Some good news about the coming Seniors UK Championship

The Seniors UK Championship is upon us. Action starts on Wednesday next week, but you can already meet the legends at the golf day, and the dinner an Tuesday.

Now there is even more coming for the fans.

The event will be shown on TV, at least in the UK.

Freeview coverage

Indeed will be broadcasting it. I’m not sure if viewers outside the UK will be able to watch it though. TVPlayer should allow fans to view it online, but it’s only available in the UK.

You have an opportunity the Legends at the VIP reception before the final, provided you have a ticket to the final.

SeniorsUK VIP Reception

And finally …

Visitors to the CRS UK Seniors Championship will be able to enjoy a free game of pool in between matches. This new Blackball table is the creation of multiple 8 Ball World Champion Ross McInnes and Michaela Tabb. Pop by and have a look.


Loads to look forward to then!


UK Seniors Snooker Championship to be Sponsored by Credit Risk Solutions

The good news was published today on WPBSA site

UK Seniors Snooker Championship to be Sponsored by Credit Risk Solutions

  • 16th October 2018

World Seniors Snooker is today proud to announce that Credit Risk Solutions (CRS)will be the title sponsor for the forthcoming UK Seniors Snooker Championship in Hull.

CRS is a major specialist credit insurance broker acting for corporate clients who insure against the risk of customer failure.

The UK Seniors Snooker Championship takes place at the Bonus Arena, Hull on 23-25 October and you can catch some of the greatest names in the sport – including Stephen Hendry, Jimmy White and Dennis Taylor – as they battle it out for the title.

Tickets for the 2018 Credit Risk Solutions UK Seniors Snooker Championship are on sale on now HERE priced between £8 to £20 each per session  (fees apply).

Alternatively you can call 0844 8440444. Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. For any queries regarding accessible ticketing please call 0800 9884440.

If you are interested in finding out how CRS can help your business then please visit

Personally I’m extremely pleased to see a sponsor who isn’t linked to the gambling industry.

Seniors UK Championship 2018 – Rodney Goggins wins qualifiying event 2 – Clacton-on-sea

Seniors UK Championship 2018 – Qualifiers event 2

where? Pot Black – Clacton-on sea, a first class club owned by Aidan Owens

When? 28 to 30 September 2018

Here are the draw and format


28-20 September results

Last 64

Goerge Apperley W/O

Hans Blanckaert W/O

Dhamendra Patel W/O

Aidan Owens W/O

Rodney Goggins W/O

Aaron Canavan W/O

Jon Charlton W/O

John Hunter W/O

Nick Spelman 3 (57,51) v 0 Johnny Stevens

UK 2018 Qual 2 - Spelman v Stevens

Dharminder Lilly  3-0 v Steve Bird

Lilly v Bird

Andy Turner 3-2 Simon Dent

Stuart Watson 3(70)-0  Andrew Darken

David McDonnell 3(97)-1 Mark White

Karl Townsend 3-2 Richard Emery

Barry Pinches 3-0 Stuart Thorpe

Sean Lanigan 3 (57) v 1 (60) Lee Martin

Jonathan Bagley 3-0 Bradley Fish

Lee Richardson 3 (79) -0 Neil Herd

Stephen Campbell 3-0 Matt Ford

Nickolas Neale 3-0 Shabir Ditta

Lee S. Martin 3-0 Daren Mirza

Les Dodd 3-1 Dean Sycamore

Michael Judge 3-0 David Lilley

Rhydian Richards 3-1 Neil Craycraft

Sanjay Meghani 1-3 Steve Crowley

Tony Knowles 3-1 Ray Grail

Patrick Wallace v Wayne Cooper

Karl Walker 1-3 Garoid O’Connor

Gary Filtness 1-3 Ashley Beal

Andy Papaiacovou 3-1 Neil Carroll

Last 32

Nick Spelman 3-0 George Apperly

Karl Townsend 3-2 Hans Blanckaert

Barry Pinches 3-0 Andrew Diacopoulos

Dharminder Lilly 2-3 Andy Turner

Sean Lanigan 3-2 David McDonnell (from 2-0 down)

