Two referees selected to officiate at the Seniors UK Championship 2018

This was published by WPBSA on their Facebook page yesterday:

SENIORS NEWS | Two referees have been selected by World Seniors Snooker to officiate at the UK Seniors Snooker Championship in Hull next month as part of an ongoing commitment to support the EASB.

Coventry’s Ian Wagstaff and Carl Whitby from Sheffield are both EASB stalwarts and have been chosen to support main officials Michaela Tabb and Patricia Murphy during the event. The pair will be given matches at the brand new Bonus Arena, Hull and with 11 matches spread across twodays its sure to be a busy time for everyone involved.

The UK Seniors Snooker Championship runs from 23-25 October and features all-time greats including Stephen Hendry, Ken Doherty and Jimmy White.

🎟 Tickets for the event can be secured at

Referee gloves ballds

Congratulations to Ian and Carl.

Change in the allocation of the prize fund for 3 World Champ qualifiers

Jason Francis announced this yesterday on the World Seniors Tour Forum on Facebook yesterday:

We are today announcing a change in the allocation of the prize fund for 3 World Champ qualifiers in Newbury, Jersey and Coulsdon The Prize fund will now reward any players reaching the Quarter finals, the invitation to the World Seniors Championship remains on offer to the winner of the event. The Prize money for these three events will be…

£1250 winner
£500 runner up
£200 semis x 2
£75 quarters x 4

These changes were discussed by tour players on their forum and received unanimous support from those who commented. We will continue to work with our players to improve the tour for all those concerned.

This is indeed good news and further incentive for players to enter and try on the World Seniors Tour.

It’s also great to see that the forum is effectively a place where the players can express their concerns and wishes AND are actually listened to.

Patrick Wallace is your winner in Bruges


Event: European Masters Qualifiers 2

When? 17-19 August 2018

Where? Snooker Palace, Noordzandstraat 4, 8000 Brugge

Congratulations to Patrick Wallace, winner of this event!

Patrick Wallace, winner in Bruges

Here is how it unfolded:

Round 1

Alain Vandersteen (BE) 3-2 Jeremy Dorchue (FR)
Steve Lambrechts (BE) 3-0 John Van Gorp (NL)
Kurt Pollet (BE) 3-0 Bruno Cottenies (BE)
Keith Thomas (Wales)  3-2 Nico Smeets (BE)
Jonathan Charlton (England) 3-2 Wang Chooi Tan (BE)
Christophe Rives-Lange (FR) w/o Paul Burrell (England)
Miro Popovic (DE) 3-1 Jan Mortelé (BE)
Andy Turner (England) 3-2 Gino Verheyden (BE)

Stefan Buyse (BE) 3-1 Thierry Thenaisie (FR)
Remko Boselie (NL) w/o Mark Davies
Ludovic Arnaert (BE) 3-2 Stéphane Ochoiski (FR)
Win De Roeck (BE) 3-1 Mario Veltman (NL)
Nick Tielemans (BE) 3-2 Hossein Mosharaff (BE)
Lee Martin (England) 3-1 Joris Maas (BE)
Mohammed Al Joaker (UAE) 3-1 Steven Thomas (Wales)
Lieven Vanthornout (BE) 3-2 René Hemelsoet (BE)

Round 2

Jonathan Bagley (England) 3-0 Alain Vandersteen
John Hunter (England) 3-2 Steve Lambrechts
Richard Emery (England) 3-0 Kurt Pollet
Stuart Watson (England) 3-0 Keith Thomas
Michael Judge (IRL) 3-2 Jonathan Charlton
Rodney Goggins (IRL) 3-0 Christophe Rives-Lange
Raymond Grall (England) 3-2 Miro Popovic
Lee Richardson (England) 3-1 Andy Turner

Patrick Wallace (NI) 3-0 Stefan Buyse
Remko Boselie 3-1 Bradley Fish (England)
Ludovic Arnaert 3-1 Dean Sycamore (England)
Les Dott (England) 3-1 Wim De Roeck
Simon Dent (England) 3-2 Nick Tielemans
Lee Martin 3-2 Neil Herd (England)
Mohammed Al Joaker 3-1 Hans Blankaert (BE)
Sean Lanigan (England) 3-0 Lieven VanThournout

