Rory Mc Leod wins the WSS ROKiT UK Champions Qualifier Q4 in Hull

Here  is the main draw

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Last 128

Bal Sembi 3-0 Neil Caroll
Anthony Massey 3-0 Nigel Cotton
Nigel Emmerson 3-0 John Palmer
Michael Wrigley 3-1 Paul Stoves
Sean Whittles 3-2 David Gosling
Adi Holley 3-1 Gary Coulson
Andrew Greaves 3-2 Mark Sutton
Steve Evans 3-2 Lee Taylor
Mark Ball 3-2 Simon Keenan

Last 64

Bal Sembi 3-2 Leo Fernandez
Stephen Campbell 3-0 Mike Hallett
Andy Turner 2-3 Tony Corrigan
Rory Mc Leod 3-0 Chris Clarkson
Gary Filtness 2-3 v Anthony Massey
Gary Skipworth 3-0 Ray Grail
Neal Jones 3-2 Richard Emery
David Bright 0-3 Nigel Emmerson
Lee Richardson 3-1 Philip Blackburn
Darren Barton 3-0 Dharmenta Patel
Sanjay Meghani 2-3 Les Dodd
Karl Townsend 3-0 Andy Battams
Dennis Tristram 1-3 Adrian Atkins
Tony Knowles 1-3 Cary Kikis
Colm Gilcreest 2-3 Muhammed Aurangzaib
Stuart Waston 3-0 Michael Wrigley
Rodney Goggins W/O Stephen Waldron
George Apperley 1-3 Mike Gillespie
Sean Whittles 0-3 Darren Morgan
Don Newcombe 3-1 Dean Sycamore
Jon Charlton 3-1 Adi Holley
Neil Craycraft 0-3 Geoff Williams
Steve Bird 1-3 Nickolas Neale
Wayne Cooper 3-0 David Thompson
Aaron Canavan 3-0 Darren Shaw
Andrew Greaves 2-3 Mike Preston
James Richardson 1-3 Sean Lanigan
Lee S. Martin 3-1 Marcus Lord
Andrew Milliard 0-3 Steve Evans
Mark White 2-3 James McGouran
Mark Ball W/O Andy Papaiacovou
Jonathan Bagley 3-0 Carl Gibson

Last 32

Bal Sembi 3-1 Stephen Campbell
Tony Corrigan 1-3 Rory McLeod
Gary Skipworth 3-0 Anthony Massey
Neal Jones 3-1 Nigel Emmerson
Lee Richardson 3-1 Darren Barton
Les Dodd 2-3 Karl Townsend
Adrian Atkins 0-3 Cary Kikis
Muhammed Aurangzaib 2-3 Stuart Watson
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Mike Gillespie
Darren Morgan 3-0 Don Newcombe
Jon Charlton 3-0 Geoff Williams
Nickolas Neale 1-3 Wayne Cooper
Aaron Canavan 3-0 Mike Preston
Sean Lanigan 3-0 Lee S. Martin
Steve Evans 0-3 James McGouran
Mark Ball 0-3 Jonathan Bagley

Last 16

Bal Sembi 2-3 Rory McLeod
Gary Skipworth 2-3 Neal Jones
Lee Richardson 3-0 Karl Townsend
Cary Kikis 3-2 Stuart Watson
Rodney Goggins 3-2 Darren Morgan
Jon Charlton 3-2 Wayne Cooper
Aaron Canavan 3-2 Sean Lanigan
James McGouran 3-0 Jonathan Bagley


Rory McLeod 3-2 Neal Jones
Lee Richardson 0-3 Cary Kikis
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Jon Charlton
Aaron Canavan 2-3 James McGouran


Rory McLeod 4-0 Cary Kikis
Rodney Goggins 4-3 James Mc Gouran

The Final


Rory McLeod 4-1 Rodney Goggins

UK Champs2019 Q4 Final Scores

Congratulations Rory!

Because Rodney had already previously qualified for the UK Championship, Rory would have got the last spot available in the draw regardless of the result of this final.