The WPBSA World Seniors Snooker Tour announce a new partnership with the EASB

This was published yesterday on the WPBSA website

World Seniors Snooker and EASB Announcement

31st May 2018

The WPBSA World Seniors Snooker Tour is delighted to today announce a new partnership with the English Association of Snooker and Billiards (EASB) which will see both companies work closely together to support each other’s initiatives in England.

The EASB has been granted places in all English based World Seniors Snooker Tour qualifiers with a remit to reward not only their champions but deserving players who have served the national governing body.

World Seniors Snooker (WSS) has also committed to booking all referees through the EASB and providing those selected for the UK Seniors Championship in Hull this October the opportunity to work alongside senior referee Michaela Tabb. It has also been stipulated that all English nationals who enter any World Seniors Tour qualifier must be a member of the EASB.

WSS will benefit from the promotion of its events by the EASB to all their members and a scheduling commitment not to clash any events this season.

Jeff Robinson, EASB Chairman said: “The EASB is proud to partner with Jason Francis and the World Seniors Snooker Tour. Along with the English Partnership for Snooker & Billiards and the World Snooker Federation, this is another example of the growing relationship between the amateur and professional sport. As this relationship grows the opportunities to be involved at the highest level are also growing. It is an exciting time for English amateur snooker players and officials.”

Jason Francis, WSS Chairman said: “I am delighted that we will be able to work closely with the EASB in this way. The support of the national federations from all regions is significant to the ongoing development of the World Seniors Tour.”

The World Seniors Snooker Tour qualifiers to be staged in England this season are:

7-9 Sep – Barratts, Northampton
28-30 Sep – Pot Black, Clacton
5-7 Oct – Scotties, Liverpool
2-4 Nov – Newbury, Berkshire
14-16 Dec – Coulsdon, Surrey
8-10 Feb – Newbury, Berkshire – 6-Red
8-10 Mar – Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds

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