WSS ROKiT 2019 World Championship – Hendry, White and Canavan first matches schedule

Although the line-up isn’t complete, and the draw hasn’t yet been made, the schedule for the first matches involving Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White and the defending champion Aaron Canavan has been announced:

Stephen Hendry, The King of the Crucible, will start his campaign in the World Seniors Crown on Friday 16th August at 2pm.

Jimmy ‘Whirlwind’ White will begin at 7pm on the very same day, Friday 16th August.

This promises to give fans the chance to see two legends of the game on the same day in the Crucible Theatre.

Defending Champion Aaron Canavan from Jersey starts his defence on Thursday 15th August at 7pm.

Tickets for all sessions can be secured here

For some sessions the Crucible is filling very quickly, and for all sessions the first rows have already been booked completely. If you are interested don’t leave it too late!

WSS ROKiT World Championship 2019 -Seeding and Schedule

The full line-up for the event isn’t known yet, but this has been announced on social media yesterday :

ROKiT World Seniors Championship 15-18th August 2019 Crucible Theatre Sheffield.

1 Aaron Canavan (Jersey) Defending Champion
2 Jimmy White (England)
3 Joe Johnson (England)
4 Stephen Hendry (Scotland)
5 John Parrott (England)
6 Cliff Thorburn (Canada)
7 Dennis Taylor (N Ireland)
8 Leo Fernandez (Ireland)
9 Au Chi Wai (Hong Kong)
10 Rhydian Richards (Wales)
11 Stuart Watson England)
12 Joris Maas (Holland)
13 Tony Drago (Malta)
14 Tony Knowles (England)
15 Willie Thorne (England)
16 James Wattana (Thailand)
17 Darren Morgan (Wales)
18 Wael Talaat (Egypt)
19 tbc
20 tbc

Seeds 13-16 will be drawn to play Seeds 17-20 in the prelim round.
Seeds 1-8 will be drawn into position in the draw.
A random draw will see the top 8 seeds play seeds 9-12 plus the four preliminary winners matches.

Thursday 15th Aug
10am 2 x Prelim matches
2pm 2 x Prelim matches
7pm 2 x Last 16

Friday 16th Aug
10am 2 X Last 16
2pm 2 x Last 16
7pm 2 x Last 16

Saturday 17th August
10am Women’s Snooker Tour Event
2pm 2 x Quarter Finals
7pm 2 x Quarter Finals

Sunday 18th August
10am Disability Snooker Event
2pm – Semi Finals
7pm – The Final

Details of when some of the legends will be playing will be announced soon with the draw being conducted the first week of July.


Click here to book tickets, final filling up very fast!

Joris Maas has just won his National (Netherlands) Championship. Wael Talaat qualified for the main tour in 2016, via the African Championship, although he didn’t really compete on the main tour. He’s also well-respected in his country for the work he does as a coach and mentor for younger aspiring snooker players.


Ahead of the WSS ROKiT World Championship 2019

Darren Morgan has won the Masters 2019 European Snooker Championships. As a result, he will play in the 2019 WSS ROKiT World Championship. So we will have those two legends at the Crucible in August: Tony Drago and Darren Morgan.

Darren&Tony WC 2019

The event will also be the last opportunity to try to beat Igor’s 146 and win the £5000 High Break prize offered by Victor Wood Kia.

Hee is the list of century breaks so far…

Igor Figueiredo 146 Texas
Patrick Wallace 136 Celbridge
Rodney Goggins 135 Bruges
Barry Pinches 135 Coulsdon
Aaron Canavan 131 Northampton
Patrick Wallace 130 Liverpool
David Lilley 130 Leeds
Barry Pinches 125 Newbury
Patrick Wallace 125 Newbury
Patrick Wallace 124 Bruges
Michael Judge 123 Jersey
Rodney Goggins 121 Letterkenny
Mark White 120 Northampton
Barry Pinches 120 Clacton
Rhydian Richards 120 Northampton
Ken Doherty 117 Uk Champs
Michael Judge 117 Coulsdon
Barry Pinches 114 Newbury
Michael Judge 114 Coulsdon
Jonathan Bagley 114 Leeds
Stuart Watson 112 Jersey
Lee Richardson 111 Celbridge
Leo Fernandez 111 Liverpool
James O’Sullivan 110 Newbury
Aaron Canavan 110 Newbury
Joe Delaney 110 Celbridge
Simon Bedford 110 Leeds
Jonathan Bagley 109 Celbridge
Ludovic Arnaert 109 Bruges
David Lilley 109 Leeds
Barry Pinches 106 Clacton
Jonathan Bagley 106 Bruges
Rhydian Richards 105 Newbury
Jonathan Bagley 104 Newbury
Lieven Vanthournout 104 Bruges
Steven Waldron 104 Northampton
Michael Judge 104 Letterkenny
Barry Pinches 104 Newbury
Aidan Owens 104 Coulsdon
Wayne Cooper 104 Leeds
Patrick Wallace 104 Newbury
Ed Galati 103 Toronto
Joris Maas 102 Toronto
Li Chun 101 Beijing
Xu Mao 101 Beijing
Igor Figueiredo 101 Texas
Leo Fernandez 100 Jersey

