Patrick Wallace is your winner in Bruges


Event: European Masters Qualifiers 2

When? 17-19 August 2018

Where? Snooker Palace, Noordzandstraat 4, 8000 Brugge

Congratulations to Patrick Wallace, winner of this event!

Patrick Wallace, winner in Bruges

Here is how it unfolded:

Round 1

Alain Vandersteen (BE) 3-2 Jeremy Dorchue (FR)
Steve Lambrechts (BE) 3-0 John Van Gorp (NL)
Kurt Pollet (BE) 3-0 Bruno Cottenies (BE)
Keith Thomas (Wales)  3-2 Nico Smeets (BE)
Jonathan Charlton (England) 3-2 Wang Chooi Tan (BE)
Christophe Rives-Lange (FR) w/o Paul Burrell (England)
Miro Popovic (DE) 3-1 Jan Mortelé (BE)
Andy Turner (England) 3-2 Gino Verheyden (BE)

Stefan Buyse (BE) 3-1 Thierry Thenaisie (FR)
Remko Boselie (NL) w/o Mark Davies
Ludovic Arnaert (BE) 3-2 Stéphane Ochoiski (FR)
Win De Roeck (BE) 3-1 Mario Veltman (NL)
Nick Tielemans (BE) 3-2 Hossein Mosharaff (BE)
Lee Martin (England) 3-1 Joris Maas (BE)
Mohammed Al Joaker (UAE) 3-1 Steven Thomas (Wales)
Lieven Vanthornout (BE) 3-2 René Hemelsoet (BE)

Round 2

Jonathan Bagley (England) 3-0 Alain Vandersteen
John Hunter (England) 3-2 Steve Lambrechts
Richard Emery (England) 3-0 Kurt Pollet
Stuart Watson (England) 3-0 Keith Thomas
Michael Judge (IRL) 3-2 Jonathan Charlton
Rodney Goggins (IRL) 3-0 Christophe Rives-Lange
Raymond Grall (England) 3-2 Miro Popovic
Lee Richardson (England) 3-1 Andy Turner

Patrick Wallace (NI) 3-0 Stefan Buyse
Remko Boselie 3-1 Bradley Fish (England)
Ludovic Arnaert 3-1 Dean Sycamore (England)
Les Dott (England) 3-1 Wim De Roeck
Simon Dent (England) 3-0 Nick Tielemans
Lee Martin 3-2 Neil Herd (England)
Mohammed Al Joaker 3-1 Hans Blankaert (BE)
Sean Lanigan (England) 3-0 Lieven VanThournout

Last 16

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 John Hunter
Stuart Watson 3-0 Richard Emery
Rodney Goggins 3-2 Michael Judge
Lee Richardson 3-0 Raymond Grall

Patrick Wallace 3-0 Remko Boselie
Ludovic Arnaert 3-0 Les Dodd
Lee Martin 3-2 Simon Dent
Mohammed Al Joaker 3-2 Sean Lanigan


Stuart Watson 3-2 Jonathan Bagley
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Lee Richardson

Patrick Wallace 3-0 Ludovic Arnaert
Lee Martin 3-0 Mohammed Al Joaker


Stuart Watson 3-0 Rodney Goggins

Patrick Wallace 3-1 Lee Martin


Patrick Wallace 3-0 Stuart Watson


Rodney Goggins 135 – this is currently the season High break.
Patrick Wallace 124
Ludovic Arnaert 109
Jonathan Bagley 106
Lieven Vanthournout 104

Meet the players ….

And some pictures taken at the Snooker Palace club… Belgium has some snooker history!

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  1. The article says Nick Tielemans lost his 2nd round match against Simon Dent with 2–3. If this result is correct he should have 5 points in the rankings instead of 3.


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