World Seniors Six Reds Championship 2019 Qualifier in Newbury.

This is the draw:

Six Reds Champs 2019 Qualifier Newbury.png

Last 64

Patrick Wallace 4-0 Steve Bird
Garoid O’Connor 4-1 Andrew Milliard
Lee S. Martin BYE
Pat Patel 4-1 Boris Lazarov
Sean Lanigan 1-4 Marcus Lord
Anthony Bonnar 4-1 Ray Grail
Scott Raper NS –  Leo Fernandez W/O
David Moritz v Craig McGillivray
Barry Pinches NO SHOW v Andrew Isitt NO SHOW
Neal Carroll 1-4 Nikolas Neale
Wayne Cooper 4-2 Rhydian Richards
Neil Craycraft W/O John Hunter
Dean Sycamore 0-4 Johnny Stevens
Richard Emery BYE
Andrew Bolter W/O Darren Mirza
Lee Richardson 4-0 George Apperley


Jonathan Bagley 4-0 Lyndon Paxford
Sanjay Meghani 4-0 Pat Bonnar
Mark White W/O Chris Hart
Neil Herd W/O David McDonnell
Aaoron Canavan 4-1 Robert Marshall
Karl Townsend 2-4 Dean Venables
Simon Dent BYE
Stuart Watson 4-1 Surrinder Gill
James O’Sullivan W/O Rodney Goggins
Andrew Darken 3-4 Sean O’Shea
Gary Filtness 4-2 Richard Somauroo
Michael Wrigley BYE
Tony Corrigan 4-3 Tony Knowles
Gary Britton 4-3 Dermott Mouran
Stephen Campbell 4-3 Jon Charlton
Guy Heys 0-4 Michael Judge

Last 32

Patrick Wallace 4-2 Garoid O’Connor
Lee S. Martin 4-0 Pat Patel
Marcus Lord 4-3 Anthony Bonnar
Leo Fernandez 4-0 David Moritz
Nikolas Neale BYE
Wayne Cooper 4-0 Neil Craycraft
Johnny Stevens 3-4 Richard Emery
Andrew Bolter 1-4 Lee Richardson


Jonathan Bagley 4-1 Sanjay Meghani
Mark White 4-2 Neil Herd
Aaron Canavan 3-4 Dean Venables
Simon Dent 2-4 Stuart Watson
James O’Sullivan 4-0 Sean O’Shea
Gary Filtness 4-0 Michael Wrigley
Tony Corrigan 4-3 Gary Britton
Stephen Campbell 2-4 Michael Judge

Last 16

Patrick Wallace 1-4 Lee S. Martin
Marcus Lord 1-4 Leo Fernandez
Nikolas Neale 3-4 Wayne Cooper
Richard Emery 3-4 Lee Richardson


Jonathan Bagley 4-2 Mark White
Dean Venables 1-4 Stuart Watson
James O’Sullivan 4-1 Gary Filtness
Tony Corrigan 3-4 Michael Judge

Quarter Finals

Lee S. Martin 0-4 Leo Fernandez
Wayne Cooper 4-2 Lee Richardson


Jonathan Bagley  4-0 Stuart Watson
James O’Sullivan 2-4 Michael Judge

Semi Finals

Leo Fernandez 0-4 Wayne Cooper

Jonathan Bagley 4-1 Michael Judge

The Final

Wayne Cooper 3-4 Jonathan Bagley


Patrick Wallace is NIBSA nominee for the “fast and furious” battle of Belfast

NIBSA – Northern Ireland Billiard and Snooker Association – has shared this on their Facebook page ysterday:

NIBSA are pleased to announce that they have awarded 8-time Northern Ireland Champion Patrick Wallace NIBSA’s nominated place in the Seniors 6 Red World Championship at the Waterfront Hall on Sunday 3rd March 2019. Patrick, who was runner-up in the 2018 World Seniors Championship and is currently ranked no. 1 on the World Seniors Tour ranking list, will compete against the likes of Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White and Ken Doherty for the £20,000 winner-takes-all first prize. Tickets are still available for both the gala dinner with all the legends on the evening of Saturday 2nd March and both sessions of the snooker, starting from only £20.
NIBSA have also been granted a place in the qualifying competition for the event, which takes place in Newbury from 8th-10th February 2019, and propose to hold a qualifier for any players currently aged over 40 who are interested in taking part in the Newbury qualifier. The entry fee for the local qualifier is £25 and it will take place on Sunday 3rd February at a venue to be confirmed, subject to a minimum of 8 entries. The revenue generated from the qualifier will go to the winner to help cover travel and accommodation costs. Can any player who is interested in entering this qualifier please post their name on here or contact any member of the NIBSA Committee before 6.00 p.m. on Tuesday 29th January.


