The Assetereum Seniors World Championship 2018 Launch!

The things start in earnest today (20 March 2018) …

Yesterday, the players, legends of the game and fans enjoyed the Gala Dinner at the venue: good food, friendship, fun, speed snooker, cabaret, karaoke and more!

The reigning Seniors World Champion, Peter Lines was with us, but can’t defend his title because he’s back on the main tour. Thanks to Peter and his wife, Sarah, for their support all season!


Here are the pictures!

Good luck to all players, as well as to our two referees Leo Scullion and Michaela Tabb

Jason Francis took the opportunity to share some good news about next season. Here they are

Assetereum World Seniors. We have some amazing facts so far! Over 500 players have entered the qualifiers this season. Peter Lines has flown the flag for our event, a very worthy Champion.

A minimum of 5 Senior events this coming season!

New opportunities for our Champions and we have qualifiers in Hong Kong and New York already lined up

Entry fee cut to £50, halved! We have joined with WDBS with a free place for their nominated player. Ladies are also now playing in our Tour

Ranking list will be official under WPBSA. £5500 on offer for top 16 at the end of the season Shootout

Lastly, next year at the end of the season we will have an event for the top 16 of the Tour and we will take them back to the Norbrek Castle where it all started for so many…