The Credit Risks Solutions Seniors UK championship 2018

Ken Doherty won the CRS Seniors UK Championship at the Bonus Arena Hull

He beat Igor Figuereido by 4-1 in the Final


The competition was held over two days, 24 and 25 October 2018. A golf day and a gala dinner were organised on the 23rd of October, with Steve Davis a guest star, performing a cabaret trick shots.

Legend Tony Knowles, although not playing in the competition, was at the dinner. As was the Mayor of Hull…

All images of the Gala Dinner can be found here

On the first day of play, 24 October, there were three sessions.

Morning session – Last 12

Leo Fernandez 3-1 John Parrott
Kwan Poomjang 3-0 Dennis Taylor

Afternoon session – Last 12

Igor Figuereido 3-0 Joe Johnson
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Cliff Thorburn

Kwan Poomjang 3-0 Jimmy White (defending champion)
Leo Fernandez 3-2 Stephen Hendry. Hendry was 2-0 down, came back to force a re-spotted black shootout, but ii’s Leo who won it.

The evening session attracted an impressive crowd.

All images and footage of the first day can be found here

On the Finals day, there were also three sessions

Morning session – QF 

Igor Figuereido 3-0 Aaron Canavan
Ken Doherty 3-0 Rodney Goggins

Afternoon session – SF

Igor Figuereido 3-0 Leo Fernandez
Ken Doherty 3-0 Kwan Poomjang

The Final :

Ken Doherty 4-1 Igor Figuereido

All images of the Finals day can be found here


Congratulations Ken Doherty!