Seniors Tour is Hong Kong bound …

Indeed there will be a qualifying event for the Seniors UK Championship in Hong Kong this season!


I will be played at the i20 Snooker Academy in Hong Kong and Roger Leighton, who is a professional snooker coach there, shared this video on Facebook.

To say that these facilities are outstanding is by no means an overstatement. This is an exceptional club, run by serious people!

Roger Leighton himself has every reason to be proud: Luo Honghao who won the inaugural World Snooker Federation Championship in Malta, aged only 18, is one of his students. Luo will play on the Main Tour this season and I fully expect him to do very well. And now, another of Roger’s students, 16 years old Wu Yize, just became China’s under 21 Champion.

And, of course, Hong Kong itself is an exceptional city … and a hot bed of snooker.

Dare to dream?