Blast of the past! Bob Chaperon returns to the Crucible!

The first qualifying event for next year’z world Championship was held last week-end in Toronto. CanadaQualifier2019

Joris Maas was the defending champion and he made a really good defence of it, reaching the final again. But there he ran across Canadese Legend, and reigning Canadian Champion Bob Chaperon.

Here is the report that hit Facebook overnight

News overnight that Canadian Legend, and former ranking event winner, Bob Chaperon has won the ROKiT World Seniors Qualifier in Toronto which will see him take a place in the Seniors World Championships in the Crucible in Sheffield in August. Bob famously won the British Open in 1990 beating Alex Higgins in the final 10-8, he was part of Team Canada that won the World Cup that same year. Bob beat Joris Maas 4-3 in a dramatic final, its been quite a year as he also recently won the Canadian Amateur Championship again. We look forward to welcoming another Canadian Legend back to the home of Snooker.


Here are the full results leading to the Final

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 10.36.26Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 10.36.49Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 10.37.11Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 10.37.24

Well done guys! Well done Canada!

Exciting news about the 2019 WSS ROKiT UK Championship

The line-up is now complete, with Rory McLeod winning the last qualifying event last week-end. He will play Sean Lanigan.


It’s a great line-up and it will be a great event, no doubt!

But there will be even more to play for after those two announcements:


The player who makes the highest break during the Uk Seniors Snooker Championship will be presented with this beautiful ‘Triple Crown’ time piece. Valued at over £1000 this will be a superb prize from our partners. Nico Smeets


source World Seniors Snooker on Facebook

But that’s not all …

This was announced on twitter by ROKiT World Seniors Snooker

Its back!!! During the

Uk Seniors Snooker the player who


vote for shot of the championship will receive £1000 courtesy of our friends at the Tradewell Snooker Centre in Hull.

All to play for then!

Rory Mc Leod wins the WSS ROKiT UK Champions Qualifier Q4 in Hull

Here  is the main draw

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.17.56Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.18.11Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.18.26Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.18.36Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.18.45Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.18.53Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.19.05Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.19.16Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 17.18.45

You can follow the results on the WPBSA tournament manager here

Some matches are streamed on

Last 128

Bal Sembi 3-0 Neil Caroll
Anthony Massey 3-0 Nigel Cotton
Nigel Emmerson 3-0 John Palmer
Michael Wrigley 3-1 Paul Stoves
Sean Whittles 3-2 David Gosling
Adi Holley 3-1 Gary Coulson
Andrew Greaves 3-2 Mark Sutton
Steve Evans 3-2 Lee Taylor
Mark Ball 3-2 Simon Keenan

Last 64

Bal Sembi 3-2 Leo Fernandez
Stephen Campbell 3-0 Mike Hallett
Andy Turner 2-3 Tony Corrigan
Rory Mc Leod 3-0 Chris Clarkson
Gary Filtness 2-3 v Anthony Massey
Gary Skipworth 3-0 Ray Grail
Neal Jones 3-2 Richard Emery
David Bright 0-3 Nigel Emmerson
Lee Richardson 3-1 Philip Blackburn
Darren Barton 3-0 Dharmenta Patel
Sanjay Meghani 2-3 Les Dodd
Karl Townsend 3-0 Andy Battams
Dennis Tristram 1-3 Adrian Atkins
Tony Knowles 1-3 Cary Kikis
Colm Gilcreest 2-3 Muhammed Aurangzaib
Stuart Waston 3-0 Michael Wrigley
Rodney Goggins W/O Stephen Waldron
George Apperley 1-3 Mike Gillespie
Sean Whittles 0-3 Darren Morgan
Don Newcombe 3-1 Dean Sycamore
Jon Charlton 3-1 Adi Holley
Neil Craycraft 0-3 Geoff Williams
Steve Bird 1-3 Nickolas Neale
Wayne Cooper 3-0 David Thompson
Aaron Canavan 3-0 Darren Shaw
Andrew Greaves 2-3 Mike Preston
James Richardson 1-3 Sean Lanigan
Lee S. Martin 3-1 Marcus Lord
Andrew Milliard 0-3 Steve Evans
Mark White 2-3 James McGouran
Mark Ball W/O Andy Papaiacovou
Jonathan Bagley 3-0 Carl Gibson

