Assetereum Seniors World Championship 2018 – Last 16 – Day 2

As we enter Quarter Finals day, no Legend remains in the draw, it’s an all amateur field, and a strong one! Here is what happened yesterday…

Afternoon session:

Jonathan Bagley beat Stephen Hendry by 3-1. This result came as no surprise to me. Jonathan had taken Stephen to a black ball shootout in this very place last year. He reached the final in Goffs in January, beating Jimmy White and Ken Doherty in the process. Unless Stephen found some form and consistency he was always going to be up against it and to be honest Stephen was poor for most of this match. Only in frame 3, the one he won, did we get to see a bit of the Hendry of old.

Gary Filtness beat Barry Pinches by 3-2. This was a match loaded with emotions and one that pitched two great guys against each other. Gary came here as a lucky loser. Indeed despite being the n°1 Seniors amateur, he failed to qualify, having lost countless times on re-spotted blacks at the final stages of qualifiers. Barry unfortunately lost his father less than a week ago and he could have been excused if he had withdrawn, but he didn’t. Thos two love their snooker to bits. It was a hard-fought match, that ended in another black ball shootout. Gary won this one. Afterwards, the players embraced warmly. Gary was in tears. Barry, despite everything, told me that he had enjoyed the event immensely and was determined to come back for it next year. This was sporting spirit at its best. Thank you.

Evening session:

Nick Spelman beat Cliff Thorburn by 3-2 (re-spotted black) in a very hard-fought match. Not taking anything away from Nick, the one I’m in awe of is Cliff. Yes, he lost, but, boy, did he pot some great balls, played some great safeties. Cliff is 70, he clearly struggles badly to go down on the shots, some shots he can’t play properly because stretching over the table is a physical impossibility. The shot-clock isn’t helping him. But he battled and battled and it was plain to see to missing balls and eventually losing did hurt. Oh Cliff, you should be proud, you know.

Johnny Farrell beat Tony Knowles by 3-1. John was the better player out there. Most frames were close, but when it came to the last balls, to the crunch time, it was Johnny who kept his composure better, and potted more pressure balls.

So here is the Quater Finals line-up:

Jonathan Bagley v Gary Filtness
Patrick Wallace v Rhydian Richards
Cao Kashieng v Nick Spelman
Johnny Farrell v Aaron Canavan

All quarter finals are played today.

Assetereum Seniors World Championship 2018 – Last 16 – Day 1

There were four matches played in two sessions yesterday.

Afternoon session

Cao Kaisheng looked very nervous at the start of his match against “The Shirt”, Lee Richardson. This is quite understandable as I’m told that Cao had never before left China, so everything here is new and alien to him and he also knew that he was watched by thousands  in China over the streaming. But he battled through, progressively seemed to settle and eventually took the match on a black ball shootout.

Rhydian Richards, the Wales n°1 amateur, had an easier route to the QF, as he defeated an out of sorts, but battling, Joe Johnson by 3-0.

Evening session

Both evening matches in the evening were quality.

Patrick Wallace, who lost in the first round last year, beat Simon Dent by 3-0. Patrick looked very nervous at the start and it was Simon who was first in with a telling break in frame 1. It wasn’t a winning break though and Patrick managed to nick the frame. It changed the whole psychology of the match.

Aaron Canavan supported by a solid group of fans who have made the trip from Jersey, looked the better player from the start … and had a bit of run too. Dennis Taylor wasn’t playing badly by any means, and the match was hard-fought and closer than the final score – 3-1 to Aaron – suggests.

As compared to last year, the quality of the snooker on display is seriously higher. It’s very obvious that all the players take this tournament, and the whole Seniors tour, very seriously and have worked hard on their preparation … Great to see!

You can watch the matches in streaming on the Snooker Legends Youtube channel.

Lee Richardson replaces John Parrot at the Seniors World Championship

Jason Francis on twitter shared this earlier today:

The shirt Lee Richardson will replace John Parrott at the Assetereum World Seniors Championship. John has asked to be replaced for personal reasons. Lee was the next highest ranked player and will play Cao Kashieng on wednesday

The Shirt

Indeed John Parrot asked to be replaced, for personal reasons

WSF Seniors Championship 2018 news


The WSF Seniors Championship is underway in Malta and has now reached the knock out stages. Remember, the winner of this event will play in one of the Seniors Tour Events next season.

Johnny Farrell who recently qualified for the World Seniors Championship did outstandingly well as he managed to finish in the top 4 after the Group stages. Therefore he was seeded  directly in the last 16. He will play Jason Peplow later today.

There is a streaming available on table 4

WSF Seniors Championship – Knock out stages – Live scores, streaming and more here

You can have a look at the pictures I took so far at the WSF Championships  (those are Facebook links, but they are open to all)

The Opening Ceremony

Day 1 – 14 March 2018

WSF Championships 2018 – 15 March 2018

Here is the draw for the Seniors World Championship 2018


Unfortunately Willie Thorne had to withdraw, suffering from a back injury. He is replaced in the draw by the top ranked amateur, Gary Filtness, “The Blade” who will face Barry Pinches. I have to admit that the author of this blog is happy for Gary who came agonizingly close to qualifying countless time, losing on respotted blacks. He’s ranked n°1 for a reason and I’m certain that his and Barry Pinches match will be a very high quality one!

Willie will still be at the launch dinner and at the golf event (although it’s unclear if he will actually play.

The Seniors World Championship 2018 is upon us, here comes the draw

Johnny Farrell won the World Q8, the last qualifying event of this season, yesterday in Dublin. More details about what happened on Sunday and the new rankings will be coming soon.

With all qualifiers known, Jason Francis was live on Facebook tonight to do the draw of the Seniors World Championship and to give us a taste of what’s coming next season. If you missed it, you can the video again on the Snooker Legends Facebook page

Or if you have problems accessing facebook, here it is

and, no, I won’t spoil you! Watch it.