Stephen Hendry


Stephen Gordon Hendry MBE

Born: 13 January 1969 in South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Nationality: Scottish

Professional: 1985-2012, 2019-

Highest ranking: 1 (9 years)

Seven times World Champion (1990, 1992-96, 1999)

Winner of 36 ranking events


Stephen Hendry won 75 professinal titltes, including 36 ranking events. He is the most succesful player in the modern game, but his contribution to snooker goes well beyond his outstanding CV. Hendry had a profound and lasting influence on the next generations of players. He radically changed the way snooker is played. He introduced a new style, favouring attack over safety, getting the pack of reds open as early as possible and clearing the table with flawless breakbuilding. He is the one who made splitting the pack from the blue popular. His tally of 775 centuries, including 11 maximum breaks, is testimony of his breakbuilding excellence.

Stephen Hendry is a regular commentator and pundit on BBC.

Stephen Hendry has been competing on the Seniors Tour from 2017 on and is also back on the Main Tour having accepted an nvitational Tour card in 2019.

He is also the author of an autobiography, “Me and the Table”

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