Last 16

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 John Hunter
Stuart Watson 3-0 Richard Emery
Rodney Goggins 3-2 Michael Judge
Lee Richardson 3-0 Raymond Grall

Patrick Wallace 3-0 Remko Boselie
Ludovic Arnaert 3-0 Les Dodd
Lee Martin 3-2 Simon Dent
Mohammed Al Joaker 3-2 Sean Lanigan


Stuart Watson 3-2 Jonathan Bagley
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Lee Richardson

Patrick Wallace 3-0 Ludovic Arnaert
Lee Martin 3-0 Mohammed Al Joaker


Stuart Watson 3-0 Rodney Goggins

Patrick Wallace 3-1 Lee Martin


Patrick Wallace 3-0 Stuart Watson


Rodney Goggins 135 – this is currently the season High break.
Patrick Wallace 124
Ludovic Arnaert 109
Jonathan Bagley 106
Lieven Vanthournout 104

Meet the players ….

And some pictures taken at the Snooker Palace club… Belgium has some snooker history!

A threat to Stephen Hendry?

News has filtered – via WPBSA website – that Mark Johnston-Allen is eager to join the World Seniors Tour as he has unfinished business.

Johnston-Allen to Return for “Unfinished Business”

29th July 2018

Former world number 31 Mark Johnston-Allen is the latest player who will dare to dream on the World Seniors Snooker Tour (WSST) having entered a qualifying event for the 2019 World Seniors Snooker Championship.

A two-time ranking event finalist, Johnston-Allen is perhaps best remembered for his perfect 3-0 record against seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry, who he could yet meet once again on the WSST. His best performance at the World Championship came in 1992 when he qualified for the Crucible for the only time, losing to Tony Knowles in the opening round.

In recent years the Bristolian has also become a familiar face as both a commentator and Master of Ceremonies at several events.

“This is unfinished business for me!” said Johnston-Allen, “I haven’t played for 15 years but I am looking forward to catching up with my old sparring partners once again.”

The WPBSA World Seniors Snooker Tour is open to any player over 40. Enter a qualifying event online.

So here is the man about whom Hendry once said “I keep losing to people who shouldn’t be in the same room as me”. Come on Jason, you’ll need two players lounges! (just kidding!).

You can read about the incident and other snooker bust-ups in this typical David Hendon piece.

Sean Lanigan wins the Seniors European Masters Qualifier 1


There were only had 24 entries so there was no play on Friday.

The event did not reach 32 entries therefore  top 8 seeded players from the Seniors World Ranking list have been placed into the draw with the other 16 drawn randomly to play a match to face a seed in the Last 16.

The format of the European Open is best of 5 with no deciding frame respot.

Here are day 1 – July 21 2018 – results

Left Half

Round 1

Paul Currie 1-3 Aidan Devenney
Paul Donaghy  NS – Rodney Goggins WO
Owen Toland NS  – Tony Bullimer WO
Tom O’Driscoll 2-3 Sean Gray

Round 2

Aidan Devenney 0-3 Jonathan Bagley
Rodney Goggins 3-1 Robert Marshall
Tony Bullimer 1-3 Dermot McGlinchey
Sean Gray 1-3 Michael Judge


Rodney Goggins 3-1 Jonathan Bagley
Michael Judge 3-0 Dermot McGlinchey


Rodney Goggins 2-3 Michael Judge

Right Half

Round 1

Joe Sims 0-3 Tommy Murphy
Paul TheCannon Canavan 1-3 Tony Corrigan
Hughie O’Donnell WO – Mark Davies NS
Pat Bonnar WO – James Flaherty NS

Round 2

Tommy Murphy 0-3 Lee Richardson
Tony Corrigan 0-3 Anthony Bonnar
Hughie O’Donnell 2-3 Joe Delaney
Pat Bonnar 0-3 Sean Lanigan


