Seniors World Championship 2019 – Qualifier 1

Ninety entered the first qualifying event for the Seniors World Championship 2019. This event is currently underway in Newbury. It started yesterday. There is £2500 for the winner of the qualifying event, plus, of course, a spot in the Seniors World Championship next March.

Patsy Fagan, the original UK Championship winner (1977) is amongst those who entered

Patsy Fagan in Newbury

This is the draw:


First round (last 128) results:

Sanjay Meghani 3-0 Dean Sycamore
Patsy Fagan 3-0 Mark Davies
Andrew Bolter 0-3 Don Newcombe
Jon Charlton 3-0 Bradley Fish
Nick Neale 0-3 Chris Rice
Leo Fernandez 3-0 Jamie Trump
Pat Patel 0-3 Johnny Stevens
Andrew Milliard 3-0 Andy Turner
Tony Knowles v Andrew Darken W/O
Steve Bird 3-0 Georges Apperley
Mart Gray 2-3 Matt Ford
Dean Venables 3-2 Ali Anwar
Marcus Lord 2-3 Tony Corrigan
Ray Grall 0-3 Anthony Massey
Surinder Gill 3-0 Daniel Mooney
Lyndon Paxford 0-3 Richard Emery
Garoid O’Connor 3-0 Alan Harvey
Karl Towsend 1-3 Adam Ashley
Steve Evans W/O Shabir Ditta
Lee S. Martin 3-0 Muhammad Aurangzaib
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Gary Miller
Michael Wrigley 1-3 Neil Craycraft

Last 64 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Karl Walker
Ashley Beale 1-3 Stephen Waldron
Daren Mirza v Paul Burrell W/O
Simon Seabridge 1-3 Mark White
Gary Britton 3-0 Stephen Campbell
Gary Skipworth 2-3 Sanjay Meghani
Bilal Ahmed 0-3 David McDonnel
Andrew Diacopoulos 1-3 Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches 3-0 James O’Sullivan
Patsy Fagan 3-1 Don Newcombe
Andrew Isitt 0-3 Nick Spelman
Jon Charlton W/O Rodney Goggins
Chris Rice 0-3 Leo Fernandez
Neil Caroll 1-3 Johny Stevens
Alex Ferguson 3-0 Gary Filtness
Ant Parsons 1-3 Andrew Milliard
Andrew Darken 2-3 Steve Bird
Matt Ford 3-1 Les Dodd
Rhydian Richards 3-2 Dean Venables
Tony Corrigan 2-3 Lee Martin
Anthony Massey 1-3 Sean Lanigan
Surinder Gill 3-1 Lee Richardson
Richard Emery 1-3 Garoid O’Connor
Adam Ashley 3-2 Steve Evans
Lee S. Martin 3-2 Aidan Owens
Simon Dent 0-3 Darren Morgan
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Sean Halligan
Sean O’Shea W/O Andy Papaiacovou
Neil Craycraft 2-3 Patrick Wallace

Last 32 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Stephen Waldron
Paul Burrell 0-3 Mark White
Gary Britton 3-0 Sanjay Meghani
David MacDonnell 0-3 Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches 3-0 Patsy Fagan (125, 104 Pinches)
John Hunter 0-3 Nick Spelman
Jon Charlton 0-3 Leo Fernadez
Johnny Stevens 0-3 Alex Ferguson
Peter Delaney 1-3 Andrew Milliard
Steve Bird 1-3 Matt Ford
Rhydian Richards 3-0 Lee Martin
Neil Jones 3-1 Sean Lanigan
Garoid O’Connor W/O Surinder Gill
Lee S. Martin 3-0 Adam Ashley
Darren Morgan 0-3 Wayne Cooper
Sean O’Shea 1-3 Patrick Wallace

Last 16 results:

Jonathan Bagley 3-0 Mark White (105 Bagley)
Gary Britton 3 (52,72,53) v 1 (88) Stuart Watson
Barry Pinches 3 (114) v 0 Nick Spelman
Leo Fernandez 3 (50,58,62) v 1 (56) Alex Ferguson
Andrew  Milliard 1-3 Matt Ford
Rhydian Richards 3 (54) v 2 (58) Neal Jones
Garoid O’Connor 3-0 Adam Ashley
Wayne Cooper 1- 3 (104,125) Patrick Wallace

Quarter Finals:

Jonathan Bagley 1-3 Gary Britton
Barry Pinches 3 (55,55) v 1 Leo Fernandez
Matt Ford 2-3 Rhydian Richards
Garoid O’Connor 1 (62) v3 (61) Patrick Wallace

Semi Finals

Gary Britton 3 (83) v 1 (58,56) Barry Pinches
Rhydian Richards 3 (97,74,105) v 1 (91) Patrick Wallace

The Final

Gary Britton 2-3 Rhydian Richards 

Rhydian Richards World Qual Event 1

You can watch the final here

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