Good news from Jersey

The next Seniors event is the second Seniors World Championship qualifying event in Jersey and there is good news.


Indeed there is an increase in Prize money in Jersey.

Thanks to a donation from the Jersey Billiards and Snooker Association the total prize fund in Jersey has now passed the £3000 mark.

Any player reaching the last 16 will get their entrance fee back (£50) and anyone reaching the quarter finals will now receive £100 up from £75.
You still have time to enter the draw in Jersey but entries close on Thursday, if you are interested enter here
The event is being held between the 16th and 18th November with the winner getting a place at the 2019 World Seniors Snooker Championship.



Seniors World Championship 2019 – Qualifier 1

Ninety entered the first qualifying event for the Seniors World Championship 2019. This event is currently underway in Newbury. It started yesterday. There is £2500 for the winner of the qualifying event, plus, of course, a spot in the Seniors World Championship next March.

Patsy Fagan, the original UK Championship winner (1977) is amongst those who entered

Patsy Fagan in Newbury

This is the draw:


First round (last 128) results:

Sanjay Meghani 3-0 Dean Sycamore
Patsy Fagan 3-0 Mark Davies
Andrew Bolter 0-3 Don Newcombe
Jon Charlton 3-0 Bradley Fish
Nick Neale 0-3 Chris Rice
Leo Fernandez 3-0 Jamie Trump
Pat Patel 0-3 Johnny Stevens
Andrew Milliard 3-0 Andy Turner
Tony Knowles v Andrew Darken W/O
Steve Bird 3-0 Georges Apperley
Mart Gray 2-3 Matt Ford
Dean Venables 3-2 Ali Anwar
Marcus Lord 2-3 Tony Corrigan
Ray Grall 0-3 Anthony Massey
Surinder Gill 3-0 Daniel Mooney
Lyndon Paxford 0-3 Richard Emery
Garoid O’Connor 3-0 Alan Harvey
Karl Towsend 1-3 Adam Ashley
Steve Evans W/O Shabir Ditta
Lee S. Martin 3-0 Muhammad Aurangzaib
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Gary Miller
Michael Wrigley 1-3 Neil Craycraft

Last 64 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Karl Walker
Ashley Beale 1-3 Stephen Waldron
Daren Mirza v Paul Burrell W/O
Simon Seabridge 1-3 Mark White
Gary Britton 3-0 Stephen Campbell
Gary Skipworth 2-3 Sanjay Meghani
Bilal Ahmed 0-3 David McDonnel
Andrew Diacopoulos 1-3 Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches 3-0 James O’Sullivan
Patsy Fagan 3-1 Don Newcombe
Andrew Isitt 0-3 Nick Spelman
Jon Charlton W/O Rodney Goggins
Chris Rice 0-3 Leo Fernandez
Neil Caroll 1-3 Johny Stevens
Alex Ferguson 3-0 Gary Filtness
Ant Parsons 1-3 Andrew Milliard
Andrew Darken 2-3 Steve Bird
Matt Ford 3-1 Les Dodd
Rhydian Richards 3-2 Dean Venables
Tony Corrigan 2-3 Lee Martin
Anthony Massey 1-3 Sean Lanigan
Surinder Gill 3-1 Lee Richardson
Richard Emery 1-3 Garoid O’Connor
Adam Ashley 3-2 Steve Evans
Lee S. Martin 3-2 Aidan Owens
Simon Dent 0-3 Darren Morgan
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Sean Halligan
Sean O’Shea W/O Andy Papaiacovou
Neil Craycraft 2-3 Patrick Wallace

Last 32 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Stephen Waldron
Paul Burrell 0-3 Mark White
Gary Britton 3-0 Sanjay Meghani
David MacDonnell 0-3 Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches 3-0 Patsy Fagan (125, 104 Pinches)
John Hunter 0-3 Nick Spelman
Jon Charlton 0-3 Leo Fernadez
Johnny Stevens 0-3 Alex Ferguson
Peter Delaney 1-3 Andrew Milliard
Steve Bird 1-3 Matt Ford
Rhydian Richards 3-0 Lee Martin
Neil Jones 3-1 Sean Lanigan
Garoid O’Connor W/O Surinder Gill
Lee S. Martin 3-0 Adam Ashley
Darren Morgan 0-3 Wayne Cooper
Sean O’Shea 1-3 Patrick Wallace

Last 16 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-0 Mark White (105 Bagley)
Gary Britton 3 (52,72,53) v 1 (88) Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches 3 (114) v 0 Nick Spelman
Leo Fernandez 3 (50,58,62) v 1 (56) Alex Ferguson
Andrew  Milliard 1-3 Matt Ford
Rhydian Richards 3 (54) v 2 (58) Neal Jones
Garoid O’Connor 3-0 Adam Ashley
Wayne Cooper 1- 3 (104,125) Patrick Wallace

Quarter Finals:

Jonathan Bagley 1-3 Gary Britton
Barry Pinches 3 (55,55) v 1 Leo Fernandez
Matt Ford 2-3 Rhydian Richards
Garoid O’Connor 1 (62) v3 (61) Patrick Wallace

Semi Finals

Gary Britton 3 (83) v 1 (58,56) Barry Pinches
Rhydian Richards 3 (97,74,105) v 1 (91) Patrick Wallace

The Final

Gary Britton 2-3 Rhydian Richards 

Rhydian Richards World Qual Event 1

You can watch the final here

CRS Seniors UK Championship 2018 – Ken Doherty is your Champion!

Congratulations to Ken Doherty, CRS 2018 Seniors UK Champion!


