Aaron Canavan

Aaron Canavan

Born: 10 August 1975

Nationality: Jersey

Never a professional

Highest break: 143

2018 Seniors World Champion 

Aaron started playing at the age 7 and showed early promises. However family circumstances prevented him to really develop a snooker career. From the age of 26 he played in the local Jersey League. He’s currently captain of the Jersey Island Snooker Team. He is the  reigning Channel Islands Champion. He won that title eight times including five on the trot, more than anyone else. But winning the Assetereum Seniors World Championship 2018 is definitely the highlight of his career so far.

When in the 2018/19 season Aaron came runner-up at the WSS Six Reds World Championship, with nothing but glory for his efforts, this is what he had to say to the press. Hats off!