World Seniors Championship 2019 – Qualifying event in Canada

All the results from Toronto (hopefully)

Some matches are streamed on facebook, on the Canadian Billiard and Snooker Association page 



Players got a very warm welcome and fans gathered to watch the games

Round 1 (last 64)

Lee Richardson 3 (60) – 1 Andrew Ellis
Levi Meiller 3-0 Jay Chelladurai
Joe Puliz 0-3 Floyd Ziegler
Sylvain Ethier 2-3 Frank Ammirante
Fernand Loyer 3-0 Rocky Wallace
Rajesh Mary 3-1 Jason Williams
Jonathan Wallace 0-3 Wes Martin
André Roy 3-1 John Barnas
Gerard Morisson 3-0 Ali Hassanpoor
Joris Maas 3-0 Charlie Brown
Prestley Bacchus 0-3 Paul Fleming
Chris Chan 0-3 Agim Edrenic
Salman Arif 3-1 Rob Waddell
Scott Tuttle 3-2 Tony Porto
John White 3-1 Dean Furey
Hans Blanckaert 3-1 Vince Chrysler


Richard Emery 3-0 Anita Chan
Brian Melville 3-0 D Macgouren
Chris Wood 3-1 William Hamilton
Paul McCarthy 3-1 David Puddy
Ray Jansen 0-3 (103)  Ed Galati
Alan Whitfield v Ted Easton
Gary Hoover 1-3 Dan Bissonnette
Robert Chaperon (68) 3-0 Gus Langlois
D Claus v K Brown
Mario Veltman 0-3 Inderpal Lotey
Glen Armstrong 3-2 Charlie Rowden
Paul Neal 3-1 Gary Vosbugh
Rob Rick 1-3 Jerry Philips
John Brooks 3-1 Tony Hong
Christopher Purslow 1-3 Phil Snache
Roger Leighton (79) 3-1 Jim Gourlie

Round 2 (last 32)

Lee Richardson 2 (80) – 3 (68) Levi Meiller
Floyd Ziegler 3-1 Frank Ammirante
Fernand Loyer 3-2 Rajesh Mary
Wes Martin 2-3 André Roy
Gerard Morisson (53) 1-3 (72) Joris Maas
Paul Fleming 3-1 Agim Edrenic
Salman Arif 3-2 Scott Tuttle
John White (73) 3-0 Hans Blanckaert


Richard Emery 3-0 Brian Melville
Chris Wood 3-2 Paul McCarthy
Ed Galati 2-3 (50)  Alan Whitfield
Derrick Claus 3-0 Inderpal Lotey
Dan Bissonnette  0-3 (84,65,62) Robert Chaperon
Glen Armstrong 3-2 Paul Neal
Jerry Philips 0-3 John Brooks
Phil Snache 3-2 Roger Leighton

Round 3 (last 16)

Levi Meiller 3-1 Floyd Ziegler
Fern Loyer (61) 3-1 André Roy
Joris Maas (53,53) 3-0 Paul Fleming
Salman Arif 1-3 John White


Richard Emery 3-1 Chris Wood
Alan Whitfield (73) 3-2 Robert Chaperon
Derrick Claus 3-0 Glen Armstrong
John Brooks 0-3 Phil Snache

Quarter Finals

Levi Meiller 0-3 (69) Fern Loyer
Joris Maas (61, 102) 3-1 John White


Richard Emery 2-3 Alan Whitfield
Derrick Claus 3-1 Phil Snache

Semi Finals

Fern Loyer 1-3 Joris Maas

Alan Whitfield 3-0 Derrick Claus

The Final

Joris Maas 3-2 Alan Whitfield

You can watch the Final again by following this link

Also, this event provided the opportunity for the WPBSA to honour the Canadian Greats.

Canadian Greats Honoured

8th December 2018

The World Seniors Snooker Tour launched its latest qualifying event in Canada earlier this week with a players reception.

The ceremony was attended by several former Canadian snooker champions and was highlighted by a special presentation for two Canadian greats who have played a significant role in the growth of our sport.

First to be honoured was the late Bill Werbeniuk, the former world number eight being remembered fondly with stories from fellow Canadian great Cliff Thorburn and a video message from Dennis Taylor. His award was accepted on his behalf by the Canadian Billiards and Snooker Association, one of many supportive members of the World Snooker Federation.

Also among those to be recognised was former Crucible semi-finalist Alain Robidoux, who travelled in from Montreal to accept his award in person from Cliff Thorburn. Stephen Hendry also sent a surprise video message to congratulate Alain and reminiscence over their previous time spent practising together.

The qualifying tournament itself runs from 7-9 December and is made up of 64 players including former British Open champion Bob Chaperon, all vying for a place at the final stages of next year’s World Seniors Snooker Championship.

They are honoured on the walls of the Corners Bank as well !

Where we stand with the High Break race … remember there is £5000 offered by Victor Woods Kia for the winner.

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