CRS Seniors UK Championship 2018 – 24.10.2018

It was a bad day for the seeded Legends as all of them got beaten on day 1.

Here is the story in pictures.

We had three sessions.

Morning session – Last 12

Leo Fernandez 3-1 John Parrott
Kwan Poomjang 3-0 Dennis Taylor


Kwan is Dechawat’s elder brother, and he’s not quite as “exhuberant” as his younger sibling, but extremely he’s capable!

Afternoon session – Last 12

Igor Figuereido 3-0 Joe Johnson
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Cliff Thorburn

Igor’s match against Joe Johnson was a lot closer than the scores suggests. Joe potted some cracking long balls. What made the difference was Igor’s scoring power, and the way he was able to clear at the end of frames.

Evening session – QF

Kwan Poomjang 3-0 Jimmy White (defending champion)
Leo Fernandez 3-2 Stephen Hendry. Hendry was 2-0 down, came back to force a re-spotted black shootout, but ii’s Leo who won it.

That session was played in front of an impressive rowd – my estimation is that there were over 2000 fans in there (estimation based on the fact that the Arena has a 4000 capacity – the lower part was packed. )

And here are the action imzages:

Some idiots on social media suggested that maybe Jimmy wasn’t fully focused on winning. This is ridiculous. If anything, he wanted it too much. You could see he felt under pressure. His safety wasn’t good enough and Kwan was played well.

Anyway, if you missed the action, you can watch here now:


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