Also there is good news regarding the playing conditions, as Jason Francis posted this on twitter:

Delighted to announce that Aramith have become the official ball supplier to the ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Tour. We now have 12 brand new sets of 1g balls that will travel with us where possible. Please by sympathetic that we can’t be carting these all over the world but it should ensure at the majority of venues we have the very best balls…. for you to miss with!

Top 32 and Awards week-end in Newbury

Following a rather upsetting number of withdrawals, the composition of the groups has changed … here are the “revisited” groups:

Group 1: 1 Aaron Canavan 2 Lee Richardson 3 Rodney Goggins 4 Leo Fernandez 5 Stuart Watson 6 Richard Emery 7 Gary Britton 8 Lee Martin

Group 2: 9 Sean Lanigan 10 Gary Filtness 11 Rhydian Richards 12 Garoid O’Connor 13 Mark White 14 Jon Charlton 15 Sanjay Meghani 16 Tony Corrigan

Group 3: 17 Nick Spelman 18 Karl Townsend 19 Les Dodd 20 Aidan Owens 21 Neil Craycraft 22 Stephen Campbell 23 James O’Sullivan 24 Dean Venables

Groupp 4: 25 Johnny Stevens 26 Marcus Lord 27 Andy Milliard 28 Levi Meiller 29 Matt Ford 30 Dean Sycamore 31 David McDonnell 32 Neil Carroll

This post will be updated as the event unfolds.

results from the last 32 round robin and tables

Group 1
Aaron Canavan 4-3 Sean Lanigan
Neil Craycraft 4-3 Matt Ford
Aaron Canavan 4-3 Neil Craycraft
Matt Ford 4-1 Sean Lanigan
Aaron Canavan 4-1 Matt Ford
Neil Craycraft 4-0 Sean Lanigan

1 – Aaron Canavan
2 – Neil Craycraft
3 – Matt Ford
4 – Sean Lanigan

Group 2
Lee Richardson 4-2 Sanjay Meghani
Stephen Campbell 4-0 Johnny Stevens
Lee Richardson 4-2 Stephen Campbell
Sanjay Meghani 4-0 Johnny Stevens
Lee Richardson 4-1 Johnny Stevens
Stephen Campbell 4-1 Sanjay Meghani

1 – Lee Richardson
2 – Stephen Campbell
3 – Sanjay Meghani
4 – Johnny Stevens

Group 3
Rodney Goggins 4-2 Rhydian Richards
Karl Townsend 4-3 Marcus Lord
Rodney Goggins 4-2 Karl Townsend
Rhydian Richards 4-1 Marcus Lord
Rodney Goggins 4-1 Marcus Lord
Rhydian Richards 4-1 Karl Townsend

1 – Rodney Goggins
2 – Rhydian Richards
3 – Karl Townsend
4 – Marcus Lord

Group 4
Leo Fernandez 4-3 Aidan Owens
Jon Charlton 4-0 Dean Sycamore
Leo Fernandez 4-1 Jon Charlton
Aidan Owens — Dean Sycamore
Leo Fernandez 4-1 Dean Sycamore
Aidan Owens 4-0 Jon Charlton

1 – Leo Fernandez
2 – Aidan Owens
3 – Jon Charlton
4 – Dean Sycamore

Group 5
Garoid O’Connor 4-0 Stuart Watson
Les Dodd 4-3 David McDonnell
Stuart Watson 4-2 Les Dodd
Garoid O’Connor 4-3 David McDonnell
David McDonnell 4-2 Stuart Watson
Garoid O’Connor 4-1 Les Dodd

