Tony Drago


Tony Drago

Born 22 September 1965, in Valetta, Malta
Nationality: Maltese

Professional: 1985–2008; 2009–2016 (snooker)

Best: 1997 International Open Final

Highest ranking:10

Highest break: 149 (practice)


Tony Drago may never have won a full ranking tournament, but he certainly made a huge impact on the professional tour! This larger than life, emotional character is 100% box office. He plays incredibly fast and attacking, he takes you with him in his journey, good or bad. No way you can stay indifferent!

Tony was involved an impressive number of “speed” records good and bad! In 1993 he recorded the fastest ever best-of-9-frames snooker victory by beating Sean Lanigan in just thirty-four minutes at the Strachan Challenge. He also holds the record for the fastest best-of-17 match, beating Joe O’Boye 9–0 in 81 minutes at the 1990 UK Championship. Conversely, he lost 4–13 against Ronnie O’Sullivan in the second round of the 1996 World Championship in just 167 minutes and 33 seconds, an all-time Crucible record and less than 9 minutes per frame. In the 1996 UK Championship he made a century break in just three minutes and thirty-one seconds against John Higgins. In the third round of the Fidelity Unit Trusts International he won the fifth frame 62–0 in just 3 minutes.

Tony is one of the very few player who made a break superior to 147. In 1995, he made a break of 149 in practice against Nick Manning in a snooker club in West Norwood, London. Being was left snookered after a foul he potted the brown as a free ball and again as the colour, before potting the fifteen reds with thirteen blacks, a pink and a blue, and all the colours. Tony had a competitive 147 at the 2002 B&H championship.

Tony also played, and still plays pool competitively. He was part of the winning team at the Mosconi cup in 2007 and 2008

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