Age is just a number …

This actually is not about the World Senior Tour, it’s not even about snooker, but it’s about a Legend in the world of billiards sports… and I couldn’t resist sharing this.

Why? Because it’s about a very, very “senior” player, a Legend of billiards, who proves once again that as long you have the hunger and the passion, age is just a number and dreams do come true.

Do you know Raymond Ceulemans? Ridder (Knight)  Raymond Ceulemans from Belgium has won 35 World Championship titles (23 in three-cushion and 12 in other various carom disciplines), 48 European titles (23 in three-cushion) and 61 national titles. He will turn 81 on July 12, in about three weeks from now, and, you know what? He just won yet another tournament, the “Trophy of the Legends”, last week-end!

Trophy of the Legends

So if you are in your forthies, you have plenty of time ahead of you to dream, play and win!

And this was the score

Trophy of the Legends - Final

Now if you have no clue about three-cushion, here is a “crash course” about it, on wikipedia.

It’s a very, very skillful game, believe me. A High Run of 10 in a match isn’t at all common, an average of 1.379 is excellent, it’s at the level of very good “main tour” players.

If you’ve never watched this game, here is a short (by 3-cushion standards!)  video shared by Marco Zanetti, one of the best players in the World, and certainly one of the most creative in the field.

And this is slightly longer, showing Raymond in action in Chicago , 20 years ago

I hope you enjoy them…

Here is Raymond profile on Wikipedia

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