1 – Garoid O’Connor
2 – David McDonnell
3 – Les Dodd
4 – Stuart Watson

Group 6
Richard Emery 4-2 Tony Corrigan
Nick Spelman 4-0 Levi Meiller
Nick Spelman 4-0 Richard Emery
Tony Corrigan 4-2 Levi Meiller
Levi Meiller 4-1 Richard Emery
Tony Corrigan 4-2 Nick Spelman

1 – Nick Spelman
2 – Tony Corrigan
3 – Levi Meiller
4 – Richard Emery

Group 7
Gary Britton 4-0 Gary Filtness
James O’Sullivan 4-1 Neil Carroll
James O’Sullivan 4-0 Gary Britton
Gary Filtness 4-1 Neil Carroll
Gary Britton 4-1 Neil Carroll
James O’Sullivan 4-0 Gary Filtness

1 – James O’Sullivan
2 – Gary Britton
3 – Gary Filtness
4 – Neil Carroll

Group 8
Mark White 4-1 Lee Martin
Dean Venables 4-0 Andy Milliard
Lee Martin 4-3 Dean Venables
Mark White 4-1 Andy Milliard
Lee Martin 4-1 Andy Milliard
Mark White 4-2 Dean Venables

1 – Mark White
2 – Lee Martin
2 – Dean Venables
4 – Andy Milliard

Watch here the award ceremony

Player of the year: Patrick Wallace
Most improved player : Stuart Watson
Performance of the year: Rodney Goggins
Commitment to the tour: Lee Richardson
Champagne moment of the year: Igor Figuereido’s 146
Chairman’s award: Paul Tett alias Teabag … who is everywhere, all the time making sure things work! 

Results from the Rokit world seniors top 32 shoot out

Sean Lanigan 1-0 Jason Francis

Round 1
Tony Corrigan 1-0 Johnny Stevens
Aaron Canavan 1-0 Levi Meiller
Neil Carroll 1-0 Garoid O’Connor
Gary Britton 0-1 Andy Milliard
Richard Emery 0-1 Mark White
Les Dodd 0-1 Dean Venables
James O’Sullivan 0-1 Stuart Watson
Nick Spelman 1-0 Stephen Campbell
Leo Fernandez 1-0 Rhydian Richards
Neil Craycraft 0-1 Aidan Owens
Lee Martin 1-0 Karl Townsend
Sean Lanigan 0-1 Gary Filtness
Marcus Lord 0-1 David McDonnell
Jon Charlton 0-1 Matt Ford
Dean Sycamore 1-0 Rodney Goggins
Lee Richardson 1-0 Sanjay Meghani

Round 2
Tony Corrigan 0-1 Aaron Canavan
Neil Carroll 1-0 Andy Milliard
Mark White 0-1 Dean Venables
Stuart Watson 0-1 Nick Spelman
Leo Fernandez 1-0 Aidan Owens
Lee Martin 0-1 Gary Filtness
David McDonnell 0-1 Matt Ford
Dean Sycamore 0-1 Lee Richardson

Quarter Finals
Aaron Canavan 1-0 Neil Carroll
Dean Venables 0-1 Nick Spelman
Leo Fernandez 0-1 Gary Filtness
Matt Ford 0-1 Lee Richardson

Semi Finals
Aaron Canavan 0-1 Nick Spelman
Gary Filtness 0-1 Lee Richardson

Nick Spelman 1-0 Lee Richardson

Nick Spellman Shootout Winner 2010

Before the final Nick and Lee agreed to donate half of the money to children’s charity Sussex Snowdrop. Well done gentlemen!

Newbury Top 32 2019 - the finalists!

Main event Sunday Results:

Quarter finals

Leo Fernandez 4-3 Garoid O’Connor
Aaron Canavan 4-1 Mark White
Rodney Goggins 4-1 Nick Spelman
James O’Sullivan 4-3 Lee Richardson

Semi finals

Leo Fernandez 4-0 Aaron Canavan
James O’Sullivan 4-1 Rodney Goggins

The Final

Leo Fernandez 4-2 James O’Sullivan

Congratulations Leo!