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Money raised for WDBS at Jimmy White exhibition in Lincoln

It was a brilliant night in Lincoln as Jimmy White played seven of the best local players, and a lucky raffle winner. The latter didn’t have much time at the table as Jimmy concluded the event with a brilliant century. Jimmy defeated them all…

The evening started with a meet and greet, followed by a delicious buffet.

Dennis Taylor got the action underway with some trickshots and jokes, before things started in earnest under the supervision of Michaela Tabb.

There was an interval after four frames, during which a raffle was organised: great prizes were on offer, including the possibility to play a frame against Jimmy.

Matt Huart, representing World Disability Billiard and Snooker, was presented with two cheques. It’s always a great thing when we can have fun and support a worthy cause at the same time. This was certainly the case here!  

After the interval, action resumed. The evening concluded with a Q&A. Jason Francis, acting as a moderator, passed the audience questions to both Dennis and Jimmy. They spoke about their career, with passion and humour.

Thank you to all involved in organising and making this a great night: Mr and Mrs Coton, Jason Francis, Dennis Taylor, Jimmy White, Michaela Tabb, and, of course, the local players and everyone who attended!

These are the photos…

I also took pictures of the various VIP groups, at the table, and all the players handshakes.

Anyone wanting them, please email (not case sensitive).  Nigel Coton will contact you. He can supply hi-res pictures  from £10+postage and all profits will go to WDBS.

If you want any of those shown on this page in high res, please contact Nigel Coton, using the email address above and specifying the picture “name”. The latter will appear when you over over the pictures in the gallery below. I will make sure he can supply them to you, at the conditions stated above. Again, all profits will go to WDBS.

Qu Zhiwei wins the World Seniors Championship Qualifiers in Beijing

The competition was played over three days, starting on Saturday, January 12, 2019 and concluding on Monday, January 14, 2019. It had 96 entries.

The following reports were put on the CBSA (China Billiard and Snooker Association) and cover each of the competitions days. The texts have been automatically translated by Google.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

On the first day of the opening of the China Qualifier in the veteran competition, Xu Wei contributed to the top 100

China Billiards Association official website news January 12, 2019, “Superstar Online” Cup World Snooker Championships China Qualifying Tournament kicked off at the CBSA World Snooker College in Beijing. Xu Xinjian, Zhang Dongtao and Zhang Kai, three national team coaches, last year’s champions Cao Kaisheng, runner-up Qu Zhiwei, and Guo Hua, Yuan Cheng and other veterans signed up for the competition.

The World Snooker Veteran Championship is a series of events for players who are 40 years old and have a world ranking of 128 snooker. This year is the second consecutive year of CBSA World Snooker Academy to host the China Qualification Tournament. The winners will receive direct tickets to the 2019 World Championships and 15,000 yuan.

Director of Billiards Program of Small Sports Management Center of National Sports General Administration, Liu Chunsheng, Deputy Secretary General of China Billiards Association, Secretary General of China Billiards Association, Tang Fengxiang, Senior Consultant of CBSA World Snooker College, Ni Hao, Director of China Billiards Association, Beijing Ruigai Technology Liu Wei, general manager of the company, director of the China Billiards Association Training and Teaching Committee, and Chen Yizhou, head of the “Superstar Online” of Beijing Ruigai Culture Media Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony of the event held this morning.

“In recent years, the snooker movement has flourished in China, and a series of snooker events have been successfully held in various parts of China. Among them, the World Snooker Veteran Championship China Qualification Tournament has been held in Beijing for two consecutive years, China Snooker With the greatest enthusiasm and the highest level of competition, the old athletes have become the most participating division in the world.” Liu Chunsheng said in his speech, “Through the competition, more people can enjoy the experience of our old Chinese athletes. Feel the charm of this sport. I hope that the old athletes will not forget their original intentions and continue to move forward, and continue to contribute to the Chinese snooker movement to truly catch up with the world level.”