Ken Doherty dropped only one frame en route to the title. Both evening sessions attracted huge crowds. The Bonus Arena has a 4000 seats capacity, my estimation is that there were over 2000 people there on both evenings, more than twice what the Crucible can accommodate. This is a huge success for Jason Francis who works tirelessly to grow the Seniors tour.

Some people on social media came arguing that Ken should not be playing in this as he is playing on the main tour. About that there are two things i want to stress:

  1. Ken was allowed to play in this because he’s currently on an invitational tour card, having dropped off the tour end 2017. That he’s now back in the top 64 provisionally is a credit to his work ethics and determination.
  2. The Seniors Tour is still work in progress. The presence of the “Legends” at events is hugely important to attract viewers and sponsors. Without them the tour cannot grow. This may change, and most certainly will, as players like Igor Figuereido, Kwan Poomjang, Aaron Canavan and more make a name for themselves and become recognisable figures for the crowd. Meanwhile the Legends are giving their time and efforts to make this tour a success and should be praised for it. I don’t think that people like Stephen Hendry or John Parrott enjoy being beaten by amateurs in front of a huge crowd, but they are there because they love their sport and want to give back to it.

Big shout as well for Igor Figuereido, the runner up. Larger the life character, and biggest smile on the tour!

Here is how we got there, all in pictures:

Morning session – QF 

Igor Figuereido 3-0 Aaron Canavan

Ken Doherty 3-0 Rodney Goggins


Afternoon session – SF

Igor Figuereido 3-0 Leo Fernandez

Ken Doherty 3-0 Kwan Poomjang

The Final :

Ken Doherty 4-1 Igor Figuereido

CRS Seniors UK Championship 2018 – 24.10.2018

It was a bad day for the seeded Legends as all of them got beaten on day 1.

Here is the story in pictures.

We had three sessions.

Morning session – Last 12

Leo Fernandez 3-1 John Parrott
Kwan Poomjang 3-0 Dennis Taylor


Kwan is Dechawat’s elder brother, and he’s not quite as “exhuberant” as his younger sibling, but extremely he’s capable!

Afternoon session – Last 12

Igor Figuereido 3-0 Joe Johnson
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Cliff Thorburn

Igor’s match against Joe Johnson was a lot closer than the scores suggests. Joe potted some cracking long balls. What made the difference was Igor’s scoring power, and the way he was able to clear at the end of frames.

Evening session – QF

Kwan Poomjang 3-0 Jimmy White (defending champion)
Leo Fernandez 3-2 Stephen Hendry. Hendry was 2-0 down, came back to force a re-spotted black shootout, but ii’s Leo who won it.

That session was played in front of an impressive rowd – my estimation is that there were over 2000 fans in there (estimation based on the fact that the Arena has a 4000 capacity – the lower part was packed. )

And here are the action imzages:

Some idiots on social media suggested that maybe Jimmy wasn’t fully focused on winning. This is ridiculous. If anything, he wanted it too much. You could see he felt under pressure. His safety wasn’t good enough and Kwan was played well.

Anyway, if you missed the action, you can watch here now:


The CRS Seniors UK Championship is upon us …

And yesterday it was launched with a Gala dinner at the Bonus Arena. The Mayor of Hull was present. Other than good food and lots of laughs, there was a mini pot black played by the Legends and Steve Davis Trick Shot Cabaret.

The mini pot black competition saw the Legends try to pot as many reds as possible in 30 seconds. Stephen Hendry and Dennis Taylor came out of this with 5 reds each. So it was decided on a re-spotted black. I don’t even need to tell you who won it: Dennis ended up doubling the black into the yellow pocket. Who would have thought?

Anyway, here are the pictures I took on the evening …

The Arena is beautiful.

Some good news about the coming Seniors UK Championship

The Seniors UK Championship is upon us. Action starts on Wednesday next week, but you can already meet the legends at the golf day, and the dinner an Tuesday.

Now there is even more coming for the fans.

The event will be shown on TV, at least in the UK.

Freeview coverage

Indeed will be broadcasting it. I’m not sure if viewers outside the UK will be able to watch it though. TVPlayer should allow fans to view it online, but it’s only available in the UK.

You have an opportunity the Legends at the VIP reception before the final, provided you have a ticket to the final.

SeniorsUK VIP Reception

And finally …

Visitors to the CRS UK Seniors Championship will be able to enjoy a free game of pool in between matches. This new Blackball table is the creation of multiple 8 Ball World Champion Ross McInnes and Michaela Tabb. Pop by and have a look.


Loads to look forward to then!


UK Seniors Snooker Championship to be Sponsored by Credit Risk Solutions

The good news was published today on WPBSA site

UK Seniors Snooker Championship to be Sponsored by Credit Risk Solutions

  • 16th October 2018

World Seniors Snooker is today proud to announce that Credit Risk Solutions (CRS)will be the title sponsor for the forthcoming UK Seniors Snooker Championship in Hull.

CRS is a major specialist credit insurance broker acting for corporate clients who insure against the risk of customer failure.

The UK Seniors Snooker Championship takes place at the Bonus Arena, Hull on 23-25 October and you can catch some of the greatest names in the sport – including Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White and Dennis Taylor – as they battle it out for the title.

Tickets for the 2018 Credit Risk Solutions UK Seniors Snooker Championship are on sale on now HERE priced between £8 to £20 each per session  (fees apply).

Alternatively you can call 0844 8440444. Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. For any queries regarding accessible ticketing please call 0800 9884440.

If you are interested in finding out how CRS can help your business then please visit

Personally I’m extremely pleased to see a sponsor who isn’t linked to the gambling industry.