World Seniors UK Championship 2018 Draw and Important Announcement made after Leo Fernandez takes the last qualifying spot

Indeed, Leo won the last qualifying event last week-en at Scotties in Liverpool.

So before looking at how this last qualifying event unfolded, here is the draw for the main event:

Draw Seniors UK 2018

The draw was announced today at the launch event, attended by the Mayor of Hull, and Joe Johnson at the Hull Guildhall

This very important announcement was made during the launch event:

Hull bids to become snooker city with announcement of exciting three-year deal

Hull is committing to becoming a snooker city today (Monday 8 October) with the announcement that it is the new permanent home of the UK Seniors Snooker Championship.

Later this month Hull will host some of the greatest ever snooker players including Jimmy White, Stephen Hendry, Cliff Thorburn and Dennis Taylor all competing at the 2018 UK Seniors Snooker Championship at the brand new £36 million Bonus Arena.

The announcement falls on the same day as the draw for this year’s event at the Guildhall, which will be conducted by the Lord Mayor.

Following significant interest in the UK Seniors Snooker Championship, Hull City Council, World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) and the Bonus Arena are delighted to announce that the annual event will now remain in Hull for at least the next three years.

Councillor Stephen Brady, leader of Hull City Council, said: “Today’s fantastic announcement shows that the city is refusing to rest on its laurels.

“Last month we launched our Conference Champions initiative that aims to bring more large conferences and events, like the UK Seniors Snooker Championship, to Hull.

“Events like this attract thousands of people to the city, spending money in bars, restaurants, shops and hotels, which is a great boost to the local economy.”

“I’m sure – like with everything else –Hull will embrace the UK Seniors Snooker Championship and we can establish ourselves as a snooker city.”

The UK Seniors Snooker Championship is one of the marque events on the international World Seniors Snooker tour.

Jason Ferguson, chairman of WPBSA, said: “Snooker is a booming global sport and we are delighted that Hull has joined us to become our latest snooker city.

“Hull is clearly a city with ambition and we are excited to bring our new World Seniors Tour to the magnificent facilities at the new Bonus Arena.

“I am sure our snooker stars will provide great entertainment and plenty of drama for the people of Hull.”

The 2018 UK Seniors Snooker Championship will be staged at the Bonus Arena on October 24 and 25. Tickets start from £8.

There will be six sessions over the two days with the final on October 25.

Dan Harris, General Manager at the Bonus Arena, said: “I am delighted the UK Seniors Snooker will be calling Hull home for the next three years.

“We are delighted with the response to the event on 24 and 25 October with thousands of tickets already sold to see legends of the game such as Jimmy White, Stephen Hendry and Dennis Taylor.

“Having such a strong response – combined with the desire of World Seniors Snooker and Hull City Council to keep the event in the city – means we can build on Hull’s reputation as a true snooker city.”

For more information about the 2018 UK Seniors Snooker Championship visit

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The last qualifying event was played over three days – 5 to 7 October 2018 – at Scotties in Liverpool,

Here is the draw:

and the format


And here are the results:

Lewis Walsh W/O
Craig McGillivray W/O
Simon Bedford W/O
Neil Herd W/O
Michael Wrigley W/O
Stephen Campbell W/O
Anthony Massey W/O

Last 64

John Whitty 3 (51) v 0 James Simpson
Leo Fernandez 3 (82) v 0 Mark Ball
James McGouran 3 v 0 Sean Lanigan
Simon Seabridge 3 v 2 Wayne Cooper
Lee S Martin 3 (52,60) v 1 (72) Andrew Molyneux
Jonathan Bagley 3 (52) v 2 John Welsh
Steve Evans 3 v 1 Keith Thomas
Marcus Lord 3 v 1 Les Dodd
Stuart Watson 3 v 2 (62) Graham Beardmore
Andy Milliard 0 v 3 (54) Mark Gray
Tony Knowles 3 v 0 Neil Caroll
Ali Anwar 3 v 0 Tony Murphy
Andy Johnson 3 v 0 Dharmendra Patel
Gary Skipworth 3 v 0 Nikolas Neale
Patrick Wallace (87) 3 v 0 Steve Thomas
Michael Judge 3 v 0 Steve Bird
Dean Sycamore 3 v 2 Tony Corrigan
Richard Emery 3 v 1 Johnny Stevens
Neal Jones 3 v 0 George Apperley
Sanjay Meghani 3 v 0 Snookerbacker
John Charlton 3 v 2 Alex Ferguson
Karl Townsend 3 v 1 Lat Bonnar
Mark White 3 v 0 Andrew Darken
Wayne Brown 3 v 0 Andy Turner

Last 32

Leo Fernandez 3 (51) v 1 (50,61) Lee Martin
John Whitty 3 (84) v 2 (62) James McGouran
Stuart Watson 3 (78,50) v 0 Ali Anwar
Steve Evans 3 v 1 Marcus Lord
Mark Gray 3 v 0 Lewis Walsh
Tony Knowles 3 v 0 Andy Johnson
Jonathan Bagley 3 v 0 Simon Seabridge
Simon Bedford 3 v 0 Neil Herd
Mark White 3 v 1 Gary Skipworth
Dean Sycamore 3 v 0 Stephen Campbell
Michael Wrigley 3 v 0 Richard Emery
Patrick Wallace (130,93) 3 v 0 Neal Jones
Jon Charlton 3 v 2 Craig Macgillivray
Wayne Brown 3 v 2 Michael Judge
Karl Townsend 3 v 1 Anthony Massey

Sanjay Meghani W/0

Last 16

Jonathan Bagley 1 v 3 Simon Bedford
Michael Wrigley 1 v 3 Steve Evans
John Whitty 3 v 1 Dean Sycamore
Mark White 3 v 1 Wayne Brown
Patrick Wallace 1 v 3 Leo Fernandez
Sanjay Meghani 3 v 2 Jon Charlton
Stuart Watson 2 v 3 Tony Knowles
Mark Gray 2 v 3 Karl Townsend


Simon Bedford  3 v 2 Steve Evans
John Whitty 3 v 1 Mark White
Leo Fernandez 3 v 0 Sanjay Meghani
Karl Townsend 1 v 3 Tony Knowles


Simon Bedford 3 v 1 Mark White
Leo Fernandez 3 v 0 Tony Knowles


Leo Frenandez 3 v 1 Simon Bedford