World Seniors Champonship 2019 – Leo Fernandez wins the Qualifying event 4 – Couldston

Frames Sports Bar Coulston

Preliminary round

Tony Corrigan (53) 3-2 (43, 51) David Lilley (replaced Wayne Cooper?)

First round (last 64)

Patrick Wallace 2-3 (52)  Bradley Jones
Guy Heys 3-1 Darren Barton
Karl Towsend 2-3 Richard Emery
Ashley Beal v Tony Drago
Aaron Canavan (89) 3-0 Dean Venables
Jon Charlton (50) 3-2 Andrew Greaves
Tony Corrigan 0-3 Gary Britton
David Moritz v Darren Morgan (No Show)
Stuart Watson 1-3 (81) John Y. Hunter
Andrew Milliard v Nish Joshi
Mark Gray v Leo Fernandez
Muhammad Arangzaib v Neil Caroll
Drean Sycamore 1-3 Michael Wrigley
Aidan Owens (104) 1-3 (82,58) James O’Sullivan
Tam Mustafa (58) 3-1 Garoid O’Connor
Michael Judge (98,114,71) 3-0 Nick Neale


Jonathan Bagley v Brian Morgan
Craig Macgillivray  1-3 (78) Steven Waldron
Robert Marshal 3-1 Lee S. Martin
Chris Hart v John Hunter (both no Show!!!)
Rodney Goggins (67,82) 3-0 Matt Ford
Tony Knowles 0-3 (67) Simon Dent
Dharmendra Patel 1-3 Les Dodd
Sean Lanigan 1-3 Stephen Campbell
Gary Filtness 3-0 Martinho Correia
Neil Herd 3-0 Ray Grall
Neil Craycraft 0-3 Rhydian Richards
Bradley Fish 1-3 Brian Cox
Joe Delaney (No Show) v George Apperley
Mark White 3-0 Darren Mirza
Alan Harvey 1-3 David McDonnell
Barry Pinches 3-0 John Mockton

Second round (last 32)

Bradley Jones 3-0 Guy Heys
Richard Emery 1-3 Tony Drago
Aaron Canavan 3-1 Jon Charlton
Gary Britton (61) 3-0 David Moritz
John Y Hunter 3-2 Andrew Milliard
Leo Fernandez (78, 72) 3-0 Neil Caroll
James O’Sullivan 3-0 Michael Wrigley
Tam Mustafa 1-3 (74) Michael Judge


Jonathan Bagley 2-3 (62) Steven Waldron
Robert Marshall W/0
Rodney Goggins 2-3 (52) Simon Dent
Les Dodd 2-3 Stephen Campbell
Gary Filtness 3-0 Neil Herd
Rhydian Richard 2-3 Brian Cox
George Apperley 0-3 Mark White
David McDonnell 0-3 Barry Pinches

Third round (last 16)

Bradley Jones 2-3 Tony Drago
Aaron Canavan 0-3 (62) Gary Britton
John Y. Hunter (No Show) v Leo Fernandez
James O’Sullivan (70) 3-2 (69,117) Michael Judge


Steven Waldron 2-3 (52) Robert Marshall
Simon Dent 3-0 Stephen Campbell
Gary Filtness 1-3 Brian Cox
Mark White 0-3 (83,68,57) Barry Pinches

Quarter finals

Tony Drago 3-2 Gary Britton

Couldston QF

Leo Fernandez 3-2 James O’Sullivan

Couldston QF


Robert Marshall 3-1 Simon Dent

Couldston QF

Brian Cox 1-3 (62, 74)  Barry Pinches

Couldston QF

Semi Finals

Tony Drago 2-3 Leo Fernandez

Robert Marshall (97) 1-3  (67, 135) Barry Pinches

The Final

Leo Fernandez 3-1 Barry Pinches


And it was great to see Tony Drago competing again – and competing well – after the very serious health issues he suffered. Here he is interviewed by Jason Francis

World Seniors Championship 2019 – Qualifying event in Canada

All the results from Toronto (hopefully)