At 10 am, the game started on time. Because of the large number of participants, there were two rounds of competition today. Among them, the previous champion Cao Kaisheng hit a single shot 71 points and zero opponents to advance to the top 64, Qu Zhiwei won two consecutive two finalists, Xu Xinjian, Zhou Changfu, Fu Jing and others also won their respective 32 opponents. Xu Wei from Jinan, Shandong, made a single shot of 101 points in this evening’s game to become the highest score holder of the current event.

According to the schedule, some players will face the test of the four-day competition tomorrow. The semi-finals and finals will be held on January 14th at 10am and 14pm. (China Billiards Association Xiaofan)

Editor in charge: cbsa

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The veteran qualifier Chen Gang ended Xu Xinjian undefeated record area Zhiwei Jin semifinals

China Billiards Association official website news on January 13, 2019, the World Snooker Championships China Qualifying Tournament decided on the top four places, from Anhui, Chen Gang, Fu Jing, Qu Zhiwei and Cai Jianzhong respectively defeated their opponents, advanced to the semi-finals.

Although the veteran tournament is aimed at players over 40 years old and the world’s snooker ranks 128, the performance of the veterans in the game is not inferior. On the first day of the game, Zhang Dongtao, Tian Wenshun and Xu Xinjian played a single shot 50+. Fujing and last year’s champion Cao Kaisheng had a single-shot 70+ performance, while Xu Wei from Jinan, Shandong Province also performed a single shot of 101 points, stunning the audience.

Today, fighting again, Xu Wei became one of the focus of the audience. In the top 16 battles, Xu Wei and Fu Jing played against each other. Xu Wei’s fiery touch yesterday did not continue to this day. After four rounds of contests, Xu Wei 1-3 lost to Fu Jing and regretted leaving.

In this round, Li Chun, who played later in the game, became the second player in the qualifier of this competition to play a single shot. In the match with Li Qi, Li Chun won a single shot with 80 points and won the second game. After the victory, Li Chun from Jiangsu gave a single shot 101 points in his winning game, and his opponents made a strong promotion.

Another high-profile game at the same time was the contest between Cao Kaisheng and Guo Hua. Last year, Cao Kaisheng participated in the China Qualifying Tournament of the Veterans, and in the finals defeated the famous Qu Zhiwei  from Hong Kong, China, and won the ticket to participate in the veteran race. Guo Hua participated in the National Amateur Snooker Masters last year and won a foreign card for the World Snooker Shanghai Masters with outstanding performance. Today, the two veterans conducted a total of four contests. In the end, Guo Hua defeated the opponent with a score of 3-1 and cut off Cao Kaisheng’s road to defending.

In the eighth-final, Chen Gang, from Anhui Lu’an, continued to move forward. Xu Xinjian, vice president of CBSA World Snooker College, eliminated Ma Rongjie with the same score. Zhou Changfu won 3-0 victory over Zhang Haidong and Fujing won three games. Guo Dayong passed the customs. In the lower half, Li Chun, who had just hit the break, was defeated by opponent Qu Zhiwei in the first win. Cai Jianzhong 3-0 took Tian Wenshun to the top 8, and national team coach Zhang Dongtao 3-2 will drop Guo Huayu. Write your name on the quarter-finals list. In the final match of this round, He Baozhen and Zhao Jijun battled to the deciding game. According to the rules of the game, the deciding game used the black ball to determine the outcome. In the final decisive battle, He Baozhen’s attack failed to leave the black ball in the pocket, and Zhao Jijun got into the game and thrilled.

In the evening, the quarter-finals were fully launched. Xu Xinjian, who had not lost in the promotion of the road, suffered a strong attack from Chen Gang of Anhui. As a result, Xu Xinjian lost his opponent 0-3, and another national team coach Zhang Dongtao 1-3 lost to Cai Jianzhong in the fourth day of the match. Fu Jing 3- 1 defeated Zhou Changfu, Jin Zhiwei 3-0 Zhao Jijun.

