Joe Johnson



Joe Johnson

Born: 29 July 1952, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Nationality: English

1986 World Champion, this being the only ranking event he won in his career.

Professional: 1979–2004

Highest ranking: 5


Joe Johnson is famous for winning the World Championship in 1986, having never won a match at the Crucible before and starting the event a 150-1 outsider. He beat Steve Davis by 18-12 in the final, having played extremely well all tournament. The next season he came as close as can possibly be to defend his world title: he made the final, where he faced Steve Davis again but this time lost by 18-14.

Joe won the WSS ROKiT Masters 2019, having missed the event the previous year due to a health scare

Joe is a regular commentator on Eurosport UK.

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