Some matches are streamed on facebook, on the Canadian Billiard and Snooker Association page 



Players got a very warm welcome and fans gathered to watch the games

Round 1 (last 64)

Lee Richardson 3 (60) – 1 Andrew Ellis
Levi Meiller 3-0 Jay Chelladurai
Joe Puliz 0-3 Floyd Ziegler
Sylvain Ethier 2-3 Frank Ammirante
Fernand Loyer 3-0 Rocky Wallace
Rajesh Mary 3-1 Jason Williams
Jonathan Wallace 0-3 Wes Martin
André Roy 3-1 John Barnas
Gerard Morisson 3-0 Ali Hassanpoor
Joris Maas 3-0 Charlie Brown
Prestley Bacchus 0-3 Paul Fleming
Chris Chan 0-3 Agim Edrenic
Salman Arif 3-1 Rob Waddell
Scott Tuttle 3-2 Tony Porto
John White 3-1 Dean Furey
Hans Blanckaert 3-1 Vince Chrysler


Richard Emery 3-0 Anita Chan
Brian Melville 3-0 D Macgouren
Chris Wood 3-1 William Hamilton
Paul McCarthy 3-1 David Puddy
Ray Jansen 0-3 (103)  Ed Galati
Alan Whitfield v Ted Easton
Gary Hoover 1-3 Dan Bissonnette
Robert Chaperon (68) 3-0 Gus Langlois
D Claus v K Brown
Mario Veltman 0-3 Inderpal Lotey
Glen Armstrong 3-2 Charlie Rowden
Paul Neal 3-1 Gary Vosbugh
Rob Rick 1-3 Jerry Philips
John Brooks 3-1 Tony Hong
Christopher Purslow 1-3 Phil Snache
Roger Leighton (79) 3-1 Jim Gourlie

Round 2 (last 32)

Lee Richardson 2 (80) – 3 (68) Levi Meiller
Floyd Ziegler 3-1 Frank Ammirante
Fernand Loyer 3-2 Rajesh Mary
Wes Martin 2-3 André Roy
Gerard Morisson (53) 1-3 (72) Joris Maas
Paul Fleming 3-1 Agim Edrenic
Salman Arif 3-2 Scott Tuttle
John White (73) 3-0 Hans Blanckaert


Richard Emery 3-0 Brian Melville
Chris Wood 3-2 Paul McCarthy
Ed Galati 2-3 (50)  Alan Whitfield
Derrick Claus 3-0 Inderpal Lotey
Dan Bissonnette  0-3 (84,65,62) Robert Chaperon
Glen Armstrong 3-2 Paul Neal
Jerry Philips 0-3 John Brooks
Phil Snache 3-2 Roger Leighton

Round 3 (last 16)

Levi Meiller 3-1 Floyd Ziegler
Fern Loyer (61) 3-1 André Roy
Joris Maas (53,53) 3-0 Paul Fleming
Salman Arif 1-3 John White


Richard Emery 3-1 Chris Wood
Alan Whitfield (73) 3-2 Robert Chaperon
Derrick Claus 3-0 Glen Armstrong
John Brooks 0-3 Phil Snache

Quarter Finals

Levi Meiller 0-3 (69) Fern Loyer
Joris Maas (61, 102) 3-1 John White


Richard Emery 2-3 Alan Whitfield
Derrick Claus 3-1 Phil Snache

Semi Finals

Fern Loyer 1-3 Joris Maas

Alan Whitfield 3-0 Derrick Claus

The Final

Joris Maas 3-2 Alan Whitfield

You can watch the Final again by following this link

Also, this event provided the opportunity for the WPBSA to honour the Canadian Greats.

Canadian Greats Honoured

8th December 2018

The World Seniors Snooker Tour launched its latest qualifying event in Canada earlier this week with a players reception.

The ceremony was attended by several former Canadian snooker champions and was highlighted by a special presentation for two Canadian greats who have played a significant role in the growth of our sport.