Last 32

Bal Sembi 3-1 Stephen Campbell
Tony Corrigan 1-3 Rory McLeod
Gary Skipworth 3-0 Anthony Massey
Neal Jones 3-1 Nigel Emmerson
Lee Richardson 3-1 Darren Barton
Les Dodd 2-3 Karl Townsend
Adrian Atkins 0-3 Cary Kikis
Muhammed Aurangzaib 2-3 Stuart Watson
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Mike Gillespie
Darren Morgan 3-0 Don Newcombe
Jon Charlton 3-0 Geoff Williams
Nickolas Neale 1-3 Wayne Cooper
Aaron Canavan 3-0 Mike Preston
Sean Lanigan 3-0 Lee S. Martin
Steve Evans 0-3 James McGouran
Mark Ball 0-3 Jonathan Bagley

Last 16

Bal Sembi 2-3 Rory McLeod
Gary Skipworth 2-3 Neal Jones
Lee Richardson 3-0 Karl Townsend
Cary Kikis 3-2 Stuart Watson
Rodney Goggins 3-2 Darren Morgan
Jon Charlton 3-2 Wayne Cooper
Aaron Canavan 3-2 Sean Lanigan
James McGouran 3-0 Jonathan Bagley


Rory McLeod 3-2 Neal Jones
Lee Richardson 0-3 Cary Kikis
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Jon Charlton
Aaron Canavan 2-3 James McGouran


Rory McLeod 4-0 Cary Kikis
Rodney Goggins 4-3 James Mc Gouran

The Final


Rory McLeod 4-1 Rodney Goggins

UK Champs2019 Q4 Final Scores

Congratulations Rory!

Because Rodney had already previously qualified for the UK Championship, Rory would have got the last spot available in the draw regardless of the result of this final.

WSS ROKiT UK Championship 2019 – Draw and Schedule

Following a great day of promotion in Hull on Tuesday, the draw and schedule for the WSS ROKiT UK Championship is now available.

This was shared on social media:

Schedule of Play in Hull for the ROKiT Uk Seniors Snooker Championship.


24th October
Match 1 Dennis Taylor v Rodney Goggins
Match 2 Cliff Thorburn v Patrick Wallace

Match 3 Willie Thorne v Michael Judge
Match 4 Sean Lanigan v Hull Qualifier.

Match 5 John Parrott v Winner Match 2
Match 6 Stephen Hendry v Winner Match 1

Match 7 James Wattana v Winner Match 3
Match 8 Jimmy White v Winner Match 4

2pm Semi Finals
SF1 Winner Match 6 v Winner Match 7
SF2 Winner Match 5 v Winner Match 8

6pm VIP Reception
7PM The Final (Best of 7)

get your tickets here to see your legends… follow this link


Here are some images taken last tuesday. Amongst the people attending were Jason Fergusion, chairman of WPBSA, Jimmy White WSS reigning World Champion and the Mayor of Hull. Great creativity put into the promotion!

The last spot will be awarded in the last qualifying event, held in Hull on 27-29 Semptember 2019. Entries are closed and there are 73 players in it.

Seeding for the UK Championship in Hull

The seeding for the WSS ROKiT UK Championship 2019 has been announced:

1. Jimmy White
2. James Wattana
3. Stephen Hendry
4. John Parrott
5. Cliff Thorburn
6. Dennis Taylor
7. Willie Thorne
8. Sean Lanigan
9. Rodney Goggins
10. Michael Judge
11. Patrick Wallace
12. Qualifier Hull – event 28-30th Sept.

It’s a great line-up.

Last year we had a fantastic event: have a look at the images here! More of the same this year!