Stuart Watson 3-0 Dharmendra Patel

Aidan Owens 3 (73,54) -0  Dean Venables

Aaron Canavan 3-1 Lee S. Martin

Lee Richardson 3-0 Stephen Campbell

Tony Knowles ?-3  Rhydian Richards

Garoid O’Connor 3-2 Wayne Cooper

Rodney Goggins 3-0 Nickolas Neale

Les Dodd 3-1 Steve Crowley

Michael Judge 3-1 John Hunter

Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Jon Charlton

Ashley Beal 3-1 Andy Papaiacovou

Last 16


Jonathan Bagley 0-3 Rodney Goggins

Aaron Canavan 3-0 Andy Turner

Lee Richardson 2-3 Les Dodd

Rhydian Richards 3-2 Michael Judge

Garoid O’Connor 3-1 Karl Townsend

Nick Spelman 1-3 (106,120) Barry Pinches

Sean Lanigan 3-0 Stuart Watson

Aidan Owens 3-0 Ashley Beal

Quarter Finals

Rodney Goggins 3-0 Aaron Canavan

Les Dodd 1-3 Rhydian Richards

Garoid O’Connor 1-3 Barry Pinches

Aidan Owens 3-0 Sean Lanigan

Semi Finals

Rodney Goggins 3 (107,64) -0 Rhydian Richards

Aidan Owens 3-2 Barry Pinches

The Final 

Rodney Goggins 3-0 Aidan Owens


Congratulations to Rodney Goggins who, quite remarkably didn’t lose a single frame all week-end!


UK 2018 Qual 2 - Rodney Goggins Winner

Seniors UK Championship 2018 – Qualifiers 1 – Hong Kong: Suchakree Poomjang is your winner


The first qualifying event for the UK Championship takes place this week-en in the i20 Club in Hong Kong.

This is a very nice club in a very nice city and the players were made to feel very welcome. Here are a few images:

Although one of them at least was made to work… it’s only fitting that “the shirt” is ironing for once instead of being ironed.


There are a number of Thai players involved in the draw, and Noppon Saengkham came to support them, and the event, which is great!


This is what the players will do battle for (as well of course as for a place in Hull)


I’m not too sure to understand the “second runner-up” concept but those trophies look beautiful!

Whilst the Chairman Jason Francis was offered this:


Not sure if this is a thermos bottle (for the long nights) or a sport bottle (Jason you should get fitter maybe? ) but it’s a nice touch.

Now here is the draw, as published by Jason Francis on FB:

Left side

Lee Richardson (UK) (1) v Patrick Ooi (Malaysia)

Cheung Chin Pang (Cn) v Roger Leighton (uk) to play Tony Ng (HK)

Andy Ng (HK) v Sompol Saetang (Thai) to play Calvin Wong Sai Wah (HK)

Borriak Jongchotchatchawal (Thai) v Lui Po Chun (HK) to play Au Sin Wai (HK)

Zhi Yong Huang (Cn) v Richard Peric (Aus)

David Roe (uk) v Andy Lam (HK) to play Stuart Hinton (Aus)

David Hunter (Aus) v Leung Ka Fai (HK) to play Chiu Kai Fat (HK)

Jian Zhan (Cn) v Suchakree Poomjang (Thai)

Right side

Guo Hua (Cn) v Cheng Kwok Yan Coco (HK)

Jonathan Wong (HK) v Ng Ping Wai Ransome to play Li Chung Ping (HK)

Wong Chin Man v Puttiphat Sutprasoet (Thai) to play Yau Wong On (HK)

Winston Leung (HK) v Chui Chun Fai Frankie (HK) to play He Bao Ying (Cn)

Kai Zhang (Cn) v Tsung Wai Tat (HK)

Ng Cheuk Fai (HK) v Marvin Tai (HK) to play Terrance Leung (HK)

Chow Chan Hung (HK) v Greg Jenkins (aus) to play Ng Yam Shui (HK)

Hans Blankaert (Bel) v Glen Wilkinson (aus)

Starting Format for Saturday 

On Yee Ng is there to support her father Ng Yam Shui

On Yee and dad


11am (4 am UK time) – R1

Cheung Chin Pang (cn) 0-3 Roger Leighton (uk)

Andy Ng (HK) 1-3 Sompol Saetang (Thai)

Borriak Jongchotchatchawal (Thai) 3-0 Lui Po Chun (HK)

David Roe (uk) 3-0 Andy Lam (HK)

Andy Lam 0-3 David Roe

David Hunter (aus) 3-2 Leung ka fai (HK)

Jonathan Wong (HK) 1-3 Ng Ping Wai Ransome (HK)

Wong Chin Man 1-3 Puttiphat Putprasoet (Thai)

Chui Chun Fai Frankie (HK) 3-0 Winston Leung (HK)