According to the schedule, two semi-finals will be played at 10:00 tomorrow morning. The two sides are Chen Gang VS Fu Jing, Jin Zhiwei VS Cai Jianzhong. The final will start at 14 pm. (China Billiards Association Xiaofan)

Editor in charge: cbsa

Monday, January 4, 2019

In the veteran competition in China, Zhiwei won the championship and won the ticket.

China Billiards Association official website news on the afternoon of January 14, 2019, “Superstar Online” Cup World Snooker Championships China Qualifying Tournament ended at CBSA World Snooker College, after three days of fierce competition, and finally from Hong Kong, China in the final, Qu Zhiwei defeated Chen Gang from Anhui and won the ticket to the World Snooker Veterans Championship while winning the championship.

The World Snooker Veterans Championship is an international event open to players over 40 years old and outside the world’s snooker career rankings. This year is the second consecutive year of CBSA World Snooker Academy. Last year, Chinese player Cao Kaisheng passed the championship and won the championship. He was on the world stage and glory for the country.

The success of the China Qualifying Tournament last year ignited the enthusiasm of the old athletes, and the number of players who signed up for this year’s China Qualifying Tournament increased, and the difficulty of the competition was also increased.

In the three-day competition in three days, the high-density and high-intensity confrontation is not a small test for the old athletes. On the way to the promotion, last year’s champion Cao Kaisheng lost to veteran Guo Hua in the third round and defended his dreams. Xu Wei and Li Chun, who played in the two games, also left the game, and finally came from Anhui’s Chen Ganghe. Hong Kong player Hong Kong Qu  Zhiwei broke into the final of this year’s China Qualifying Tournament.

The final began at 14 o’clock in the afternoon. In the opening stage of the game, Zhiwei was in charge of “full firepower” and took the lead with 2-0 of the scores of 81-27 and 72-28 respectively. In the third game, Qu Zhiwei, who was victorious, ended the game with a single shot of 53 points and 69-26, winning the championship and winning the World Snooker Championship. Chen Gang from Anhui was runner-up, and Fu Jing and Cai Jianzhong were tied for third place. (China Billiards Association Xiaofan)

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Sam Hon, from Hong Kong, who is a partner of the World Seniors Tour posted this on facebook:

Excellent event, really good job CBSA! All the top referees are here! Pleasure to meet Peggy Li in this event, absolute honour! ……and I managed to win my first round which is unbelievable! #daretodream#luckydraw #worldseniors

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As well as the last rounds draw and results

Beijing World Quals Lzast rounds draw

And here are the results of the earlier rounds

screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.20.06screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.20.19screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.20.35screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.20.46screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.20.56screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.21.03screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.21.15screenshot 2019-01-15 at 23.21.21

Next event: World Championship Qualifiers in China

It’s happening next – extended – week-end in Beijing.  Indeed given the number of entries the event has been extended to three days, with action continuing on Monday the 14th of January.

This is all the information given to the players on CBSA website (google translated)

World Snooker Veterans Championship (Beijing) Lottery Results and Supplementary Notice

  Each participating player:

  The 2019 World Snooker Championship (Beijing) was originally scheduled to be held in Beijing from January 12th to 13th, 2019. Due to the enrollment, it is impossible to complete all the competitions in the current two days. In order to ensure the smooth and smooth schedule, after research, The supplementary notice of relevant matters is as follows:

  First, the game time: Saturday, January 12, 2019 – Monday, January 14.

  Second, the venue: Beijing Stadium World Snooker College (Beijing Dongcheng District Stadium Road No. 2, the first floor of the Fitness Center of the State Sports General Administration Training Bureau). Due to the limitations of the venue, in order to ensure the order of the stadium and the normal competition of the contestants, the contestants are invited to the competition venue 30 minutes ahead of their own competition time.

  Third, registration and registration

  (1) Online registration of the official APP of China Billiards Association (unpaid registration is invalid, and on-site registration and payment are not accepted)

  (2) Registration: Participants are required to report to the World Sports Snooker Academy (Beijing Dongcheng District Gymnasium Road No. 2, 30 meters west of the National Sports Administration Training Center) before 17:00 on January 11th, 2019. Verify identity.

