WSS Seniors British Open 2020 news

The Seniors British Open 2020 will be played in Plymouth on 3 and 4 April 2020.


The match ups for the upcoming ROKiT Senior British Open which will be staged at the Plymouth Pavilions on the 3rd and 4th April, are as follows:

Opening the event on Friday 3rd at 7pm will be 7 times World Snooker Champion and 4 times former British Open Champion Stephen Hendry who will play 1985 World Snooker Champion Dennis Taylor. That match is followed by another cracker as the current World Seniors Snooker Champion, and former two time British Open Winner Jimmy ‘The Whirlwind’ White plays an amateur player who will come from a event in March.

All the legends will attend a VIP champagne reception before these matches start so a great opportunity to grab an autograph and photo.

On Saturday morning at 10am the four other remaining players do battle. Former World Number 2 Tony Knowles plays 1986 World Champion Joe Johnson and 1991 World Champion John Parrott plays 1980 World Champion Cliff Thorburn.

The afternoon session will see both semi finals contested and the final will be played that evening with one of our players klifting the trophy.

A pre-final VIP champagne reception is also available to purchase which includes a chance to meet all our legends PLUS our guest of honour… 6 times World Snooker Champion Ray Reardon.

You can grab the tickets by going to…

The full schedule is

Friday 3rd April @ 7pm
Stephen Hendry v Dennis Taylor
Jimmy White v (Amateur tbc)

Saturday 4th April @10am
Joe Johnson v Tony Knowles
John Parrott v Cliff Thorburn

Saturday 4th April @ 2.30pm
Winner Match 2 v Winner Match 4
Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 3

Saturday 4th April @ 7.00pm
The Final

Vip Packages are available for Friday and Saturday night sessions

The one amateur in the draw will be the winner of the qualifying event, played at Pot Black Clacton, next week-end. 

The draw for this event is now available:


1 Adam Denham v Steve Field
2 Dharmendra Patel v George Apperley
3 John Palmer v Richard Wykes

Left Half

Rodney Goggins (Ire) v Steven Chell (Eng)
Patsy Fagan (Ire) v Aidan Owens (Eng)
Lee Martin (Eng) v Boris Lazarov (Bul)
Wayne Townsend (Eng) v James O’Sullivan (Eng)
Richard Emery (Eng) v Dennis Tristram (Eng)
Dave Finbow (Eng) v Garry Coulson (Eng)
Michael Wrigley (Eng) v prelim 1
Matt Ford (Eng) v Stuart Watson (Eng)
Aaron Canavan (Jer) v Kevin Kelly (Jer)
Bal Sembi (Eng) v Ady Holley (Gue)
Tony Knowles (Eng) v prelim 2
Ray Grall (Eng) v Jon Charlton (Eng)
Les Dodd (Eng) v Johnny Stevens (Eng)
Gary Britton (Jer) v Paul Reading
Neil Craycraft (Eng) v Dean Venables (Eng)
Neil Carroll (Eng) v Lee Richardson (Eng)

Right Half

Michael Judge (Ire) v prelim 3
Marcus Lord (Eng) v Daren Mirza (Eng)
Stephen Campbell (Eng) v Steve Bird (Eng)
Philip Blackburn (Eng) v Cary Kikis (Eng)
Gary Filtness (Eng) v David Brock (Eng)
Karl Townsend (Eng) v Gary Millar (Eng)
James Brown (Eng) v Mark Sutton (Eng)
Adrian Atkins (Eng) v Jonathan Bagley (Eng)
Wayne Cooper (Eng) v Simon Chandler (Eng)
Mark White (Eng) v Kevin Palmer (Eng)
Mark Ball (Eng) v Colin Mitchell (Eng)
Andrew Darken (Eng) v Sean Lanigan (Eng)
Dean Sycamore (Eng) v Ian Spawton (Eng)
Garoid O’Connor (Eng) v Anthony Massey (Eng)
Bradley Jones (Eng) v Mark Gray (Eng)
Patrick Wallace (Ire) v James Farrow (Eng)

The qualifying event will be covered on this blog as it unfolds of course.

WSS ROKiT Masters 2020 – Q1 in Coulsdon


The first qualifying event for the 2020 Seniors Masters was played in Coulsdon from 7 to 9 February 2020

Here is the draw (from last 64)

And the format

Masters Q1 Coulsdon format

You will be able to follow the tournament here.