Goodbye and good luck Barry Pinches, good luck Peter Lines

The WSS says goodbye to Barry Pinches, who graduated through the Q-School 2019, event 3 and is returning to the Main Tour for at least two more seasons. Despite countless “teasing” posts on social media, make no mistake, Barry will be missed on the WSS ROKiT Tour.

Congratulations, Barry and good luck!

Barry last played at the Crucible … last April, when he made the Final of the 2019 WSS ROKiT Masters, beating Stephen Hendry, and the reigning World Champion Aaron Canavan before losing on the re-spotted black to Joe Johnson. The way Barry played in that event was impressive and he took that form to the Q-school apparently!

Another graduate, is no other than Peter Lines, the first WSS World Champion, who having lost his tour card after the World Championship 2019, immediately returns, thanks to a very consistent campaign in the Q-School. Peter graduated through the Order of Merit.

Congratulations Peter and good luck!

Rory McLeod joins the WSS ROKiT Tour

As announced today on social media, Rory McLeod has decided to join the WSS ROKiT tour, following his recent relegation of the Main Tour.

Here is the announcement:

Today former World number 32, and the 2017 Ruhr Open Champion Rory McLeod has announced his decision to participate on the ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Tour next season. Rory first turned pro in 1991 and was one of the longest serving professionals on tour prior to his recent relegation. in 2009 he became the first Black player to qualify for the World Professional Championship, he also qualified in 2011 and 2017, the 2017 being particularly memorable as he defeated the current World Snooker Champion Judd Trump in round 1.

Rory MdLeod

Despite a recent failed attempt at Q School to regain his card, Rory had no thoughts of retirement and says he will embrace the challenge and opportunities that the ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Tour will give him, and look to regain his professional card status at Q School in 2020.Jason Francis, Chairman of the ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Tour said “Following on from Joe Swail’s decision to play on our tour we are delighted to welcome another great servant of the game who is embracing something we’ve created with the WPBSA that was never there before for players over 40 dropping off the main tour. Rory will prove to be a fierce competitor”Any player over 40 who is interested in getting their cue out and entering one of our qualifiers can do so by clicking here:

Welcome Rory !

Women Tour Championship at the Crucible next August

As previous announced, Women’s Snooker will be showcased at the Crucible during the WSS ROKiT World Championship 2019.

Here are all infos you need as publihed by WWS

Women’s Snooker Stars Set to Compete at Crucible Theatre

World Women’s Snooker (WWS) will return to Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre this August for the all-new Women’s Tour Championship event.

To be staged as part of this year’s ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Championship, the invitational tournament will take place across one session from 10:00am on Saturday 17th August.

The event will feature the world’s top four ranked women’s players following this season’s Festival of Women’s Snooker event, including world number one Reanne Evans and reigning world women’s champion Ng On Yee of Hong Kong.

The pair will be joined by third ranked Rebecca Kenna who has reached two ranking finals so far this season, as well as Thailand’s Nutcharut Wongharuthai, who earlier this year became the first woman to compile a verified 147 break.

The Crucible Theatre has been the home of the professional World Snooker Championship since 1977 and the Women’s Tour Championship will represent the first time that women’s snooker will be played at the iconic venue since 2003 when Kelly Fisher lifted the last of her five world titles under the famous ‘twinkle’ lights.

The staging of the event will be the first of a three-year agreement which will see women’s snooker held at the Crucible until at least 2021.

Mandy Fisher, WWS President said: “All of us at WWS are hugely excited to be able to take women’s snooker back to the Crucible Theatre where so many unforgettable memories have been created and it will be fantastic to see the talented players that we have competing on the same stage.

“I would like to thank both Jason Ferguson of the World Professional Billards and Snooker Association and Jason Francis of World Seniors Snooker for helping to make this possible and I would encourage people to come along and see just what our players can do.”

Tickets are already on sale at the price of just £1.47 when purchased with a full-price ticket to any other session at the ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Championship, so book now to avoid disappointment, by phone 0114 249 600 or online HERE.

The ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Championship will run across four days from 15-18 August 2019 and feature several all-time greats of the game including ‘King of the Crucible’ Stephen Hendry and 10-time ranking event winner Jimmy White.

There will also be a session on the morning of Sunday 18th August held to showcase the talent on the World Disability Billiards and Snooker Tour.