First to be honoured was the late Bill Werbeniuk, the former world number eight being remembered fondly with stories from fellow Canadian great Cliff Thorburn and a video message from Dennis Taylor. His award was accepted on his behalf by the Canadian Billiards and Snooker Association, one of many supportive members of the World Snooker Federation.

Also among those to be recognised was former Crucible semi-finalist Alain Robidoux, who travelled in from Montreal to accept his award in person from Cliff Thorburn. Stephen Hendry also sent a surprise video message to congratulate Alain and reminiscence over their previous time spent practising together.

The qualifying tournament itself runs from 7-9 December and is made up of 64 players including former British Open champion Bob Chaperon, all vying for a place at the final stages of next year’s World Seniors Snooker Championship.

They are honoured on the walls of the Corners Bank as well !

Where we stand with the High Break race … remember there is £5000 offered by Victor Woods Kia for the winner.

Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 19.12.50

World Seniors Snooker Qualifying – Toronto, Canada

The event will start today at the Corner Bank. The draw was made yesterday during the opening ceremony, that was streamed on facebook. You can watch it (again) here:

As stressed ealier this event is extremely important for snooker in Canada

The draw was made during the launch evening, in presence of those two legends of the sport …


Here are the draw and format:



Good luck to all involved!

Stephen Hendry’s autobiography longlisted for a coveted award

Stephen Hendry, seven times world Champion, Legend of the game and a competitor on the Seniors World Tour published his autobiography earlier this year and now his book has been longlisted for the Best Autobiography of the Year Award at the 2019 Sports Book Awards. Congratulations Stephen! And good luck!

Here is the account on Worldsnooker website:

Stephen Hendry’s book Me and the Table is among the list of nominees for the Best Autobiography of the Year Award at the 2019 Sports Book Awards.

The Sports Book Awards are judged by a group of sports celebrities, broadcasters and journalists. The Autobiography of the Year judging panel for 2019 includes: Dame Katherine Grainger, Alison Kervin, Christine Ohuruogu, Simon Halliday, Bob Willis, Sir Tim Rice, The Rugby Writers, Clare Tomlinson, Jacquie Beltrao, David Millar, Jill Douglas, Simon Brotherton, Andrew Cotter, The Football Writers, Rishi Persad, Seema Jaswal and Di Doherty.

David Willis, Chairman of the Sports Book Awards said: “Our 2019 longlist is once again packed with sporting greats and legendary sports stars from the UK. Any of these fantastic new books would make perfect Christmas gifts and I don’t envy the task of the judging panel to select the best sports Autobiography of the Year.”

The winner of the Autobiography of the year will be announced at the 17th Sports Book Awards, held in early June, which has taken place at Lord’s Cricket Ground for the last 3 years. The ceremony features 10 award categories and is filmed for a highlights programme shown on Sky Sports channels 1, 2 and 3.

Autobiography of the Year Longlist 2019
Kevin Keegan – My Life In Football
Geraint Thomas – The Tour According to G
Michael Carrick – Between The Lines
Peter Crouch – How to Be a Footballer
Stephen Hendry – Me and The Table
Moeen Ali – Moeen
Sam Quek – Hope and a Hockey Stick
Doddie Weir – My Name’5 Doddie: The Autobiography
Charlotte Dujardin – The Girl on the Dancing Horse
Jonathan Rea – Dream. Believe. Achieve. My Autobiography
Alan Smith – Heads Up: My Life Story
Paul Ferris – The Boy On The Shed

The 2019 event is the 17th annual awards campaign, previous winners of the Autobiography award include:

2018 – Martine Wright
2017 – Joey Barton
2016 – Max Mosley
2015 – Gareth Thomas
2014 – Jimmy Connors
2013 – David Walsh (combined with biography award)
2012 – Matt Hampson (combined with biography award)
2011 – Brian Moore
2010 – Andre Agassi
2009 – Paul Canoville
2008 – Bobby Charlton
2007 – Paul McGrath
2006 – Frank Bruno
2005 – Nasser Hussain
2004 – Gareth Southgate & Andy Woodman
2003 – Niall Quinn

For more information about the 2019 Sports Book Awards  visit

Welcome to Canada – Bienvenue au Canada !

