Seniors go back to school …

The draw and format are now available for all three 2019 Q-school events (source Worldsnooker)

The draws for all three 2019 Q School events, and the format of play, are out now. The event runs from May 18 to June 4 at Robin Park Leisure Centre in Wigan.

Click here for event one draw

Click here for event two draw

Click here for event three draw

Click here for the format

The four semi-finalists in each event will earn a place on the World Snooker Tour for 2019/20 and 2020/21.

Well, there are quite a few “Seniors” going back to school !


Andy Milliard, Simon Dent, Stuart Watson, Leo Fernandez, Tony Corrigan, Dessie Sheehan, Barry Pinches, Surrender Gill, Tugba Irten, Levi Meiller, Au Chi Wai, Paul Burrell, Peter Lines, David Lilley,Lee Richardson … and I probably missed a few others.

Well that’s great!

I know that some will tell me that it’s the young ones we need for the future of the game. Of course that’s true. But what this shows is how much the WSS tour has rekindled the appetite for the game in players who probably never dreamed to play in big events again only a couple of years ago, some probably even thinking about hanging the cue for good. That Au Chi Wai and Levi Meiller come from China and America for this is significant and it’s fantastic. For a sport to thrive it needs all generations, just like life. Most players of today have been introduced to snooker by someone older, a family member, a teacher. Someone who brought them to their first club, someone who bought them their first table and showed them through their first shots, more often than not someone who was playing themselves.

More active players – of all ages – means more clubs staying active, more events, more opportunities.

Good luck guys!

Of course many of those players know that their chances to (re-)qualify this year aren’t that great, but it’s experience gained and the opportunity to play all season on the Challenge tour, as well as on the WSS tour. Bring it on!

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