Preliminary matches: 

  1. Jonathan Wallace 1-3 James Farrow
  2. Steve Bird 3-0 Daren Mirza
  3. Colin Mitchell 2-3 James Brown
  4. Steve Waldron  Ady Holley W/O
  5. Mark Gray 3-0 Philip Blackburn

Last 64:

  1. Rodney Goggins W/O Matt Ford
  2. Dean Venables 0-3 Patsy Fagan
  3. James O’Sullivan 3-1 Richard Wykes
  4. Boris Lazarkov 0-3 Tony Knowles
  5. Rory Mc Leod 3-0 Steve Field
  6. Ian Spawton 0-3 Garry Coulson
  7. Mark White 1-3 James Farrow
  8. Steve Bird 2-3 Richard Emery
  9. Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Dennis Tristram
  10. Bal Sembi 3-1 Kevin Palmer
  11. Mark Ball 3-0 Neil Carroll
  12. Andrew Darken 0-3 Sean Lanigan
  13. Tony Corrigan 3-2 Nickolas Neale
  14. Stephen Campbell 3-2 Paul Burrell
  15. Andrew Grieves 3-0 Dharmendra Patel
  16. James Brown 3-2 Aaron Canavan
  17. Leo Fernandez 2-3 Wayne Townsend
  18. Bradley Jones 3-0 Ray Grail
  19. Cary Kikis 3-0 Ady Holley
  20. Adam Ashley 1-3 Dean Sycamore
  21. Wayne Cooper 3-0 Adam Denham
  22. Neal Jones 3-0 Keith Thomas
  23. Neil Craycraft 3-2 David Brock
  24. D. O’Sullivan 0-3 Gary Filtness
  25. Stuart Watson 3-2 Mark Sutton
  26. Michael Wrigley 3-1 George Apperley
  27. Karl Townsend 0-3 Mark Gray
  28. Adrian Atkins 1-3 Jon Charlton
  29. Andrew Milliard 3-1 Anthony Massey
  30. Garoid O’Connor 3-0 John Palmer
  31. Gary Skipworth 3-0 Stevie Carroll
  32. Lee Richardson 3-2 Kevin Kelly

Last 32:

Rodney Goggins 3-0 Patsy Fagan
James O’Sullivan 3-1 Tony Knowles
Rory McLeod 3-0 Garry Coulson
James Farrow 3-1 Richard Emery
Jonathan Bagley 3-0 Bal Sembi
Mark Ball 2-3 Sean Lanigan
Tony Corrigan 3-2 Stephem Campbell
Andrew Greaves 0-3 James Brown
Wayne Townsend 3-2 Bradley Jones
Cary Kikis 3-0 Dean Sycamore
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Neal Jones
Neil Craycraft 3-2 Gary Filtness
Stuart Watson 3-1 Michael Wrigley
Mark Gray 3-1 Jon Charlton
Andrew Milliard 3-2 Garoid O’Connor
Gary Skypworth 2-3 Lee Richardson

Last 16:

Rodney Goggins 3-1 James O’Sullivan
Rory McLeod 3-0 James Farrow
Jonathan Bagley 3-2 Sean Lanigan
Tony Corrigan 2-3 James Brown
Wayne Townsend 3-2 Cary Kikis
Wayne Cooper 3-1 Neil Craycraft
Stuart Watson 3-1 Mark Gray
Andrew Milliard 3-2 Lee Richardson


Rodney Goggins 1-3 Rory McLeod
Jonathan Bagley 1-3 James Brown
Wayne Townsend 1-3 Wayne Cooper
Stuart Watson 3-1 Andrew Milliard


Rory McLeod 4-1 James Brown
Wayne Cooper 4-0 Stuart Watson

The Final


Rory McLeod 3-4 Wayne Cooper


125 Rory McLeod (L32)
111 Bal Sembi (L64)
107 Stuart Watson (QF)
102 Jonathan Bagley (L64)

Super Seniors Event 4

Preliminary match:

Ray Grail 0-2 Richard Wykes

Last 16:

Patsy Fagan 2-1 Dharmendra Patel
Tony Knowles 2-0 Keith Thomas
Steve Field 2-0 Andrew Darken
Richard Wykes 0-2 Richard Emery
George Apperley 0-2 David Brock
Dennis Tristram 2-0 Neil Caroll
Kevin Kelly 0-2 Gary Filtness
Colin Mitchell 2-1 Ian Spawton


Patsy Fagan 1-2 Tony Knowles
Steve Field 1-2 Richard Emery
David Brock 0-2 Dennis Tristram
Gary Filtness 2-1 Colin Mitchell


