Deadline for the Seniors Masters Q2

As Jason Francis reminded us on twitter and by Press release:

You have until Midnight tonight to enter Masters Q2 and get that final place at the Crucible in Sheffield on April 12th to play a legend!!
Upton Park Snooker Centre, Sat 17th and Sunday 18th Feb.
Enter now by clicking here

Meanwhile the action continues in Newbury where we are down to the last 16:

Dean Sycamore v Rhydian Richards
Sean Lanigan V Stefan Mazrocis
Lee Richardson v Neil Carroll
James O’Sullivan v Andrew Darken
Ashley Beal v Simon Dent
Jason Pegram v Michael Judge
Patrick Wallace v Nick Spelman
Gary Filtness v Stuart Watson

Here is what happened yesterday


All to Newbury

So the Seniors Masters Q1 starts tomorrow in Newbury but, if you have the opportunity and the desire, there is something for you tonight too.

This is Jason Francis on twitter earlier today:

Tonight at the crucible Newbury £10 flyer. Open to all ages. The WST players are in town!!


And apparently Jason is going to follow his own advise, pay his £10 and play !

and remember there is a great customised cue case by Robert Read awaiting the winner of the Q1! You could have your own design!

Here is the Q1 draw:


and the trophy …

All to play for!

Important info regarding the Seniors Masters 2018 Q2

This is what Jason Francis sent around by email today:

world seniors tour masters q2 upton park snooker centre 17/18th feb 2018

The entry list in Newbury was huge compared to other qualifiers and at one stage I thought I would need to close it early.

I have to limit entries to 64 to allow us to do this in two days, I know running an event on a Friday causes issues with work.

I know many of the players who are playing Newbury and waiting to see how they get on before entering Upton Park, I think that could be a mistake as the entries are already climbing and it could well be that it hits 64 BEFORE the newbury event.
Therefore I’d urge you to confirm your Upton park entry NOW and of course if you win in Newbury it gets refunded anyway.

The Winners in Newbury and Upton get to play in the Crucible.

Upton Park Snooker Centre, London E13 17th and 18th Feb (with 16th if required)


Entry is £60, the prize fund is £14,000

Here is the link to enter.


Only two days to enter the Seniors Masters Q1

And, other than the prospect of playing at the Crucible, there is another big incentive for the seniors who dare to dream!

Indeed this is what Jason put on twitter ealier today:

The winner of our masters qualifier will get a bespoke hand made cue case for their wand…. check out this guy.. top class

And here are images of some cue cases crafted by Rob Reed… nice!

Full World Q6 results and latest Seniors ranking.

Here are the full results of Q6 in Beijing


After the completion of World Q6 in Beijing, we have 49 new entries on the world seniors ranking list, with two Chinese players getting into the top 16!

Those are the top guys in the list


For the full list click here 

21-1p10gk602137The top Chinese player, Cao Kaisheng was born on August 16th 1974 in Nanjing City He is  a former body builder! In 2012 at the Zhang Jiagang APTC, Cao defeated Stephen Maguire.  His high tournament break is 142