WSS ROKiT World Championship 2019 – The Schedule


Session 1
10am Thursday 15th Aug
Tony Knowles v Chen Gang
Tony Drago v Dene O’Kane

Session 2
2pm Thursday 15th Aug
James Wattana v Wael Talaat
Willie Thorne v Darren Morgan

Session 3
7pm Thursday 15th Aug
Joe Johnson v Wattana/Talaat
Cliff Thorburn v Knowles/Gang

Session 4
10am Friday 16th Aug
Aaron Canavan v Au Chi Wai
John Parrott v Thorne/Morgan

Session 5
2pm Friday 16th Aug
Leo Fernandez v Joris Maas
Stephen Hendry v Drago/O’Kane

Session 6
7pm Friday 16th Aug
Dennis Taylor v Stuart Watson
Jimmy White v Rhydian Richards

Session 8
2pm Saturday 17th Aug
Quarter Final 1 Canavan/Wai v Fernandez/Maas
Quarter Final 2 White/Richards v Taylor/Watson

Session 9
7pm Saturday 17th Aug
Quarter Final 3 Parrott/Thorne/Morgan v Hendry/Drago/O’Kane
Quarter Final 4 Johnson/Wattana/Talaat v Thorburn/Knowles/Gang

Session 11
2pm Sunday 18th August
Semi Final 1 Winner QF1 V Winner QF 3
Semi Final 2 Winner QF 2 V Winner QF 4

Session 12
7pm Sunday 18th August
The Final
Ticket link here.

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