Seniors World Championship 2019 – Qualifiying event 2 – Jersey

Jersey, 17-18 November 2018

Round 1:

Dean Sycamore 3-0 Nigel Coton
Tony Knowles 3-1 Neil Heird
Jon Charlton 3-1 Andrew Isitt
Pat Patel 0-3 Guy Heys
Neil Craycraft 3-0 Jame Giligan
Mark Ball 3-0 Andrew Darken

Last 32:

Jonathan Bagley 3-0 Dean Sycamore
Richard Emery 1-3 Chris Hart
Stuart Watson W/O Karl Townsend
Sean Lanigan 1-3 Tony Knowles
Gary Filtness 3-0 George Apperley
Rodney Goggins 1-3 Jon Charlton
Lee Travers 1-3 Leo Fernandez
John Hunter 0-3 Barry Pinches
Patrick Wallace W/O Sanjay Meghani
Lee S Martin 2-3 Andrew Milliard
Rhydian Richards 2-3 Craig McGillivray
Guy Heys 0-3 Lee Richardson
Gary Britton 1-3 Neil Craycraft
Aaron Canavan W/O Michael Whrigley
Mark Ball 1-3 Aidan Owens
Robert Marshall  v Michael Judge W/O

Last 16:

Jonathan Bagley 3-2 Chris Hart
Stuart Watson 3-1 Tony Knowles
Gary Filtness 3-0 Jon Charlton
Leo Fernandez 0-3 Barry Pinches
Patrick Wallace 3-0 Andrew Milliard
Craig McGillivray 2-3 Lee Richardson
Neil Craycraft 0-3 Aaron Canavan
Aidan Owens 3-2 Michael Judge


Jonathan Bagley 2-3 Stuart Watson
Gary Filtness 3-2 Barry Pinches
Patrick Wallace 3-1 Lee Richardson
Aaron Canavan 3-1 Aidan Owens


Stuart Watson 3-0 Gary Filtness
Patrick Wallace 3-0 Aaron Canavan

The Final

World 2019, Qual 2 - Jersey - the Final

Stuart Watson 3-0 Patrick Wallace

Stuart Watson Winner Qual 2 Jersey

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