wallace

Semi Finals

Gary Britton 3 (83) v 1 (58,56) Barry Pinches
Rhydian Richards 3 (97,74,105) v 1 (91) Patrick Wallace

The Final

Gary Britton 2-3 Rhydian Richards 

Rhydian Richards World Qual Event 1

You can watch the final here