Nex week-end the Seniors potters will compete in Toronto for a spot in the Seniors World Championship.

Toronto World Qual 2018

There have been more than 50 entries already. The draw isn’t know yet.

This event is very important in the eyes of the Canadian Billiard and Snooker Association.

this is what they had to say to their members:

Canadian Snooker Players/Members:

As promised more information is now available regarding the Senior Tour Event. Players who have already signed up may have received the e-mail below but I would like to share it with all our members. Please read the e-mail sent by the WPBSA President Jason Francis below.

This will be a great Canadian event and for us snooker addicts over 40 a thrill to participate in this whether you play or not.

We agree with Jason and foresee this Senior Tour event to be the start of putting Canada back on the map internationally so let us show our support by playing or coming out and joining Cliff Thorburn, Jason Francis, and many others at the players reception on Thursday Dec 6th, followed by match play over the next 3 days.

Entries for this event can be online but also can be made by cash at the Corner Bank with John White and Jim Wych. We would love to see one of our Canadians make it all the way to England to represent us, yes that does not have to be only a dream it is reality ! Take care everyone and see you there if you make it.

The CBSA board and OBSA board thank you and look forward to your support of this great event.

E-mail sent by Jason Francis:

Firstly we want to tell you about the most important WPBSA Seniors Snooker Event to be staged in Canada for decades, this first event is an important part of putting our country back on the map and discovering the next Thorburn, Stevens and Werbeniuk. We are at the start of something and we hope you will want to get your cue out and support the event.

If you are over 40 by 7th Dec you can compete for this great opportunity.

It will all start with our players reception where we will make the draw for the main event. This will take place on Thursday 6th December at the Corner Bank Club 925 Warden Ave, Scarborough, ON M1L 4C5, – this of course is our home for the whole event.

Arrival time is 7pm and you will be welcomed by our global Ambassador, 1980 World Snooker Champion and Canadian Legend Cliff Thorburn. We’ve got a great evening planned for everyone and of course you will know who you will be playing.

Dress code is smart casual, no jeans or trainers please.

We’ve been working hard together on making this event just right and after discussions with the CBSA and Corner Bank we’d like to announce some news.

Enter now by clicking here

Secondly we are going to announcing a change in the prize fund to make sure everyone who makes the quarter finals is on some money

The winner will of the event will now receive 2000 CAD and an invitation to the 2019 World SENIORS Snooker Championship where the winner gets 42,000 CAD and a place in the World Professional in Sheffield.

The Runner up will receive 850 CAD

Semi Finalists will 350 CAD

Quarter Finalist will receive 125 CAD
All the money will be paid out in cash on the final day of the event.
ENTRY FEE IS 85 CAD (£50) via the online entry system.

Should the winner be Canadian the CBSA have announced they will make a further contribution to their players travel to the final stages.

Also because we understand many players will only play in this one event this season the WPBSA will not impose the requirement to purchase an official tour shirt at 40 CAD, we are asking players who don’t have a shirt to supply their own short sleeved black collared shirt and you will be required to pay 15 CAD for the World Seniors Logo which you will attach with double sided tape. Should any players wish to purchase the shirt anyway as a keepsake please let us know in advance when you enter so we can bring them.

If you have any questions please refer to the terms and conditions, as well as Canadian players we have some players travelling in who already have an official World Seniors Snooker Ranking, they do get placed in the draw in seeded positions, everyone else is randomly drawn.

We are working on streaming one match table throughout all three days, this means we can offer some great exposure to any company who wishes to add some sponsorship. Please email me or enquire at the club about how we can advertise your brand with this great event,

We personally look forward to meeting everyone in Toronto, please remind other players they still have time to enter and dare to dream as well, please post this link on all your social media and email it about

Enter now by clicking here

The parts in bold have been highlighted by me.

This is the place where it will happen The Corner Bank


By following the link you can take a virtual tour …