Tony Knowles 2-0 Richard Emery
Gary Filtness 2-0 Dennis Tristram

The Final


Gary Filtness 2-0 Tony Knowles

All detailed results for the Super SEniors Event 4 are available here

WSS ROKiT 2020 World Championship tickets go on sale today


This was shared today on social media by Jason Francis:

On sale now! At 12 noon tickets for the 2020 ROKiT World Seniors Snooker Championship went on sale. Link here

16 of the best over 40 Snooker Players in the World go head to head for the trophy won last year by Jimmy White. Jimmy is back amongst a stellar field which includes Stephen Hendry, John Parrott and James Wattana to defend his title. The Event runs from the 13th – 15th August.
The opening session, with a players meet and greet VIP, will be “The Legends Cup” from 6pm on the 12th August
Willie Thorne, Cliff Thorburn, Joe Johnson and Dennis Taylor game go head to head in our event opener, an evening of fun and nostalgia with a trophy for our champion. A special trick shot cabaret from John Virgo will also be performed.

Get your tickets quick!

Seniors News From Malta


The 2020 WSF Open in Malta has reached the knockout stage, with several WSS players doing well and still competing after the group stage was completed yesterday.

You can see all the tournament results and future fixtures by following  this link. 

In the last 64 …

Nickolas Neale will play 14 years old Iulian Boiko from Ukraine

Stuart Watson will play the winner of Jeremy Lee v Jenson Kendrick

Wayne Townsend will play 20 years old Brian Ochoiski from France

Tony Drago and Rory McLeod will face each other. Tony won all three of his group matches. It’s great to have him back playing well. Remember, he missed the inaugural WSF event in Malta in 2018, as he was then critically ill.

Leo Fernandez was very unlucky. He didn’t come in Malta in the best possible shape having suffered a hand injury a couple of weeks ago, and to make things worse, his luggage, including his cue arrived only when the group stages were already well unerway. As a result, he managed to win only one match, which wasn’t enough.

Stuart Watson and Rory McLeod reached the last 16



Canada will host the Pan American Snooker Championships

And the winner of the Seniors event will get a spot in the WSS ROKiT 2020 World Championship

Here are the informations about the Pan American World Championships

Canada to host Pan American Snooker Championships
filed on Monday, December 9, 2019.   10:44am PT/USA

The Pan American Snooker and Billiards Association (PABSA) have announced that the 2020 Pan American Snooker Championships will be hosted in Canada at The Corner Bank in Toronto from March 23 – 29.

2020 Pan American Snooker Championships - The Corner Bank, Toronto, Canada. March 23 - 29

After a successful 2019 staging by the United States Snooker Association (USSA) earlier this year at Q Ball Snooker & Pool in Houston, Texas, it is the turn of the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA), who have chosen to play the Championships at one of Canada’s premier cuesports facilities which is located in the Scarborough administrative division of the city of Toronto.

The Corner Bank in Toronto, Canada - Photo courtesy of The Corner Bank
The Corner Bank in Toronto, Canada

Photo courtesy of The Corner Bank


In a change from 2019, PABSA have expanded the 2020 Championships which will now encompass the main 2020 Pan American Snooker Championship event, and the 2020 Pan American Seniors Snooker Championship event for players aged 40 and over. The Seniors event will be played first from March 23 – 25, followed then by the Main event from March 26 – 29.

A view of the snooker tables in The Corner Bank - Photo courtesy of The Corner Bank
A view of the snooker tables in The Corner Bank

Photo courtesy of The Corner Bank


The Championships are open to entry from a player who is a citizen of any of the 41 countries which make up the Pan American Olympic movement, with a special dispensation for players who have been a legal permanent resident of one of those nations for a continuous period of the past five years, and have not had any previous representation for a foreign nation in any international snooker competition.

The United States is expected to have several participants competing in both events.

Players interested in entering should visit the PABSA website for further details:

Seniors Irish Masters 2020 – Draw and Format


Followowing the Liverpool event last week, the draw is now complete

Here are the draw and format:

Friday 27th March 2020

Session 1 – 7pm

Jimmy White v Tony Drago
Michael Judge v Dennis Taylor

Saturday 28th March 2020

Session 2 – 10am

John Parrott v Rory McLeod
Stephen Hendry v Cliff Thorburn

Session 3 – 2pm

Winner Match 1 v Winner Match 3
Winner Match 2 v Winner Match 4

The Final – 7.30pm

All matches to the final are best of 5, the final is best of 7.
Roll on roll off format.

Get your tickets here.

