The WSS ROKiT UK Championship 2019

The WSS ROKiT UK Championship was played at the Bonus Arena Hull on 24 and 25 October 2019. Michael Judge from Ireland won the title, beating Jimmy White by 4-2 in the final. All detailed results can be found on

Round 1 (last 12)

Rodney Goggins beat Dennis Taylor by 3-0, and scores the first century of the tournament in the last frame of the match

Patrick Wallace beat Cliff Thorburn by 3-2 in a really hard fought contest. The Grinder still grinds!

Michael Judge beat Willie Thorne by 3-2. Willie gave Michael a really good game. He had been working hard on his game after his eyes surgery and it showed.

Rory McLeod beat Sean Lanigan by 3-1. Rory played really well and Sean certainly didn’t disgrace himself. This is a man who had never before played in a single set up on television. He needed a bit of time to adapt.

Quarter Finals:

Patrick Wallace beat John Parrott by 3-2. Every frame was close.

Stephen Hendry beat Rodney Goggins by 3-2. The 7 time World Champion started strongly, winning the first frame with a break of 86. The rest of the match was much closer. It was however the best Stephen Hendry had produced in a long time.

Michael Judge beat James Wattana by 3-1. The tone was set in the first frame: Michael scored a 111. His pot succes during this match was over 90%. James Wattana fought valliantly but Michael was too strong.

Jimmy White beat Rory McLeod by 3-2. Jimmy had a 104 and a 92 in this match; his pot success was nearly 98% … and yet Rory took two frames. It was a very high quality contest.

Semi Finals

Michael Judge beat Stephen Hendry by 3-2 in a close, high quality contest.

Jimmy White beat Patrick Wallace by 3-0. Jimmy continued to play well and Patrick looked very nervous out there.

The Final

Michael Judge beat Jimmy White by 4-2. Michael produced a seriously good performance under a lot of pressure. Jimmy started with a 101, Michael replied with a 114! The crucial frame was the fifth though: JImmy made a 69 … and it wasn’t enough: Michael stole it to lead 3-2. Michael then dominated the last frame, leaving JImmy potless in that one.

You will find all the pictures by following the links below.

2019 WSS ROKiT UK Championship – Day 1 in pictures

Michael Judge is your 2019 WSS ROKiT UK Champion … in pictures!