Cao Kaisheng wins the World Q6 in Beijing

This is a translation (part google/part me) of the report by CBSA on their website

Seniors World China qualifying: Cao Kai wins by 3-1 over Xue Jirong

China Billiards Association official website report after three days of  competition. On January 7, 2018, afternoon, the  “superstar Online” World Championship qualifying tournament in China concluded. In the final match, Cao Kaisheng won by 3-1 over Xue Jirong, qualifying for the World Championship.


21-1p10gk602137  The  Superstar Online World Seniors Championship qualifying event in China was open to the 40 years+ players and sponsored by the Chinese Billiards Association; it attracted 69 athletes from all over the country. These include former Chinese snooker professional players like He Baoying, Guo Hua, national team coach Pang Weiguo, Cai Jianzhong, and Zhiwei from Hong Kong.


After several rounds of competition, last night’s semifinals lineup was known as Shanghai veteran Xue Jirong, Sun Jianjun, Cao Caisheng and Zhi Zhiwei respectively defeated their opponents. Today, 1 pm, the semi-finals  started on time. Xue Ji-rong and Sun Jianjun were first to play their match, a relatively fragmented affair, but after two hours of fighting,  Xue Ji-rong finally emerged a 3-0 winner, becoming the the first player to advance to the final.


Yesterday players played three games in a day, these three games represents both physical and mental energy test. Zhi-Wei won three games yesterday, three times in the decider,was probably the most fortunate person. But unfortunately, the goddess of fortune did not favor him today. Cao Kaisheng won the first frame of  semi-finals, with a break o 55, then won the next two frames too, completing the whitewash over Zhi Wei, and booking his ticket to the final.

After a short break to recover, the final started. With of thirty thousand yuan for the winner and a place in the World Championship, the start of the game is full of tension. In the first frame, the two players alternately dominated until Cao Kaisheng potted the last black ball. In the second frame, Xue Ji Rong took the opportunity to score, and tied at 1-1. In the third frame, Cao Kaisheng went in front and when  Xue Ji-wing pocketed  the black ball with a  red ball by mistake, Cao Caisheng smiled, happy with the gift, and and the win of the frame. In the fourth frame, Cao Kaisheng dominated, warmly applauded by the crowd, and took the match  with a 3-1 score to end the final, and win the competition at the same time receiving the  30,000 yuan bonus and a place in World Seniors Championship 2018. (Chinese billiards Association Xiaofan)

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  1. I don’t suppose there’s a chance of seeing the draw and/0r results.Surely someone must have a copy.


    • The draw is/was on CBSA website, only it’s in Chinese, and it’s an image, so it doesn’t help much. Jason Francis has been busy last week-end, but he will try to find the info. He needs it for the Seniors rankings!


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