Ken Doherty

Ken Doherty

Born: 17 September 1969, Ranelagh, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Nationality: Irish

Professional since 1990

Highest ranking: 2

1997 World Champion, winner of 6 ranking events.


Ken Doherty is the man who effectively ended Stephen Hendry domination when he beat him by 18-12 at the Crucible in 1997: Hendry, who was only 28 at the time,  has won 18 majors in his career, but only one, the 1999 World Championship, after that 1997 final. In that match, Hendry made 5 centuries whilst Ken highest break was “only” 85, but the final score was still 18-12 for the Irish. A fine tactician, Ken was one of the first of a generation of players who can compete with the best in the break building department but also have a rock solid safety game, a facet of the game that Hendry once branded “overrated”.

Ken has won six ranking events on the main tour: the Welsh Open twice (1993, 2001), the Matlta Cup twice (2000, 2006) the 2001 Thailand Masters and, of course, the 1997 World Championship.

He has got success on the Seniors tour as well: he reached the final of the UK Senior Championship in 2017 andand won it in 2018. He also was runner-up to Jimmy White at the 2020 World Seniors Championship

Ken continues to compete on the Main Tour, having been awarded an invitational tour card.

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