Chui chun fai frankie 3 v 0 winston Leung

Ng Cheuk Fai (HK) 3-0 Marvin Tai (HK)

Chow Chan Hung (HK) 2-3 Greg Jenkins (aus)

1.30pm  – R2

Lee Richardson (uk) 3-0 Patrick Ooi (Malaysia)

Zhi Yong Huang (cn) 3-1 Richard Peric (Aus)

Jian Zhan (cn) 2-3 Suchakree Poomjang

Guo Hua (cn) 3-0 Cheng Kwok Yan Coco (HK)

Kai Zhang (cn) 3-0 Tsung Wai Tat (HK)

Hans Blankaert (bel) 2-3 Glen Wilkinson (aus)

David Hunter (Aus) 3-2 Chiu Kim Fat (HK)

Roger Leighton (UK) 3-1 Tony Ng (HK)

Sompol Saetang (Thai) 3-1 Calvin Wong Sai Wah (HK)

Ng Ping Wai Ransome (HK) 0-3 Li Chung Ping (HK)

Puttiphat Putprasoet (Thai) 2-3 Yau Wong On

Ng Cheuk Fai (HK) 3-2 Terence Leung (HK)

Au Siu Wai (China) 3-0 Borriak Jongchotchatchawal (Thai)

David Roe (UK)  3-0 Stuart Hinton (AUS)

Greg Jenkins (aus) 3-1 Ng Yam Shui (HK)

Ng Yam Shui playing


Last 16

Huang Zhi Yong  (cn) 3-1 David Roe (UK)

Suchakree Poomjang (Thai) 3-0 David Hunter (AUS)

Roger Leighton (UK) 3-1 Lee Richardson (UK)

Au Siu Wai (CN) 3-1 Sompol Saetang (Thai)

Guo Hua (China) 3-0 Li Chung Ping (HK)

Chui Chun Fai Frankie (HK) 3-0 Yau Wong On

Zhang Kai (China) 3-0 Ng Cheuk Fai (HK)

Greg Wilkinson (Aus) 3-1 Greg Jenkins (Aus)


QF line-up

Roger Leighton (UK) 3-0 Au Siu Wai (China)

UK Qual HK QFs Leighton

Huang Zhi Yong (China) 1-3 Suchakree Poomjang (Thai)

UK Qual HK QF Poomjang

Guo Hua (China) 3-0 Chui Chun Fai Frankie (HK)

UK Qual HK QF Guo Hua

Zhang Kai (China) 2-3  (Australia)

dnwo8ctu8aeshjUK Qual HK QF Wilkinson

Semi Finals

Roger Leighton (UK) 1-3 Suchakree Poomjang (Thai)

(Leighton 94)

UK Qual HK SF Leighton - Poomjang

Glen Wilkinson (Aus) 2-3 Guo Hua (China)

UK Qual HK Glen Wilkinson v Guo Hua

The Final

Suchakree Poomjang (Thailand) 3-0 Guo Hua (China) – Referee is Queenie

UK Qual HK Final handshake

Third and fourth places match 

Roger Leighton (UK) 3-1 Glen Wilkinson (Australia)

Congratulations to Suchakree Poomjang from Thailand, your winner. See you in Hull! 

You can (re-)watch the final here.

Two referees selected to officiate at the Seniors UK Championship 2018

This was published by WPBSA on their Facebook page yesterday:

SENIORS NEWS | Two referees have been selected by World Seniors Snooker to officiate at the UK Seniors Snooker Championship in Hull next month as part of an ongoing commitment to support the EASB.

Coventry’s Ian Wagstaff and Carl Whitby from Sheffield are both EASB stalwarts and have been chosen to support main officials Michaela Tabb and Patricia Murphy during the event. The pair will be given matches at the brand new Bonus Arena, Hull and with 11 matches spread across twodays its sure to be a busy time for everyone involved.

The UK Seniors Snooker Championship runs from 23-25 October and features all-time greats including Stephen Hendry, Ken Doherty and Jimmy White.

🎟 Tickets for the event can be secured at

Referee gloves ballds

Congratulations to Ian and Carl.

Draw and Format for the Seniors UK Championship Qualifiers 2 in Clacton

Although the next event is the UK Championship Qualifiers 1 in Hong Kong, the draw and format are already available for the next one, in Clacton to be played on the last week-end of September.

Here they are:


And don’t forget … here is what awaits those who qualify!


PS: I know that the draw is hard to read, but you can click on each image and enlarge it …