Great interview with Stephen Hendry

A bit by chance, I stumbled upon this great interview by Stephen Hendry. It was recorded at the Crucible during the last World Championship

Amongst other things Stephen talks about the book he has coming. This book is available for pre-order on amazon: here is the link

He also touches on various subjects like the decline of snooker, at least when it comes to getting young people to play in the UK, why Barry Hearn’s plans to clamp on slow play aren’t quite right or realistic, and why we shouldn’t expect a return to competition on the main tour, although he definitely wants to play on the Seniors tour.


3 thoughts on “Great interview with Stephen Hendry

    • When at the Crucible players usually practice in the practice area there. They would stay away from rivals, fans and amateur players as much as possible to avoid distractions. So, although Stephen probably heard about the Star Snooker Academy and the Vic Snooker Academy he might never have set food in any.


      • There are plenty pics of Stephen at the Victoria, but that’s not the point. He was suggesting there are no snooker clubs in Sheffield. Not for himself, but for the up and coming players. I realise there is not the number of clubs there was back in his day, but times change. It would be a shame if anyone listened to that interview and took his word for it.


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