Lee Richardson 3-1 Anthony Bonnar
Joe Delaney 2-3 Sean Lanigan


Sean Lanigan 3-0 Lee Richarson

The Final

Sean Lanigan 3-1 Michael Judge

50+ breaks

Rodney Goggins 121, 62
Michael Judge 104 (attempted maximum), 97, 95, 57, 52, 51
Sean Lanigan 79,75,54
Tony Corrigan 78
Joe Delaney 74, 58
Lee Richardson 81
Jonathan Bagley 66
Dermot McGlinchey 66
Hughie O’Donnell 64
Aidan Devenney 60
Sean Gray 50


New Ambassadors for the World Seniors Tour

This was shared today by WPBSA and it’s great news.

New Ambassadors for World Seniors Snooker

19th July 2018

World Seniors Snooker (WSS) is today proud to announce that Dennis Taylor, Cliff Thorburn and John Virgo will all represent the World Seniors Snooker Tour as global ambassadors and help to develop opportunities worldwide.

Jason Francis, WSS chairman said: “John, Dennis and Cliff are icons of the sport, known worldwide and respected by everyone. All three have been with us since the start and it’s important we recognise not only the part they have played in the formation of the World Seniors Snooker Tour, but we ensure they remain a key part of it as we continue to grow over the coming years.”

Jason Ferguson, WPBSA chairman said: “Through WSS we are delighted to be able to officially recognise some of our sporting greats. The WPBSA is honoured that that these stars are able to give something back to our sport in this way.”

Learn more about the World Seniors Snooker Tour here.

Congratulations and all the best to Dennis, John and Cliff in their new role. 

The King returns to the Crucible

Following the announcements made yesterday regarding Stephen Hendry’s commitment to play in the Seniors tour, here is what the Yorkshire Evening Post wrote about it:

Crucible legend Hendry will make playing return in Sheffield as he joins Seniors

Henfry, King of the Crucible

Tour Stephen Hendry who dominated snooker in the Nineties.

RICHARD HERCOCK  Published: 22:27 Thursday 12 July 2018

Stephen Hendry is set for an emotional playing return at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre. The 49-year-old retired from snooker in 2012 after a glittering career, which included a record seven World Championship titles and 27 consecutive appearances in Sheffield. But the Scot has signed up to play on this season’s World Seniors Tour.

Hendry will compete at the UK Championship, at Hull’s Bonus Arena, on October 24-25 before travelling to Belfast for the World Seniors Six Reds event in March. But it is his return to the Crucible – for the Sheffield Masters next April – that will evoke memories of his golden years at the home of snooker.

Hendry dominated the snooker circuit in the Nineties, and admitted: “There’s no venue where I love playing snooker more than the Crucible. “We have done exhibitions there over the years, and to still walk down those stairs into that arena to play snooker is still something special. That’s something that will never leave me.”

Hendry, who will also compete at the World Seniors Championships and European Seniors Open, is excited at the new Seniors Tour. “I want to improve on my general standards of play, from the events that I played last year,” he said. “It’s more official this year, with the backing of World Snooker and a calendar of events to look forward to. “I will treat it a bit more seriously, put a bit more practice in. As for my own expectations, I just want to play some good snooker.”

The Tour has £200k in prize money this season, six ranking events and 15 qualifying events where anyone over 40 can win a spot to take on the legends in the final stages. qualifying events will be held in Hong Kong, Toronto, Houston, Brugge and China.

First up for Hendry is a trip to Hull, which will also include a launch dinner and golf day, alongside fellow stars Ken Doherty, Dennis Taylor, John Parrott and Yorkshire’s Joe Johnson. Up for grabs is a £10,000 winner’s prize plus a place in the World Professional Championship Qualifiers. “The new Bonus Arena in Hull looks amazing,” said Hendry. “This year the Seniors Tour feels more serious and I’m looking forward to competing again against the other legends.”

And you can also listen to the interview I did with Stephen yesterday. Thanks to him for taking the time to answer my questions, and thanks to Jason Francis who relayed them to him and recorder the interview.