Joins us! This is the link for the tickets:

UK Qualifiers In Jersey (Q3) – Draw, format and results

UK Championship Qualifying Event 3 – Jersey – 7-8 September 2019


Some matches being streamed on

Main event – Starts on Saturday 7th of September 2019

Last 64

Michael Judge  BYE
Mark Ball 3-0 Ady Holley
Michael Wilby – W/O Lee S. Martin
Mike Hallett BYE
Richard Emery 2-3 Les Dodd (109)
Dean Sycamore BYE
Aaron Canavan BYE
Gary Coulson BYE
Rodney Goggins BYE
Sanjay Meghani 3-0 Robbie Kilpatrick
Tony Corrigan 0-3 Gary Britton
Ian Spawton BYE
George Apperley BYE
Sean Lanigan – W/O Tony Knowles
Patsy Fagan 3-0 Guy Heys
Jonathan Bagley BYE


Patrick Wallace BYE
Andrew Milliard BYE
Jon Charlton BYE
Colin Mitchell BYE
Wayne Cooper BYE
Michael Wrigley BYE
Andrew Greaves BYE
Stuart Watson BYE
Lee Richardson BYE
Philip Blackburn BYE
Keith Thomas 0-3 Gary Filtness
Rory McLeod (128, 106) 3-1 Simon Keenan
Andrew Isitt BYE
Rhydian Richards BYE
Dharmendra Patel 0-3 Geoff Williams
Leo Fernandez BYE

Last 32

Michael Judge 3-0 Mark Ball
Lee S. Martin 1-3 Mike Hallett
Les Dodd 1-3 Dean Sycamore
Aaron canavan 3-1 Gary Coulson
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Sanjay Meghani
Gary Britton 3-0 Ian Spawton
George Apperley 0-3 Tony Knowles
Patsy Fagan 2-3 Jonathan Bagley


Patrick Wallace 3-1 Andrew Milliard
Jon Charlton 3-2 Colin Mitchell
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Michael Wrigley
Andrew Greaves 1-3 Stuart Watson
Lee Richardson 3-0 Philip Blackburn
Gary Filtness 1-3 Rory McLeod
Andrew Isitt 0-3 Rhydian Richards
Geoff Williams 2-3 Leo Fernandez

Last 16

Michael Judge 3-1 Mike Hallett
Dean Sycamore 1-3 Aaron Canavan
Rodney Goggins 2-3 Gary Britton
Tony Knowles 3-1 Jonathan Bagley


Patrick Wallace 3-0 Jon Charlton
Wayne Cooper 0-3 (141, 138) Stuart Watson
Lee Richardson 2-3 Rory McLeod
Rhydian Richards 2-3 Leo Fernandez

Quarter Finals

Michael Judge 2-3 Aaron Canavan
Gary Britton 3-1 Tony Knowles


Patrick Wallace (141) 3-2 Stuart Watson
Rory McLeod 2-3 Leo Fernandez

Semi Finals

Aaron Canavan 1-4 Gary Britton

Patrick Wallace 4-0 Leo Fernandez

The Final


Gary Britton 1-4 Patrick Wallace

All detailed results can be found here

Super Seniors Competition

Jersey UK Q3 2019 - Super Seniors draw

Last 16

George Apperley 0-2 Andrew Isitt
Gary Filtness 2-0 Colin Mitchell
Richard Emery 2-0 Keith Thomas
Mike Hallett 2-0 Guy Heys
Patsy Fagan 0-2 Tony Knowles

Quarter Finals

Richard Emery 2-0 Robbie Kilpatrick
Andrew Isitt 0-2 Les Dodd
Gary Filtness 1-2 Mike Hallett
Ian Spawton 1-2 Tony Knowles

Semi Finals

Richard Emery 0-2 Tony Knowles
Les Dodd 1-2 Mike Hallett

The Final


Tony Knowles 2-0 Mike Hallett

All detailed results can be found here

Crucible Memories … in Toronto


Jimmy White and Stephen Hendry were at the Corner Bank in Toronto this week-end, celebrating their iconic rivalry. Those two – and their rivalry – “were” snooker in the first half of the 90th. They offered a clash of personality  and life style that electrified the audience. Jimmy had the popularity, Stephen won the trophies … well most of them.

On Saturday in Toronto, Jimmy defeated Stephen by 4-2. Jimmy had a 107, Stephen a 125 … that should have been 132. On Sunday Stephen took revenge, winning by 4-3. They had four centuries between them, two each. Jimmy missed the last black whilst on a maximum attempt.

Here are a few images, shared by Jason Francis and Stephen Hendry