  (3) Registration contact:

  Jinli 186 0001 0147

  Wei Chunlong 133 1128 0697

  Fourth, the time and place of the lottery

  Time: 15:00, January 6, 2019

  Venue: World Snooker College, Beijing Gymnasium (No. 2, Road, Beijing Dongcheng District Gymnasium, 1st Floor, Fitness Center, Training Bureau, State Sports General Administration)

  Please visit the official website of the China Billiards Association at to view the signature form. Participants are asked to scan the QR code below to join the 2019 yuan old group, and the game information will be released in this group.

  V. Opening time and place

  Time: January 12, 2019, 9:30 am

  Venue: Beijing Stadium World Snooker College

  Note: On the morning of January 12th, athletes and referees of the event will be required to attend the opening ceremony. If they are unable to participate due to force majeure, they must inform the organizing committee in advance by telephone. Contact: Guo Jun Mobile 13701102237.

  Six, service guide

  (1) Accommodation Guide

  1 Recommended Hotel: Sicily Hotel (No. 12, Zuo’anmen Inner Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, near the North Gate of Beijing Amusement Park)

  Organizing Committee agreement price: 219 yuan / night (including early)

  Hotel Phone: 010-67107000

  Organizing Committee Contact: Wei Chunlong Mobile: 133 1128 0697

  2 other hotels nearby:

  Tiantan Hotel (No. 1 Stadium Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

  Dabao Hotel (No. 3, Longtan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing, near amusement park)

  7 Days Inn (No. 10, Stadium Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing)

  (two) practice ball guide

  Practice area: This venue cannot provide practice venues. Please participate in the practice of golf.

  (3) Traffic Guide

  1. Take the train to Beijing West Railway Station

  1 Take Subway Line 7 at Beijing West Railway Station, get off at Ciqikou Station (H), and change to Bus 60 at Ciqikou South Station and get off at Beijing Stadium Station. Go back to Worlds for 1 minute. Knock College;

  2 Take Subway Line 7 at Beijing West Railway Station, then change to Metro Line 5 at Ciqikou Station, get off at Tiantan Dongmen Station (B), and walk 800 meters to the World to the World Snooker College.

  3 Take a taxi or a dip to the arena, about 15 kilometers;

  2. Take the train to Beijing Railway Station

  1 Take bus No. 957 at Beijing East Railway Station and get off at Beijing Gymnasium Station. Go back to World Snooker College in 1 minute.

  2 Take Subway Line 2 at Beijing Railway Station, transfer to Chongwenmen Station and change to Metro Line 5, get off at Tiantan Dongmen Station (B), and walk 800 meters to the East to the World Snooker College.

  3 Take a taxi or drip to the stadium, about 5 km

  3. Take the train to Beijing South Railway Station

  1 Walk 600 meters from Beijing South Railway Station, take the bus No. 958 from Taoranting Park South Gate Station and get off at Beijing Stadium Station. Go back to World Snooker College in 1 minute.

  2 Take Subway Line 14 at Beijing South Railway Station, transfer to Metro Line 5 at Puhuangyu Station, get off at Tiantan Dongmen Station (B), and walk 800 meters to the World to the World Snooker College.

  3 Take a taxi or drip to the stadium, about 7 kilometers

  4. Take the flight to Beijing Capital Airport

  1 Take the airport line to Dongzhimen Station at Capital Airport, transfer to Metro Line 2, transfer to Chongwenmen Station and transfer to Metro Line 5, get off at Tiantan Dongmen Station (B), walk 800 meters to the east and go to Worlds Knock College;

  2 Take a taxi or drip to the stadium, about 35 km

  5. Take the flight to Beijing Nanyuan Airport

  1 Take Bus No. 501 at Nanyuan Airport Terminal Building, transfer to Bus No. 54 at Yinan Station, get off at Beijing Gymnasium Station, and walk back to World Snooker College in 1 minute.

  2 Take a taxi or drip to the arena, about 14 km

  Note: The distance from the stadium to the Sicily Hotel is walking distance, which takes about 5 minutes.

Click here to view the full video of the lottery

Signature: Click on the image to download and zoom in to view