Interesting exponents in Hull

Whilst in Hull for the CRS Seniors UK Championship 2018, I visited the stands of two interesting guests exponents.

Ross McInnes and Michaela Tabb – they are husband and wife – presented this beautiful English Pool table. Ross was PPPO pool World Champion in 1996 and his aim in designing this table was to create a “tool” that would satisfy the most demanding champions, and, at the same time, would be beautifully pleasing to the eye.

You will soon be able find more info on their site:

For the time being the site just offers a phone number and this email that you can use to contact the company.

QBolt Technologies aims at helping players to improve their game, and make their live in competition a bit easier.

They have a website

and they are on twitter


The practice bench can be fitted with a smartphone or a tablet so that you can record and asses your cue action.

The Quicktip is screwed, not glued onto the cue. The idea is that, with this technology, you can go to competitions taking a number of bedded tips with you, and, should your tip be damaged during practice or a match, it only takes a minute to fit another one that is ready to use.

The Qbolt contains a chip able to communicate via bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet. When fitted at the rear of your cue, it records the speed you put into the shot. You can then analyse what speed is optimal depending on the result you want to achieve. This device is mainly, but not only, aimed at helping pool players to improve their break-off.