Ken Doherty

Ken Doherty

Born: 17 September 1969, Ranelagh, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Nationality: Irish

Professional since 1990

Highest ranking: 2

1997 World Champion, winner of 6 ranking events.


Ken Doherty is the man who effectively ended Stephen Hendry domination when he beat him by 18-12 at the Crucible in 1997: Hendry, who was only 28 at the time,  has won 18 majors in his career, but only one, the 1999 World Championship, after that 1997 final. In that match, Hendry made 5 centuries whilst Ken highest break was “only” 85, but the final score was still 18-12 for the Irish. A fine tactician, Ken was one of the first of a generation of players who can compete with the best in the break building department but also have a rock solid safety game, a facet of the game that Hendry once branded “overrated”.

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