Seniors Irish Masters 2020 – Liverpool Qualifying Event


WSSLiverpool Venue

You can follow the tournament here:

Preliminary round (L128)

Alex Ferguson W/O – Chris Clarkson
James Brown 3-1 Ady Holley
John Whitty 3-0 Steve Evans
Michael Wrigley 3-1 Dharmendra Patel
Andrew Greaves 3-0 Ian Spawton

Last 64

Rodney Goggins 3-0 Colin Mitchell
Marcus Lord 3-2 Patsy Fagan
Tony Corrigan W/0 – Neil Caroll
Philip Blackburn 1-3 Les Dodd
Richard Emery 2-3 Gary Miller
Steve Bird 0-3 Dean Sycamore
Sanjay Meghani 3-2 Alex Ferguson
John Snape – Aaron Canavan W/O
Lee Richardson 3-0 Ray Grail
Mark Ball 3-0 Stevie Carroll
Karl Townsend 1-3 James Brown
Anthony Massey 0-3 Rory McLeod
Sean Lanigan 1-3 Wayne Townsend
Colm Gilcreest – John Welsh W/O
Neil Craycraft 3-0 George Apperley
John Whitty 2-3 Leo Fernandez
Patrick Wallace 3-0 Adrian Atkins
Johnny Stevens – Darren Barton W/0
Andrew Milliard 3-2 Mark Sutton
Bal Sembi W/0 – Lee S. Martin
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Simon Keenan
Mark White 2-3 Michael Wrigley
Stephen Campbell 3-1 Ali Anwar
Gary Thompson 3-1 Stuart Watson
Jonathan Bagley 3-1 Andrew Greaves
Neal Jones W/O – Nikolas Neale
Cary Kikis 3-1 A. Pennington
Dennis Tristram 1-3 Gary Filtness
Tony Knowles 2-3 Steve Whalley
Jon Charlton W/O – Pat Bonnar
Gary Coulson 1-3 Danny Crawford
Michael Judge 3-0 Abbid Manzoor

Last 32

Rodney Goggins 3-1 Marcus Lord
Tony Corrigan 1-3 Les Dodd
Gary Miller 1-3 Dean Sycamore
Sanjay Meghani 0-3 Aaron Canavan
Lee Richardson 3-0 Mark Ball
James Brown 1-3 Rory McLeod
Wayne Townsend 3-1 John Welsh
Neil Craycraft 0-3 Leo Fernandez
Patrick Wallace 3-0 Darren Barton
Andrew Milliard 1-3 Bal Sembi
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Michael Wrigley
Stephen Campbell 0-3 Gary Thompson
Jonathan Bagley 3-2 Neal Jones
Cary Kikis 0-3 Gary Filtness
Steve Whalley 2-3 Jon Charlton
Danny Crawford 1-3 Michael Judge

Last 16

Rodney Goggins 3-1 Les Dodd
Dean Sycamore 1-3 Aaron Canavan
Lee Richardson 0-3 Rory McLeod
Wayne Townsend 1-3 Leo Fernandez
Patrick Wallace 3-0 Bal Sembi
Wayne Cooper 0-3 Gary Thompson
Jonathan Bagley 3-2 Gary Filtness
Jon Charlton 2-3 Michael Judge

Quarter finals

Rodney Goggins 2-3 Aaron Canavan
Rory McLeod 3-2 Leo Fernandez
Patrick Wallace 1-3 Gary Thompson
Jonathan Bagley 0-3 Michael Judge

Semi finals

Aaron Canavan 1-4 Rory Mcleod
Gary Thompson 3-4 Michael Judge

The Final

Rory McLeod 1-4 Michael Judge

WSS ROKiT Phones World Championship Q2 – Newbury

This is the main draw for the second WSS World Championship 2020 qualifying event in Newbury:

The preliminary matches:


And the format:


I AM aware that the above images may be hard to read. You will though find the draw, and the results as the event unfolds here:

Results will be shown on this page as well, when available.

Preliminary matches

Patrick Wallace 3-0 Sanjay Meghani
Boris Lazarkov 0-3 Neil Herd
Mark Sutton 1-3 James O’Sullivan (replaces Sean O’Shea)
Matt Ford 3-1 Darren Barton
Leo Fernandez (replaces Nick Neale) 3-0 Neal Jones
David Brock 0-3 Jason Smith
Dean Venables 3-2 Steve Evans
Kevin Kelly W//O Keith Thomas
Geoff Williams 2-3 James Brown
Stephen Campbell 1-3 Gareth Hibbott
Bai Sembi 3-1 Alex Ferguson
Jonathan Bagley 0-3 David Brown
Gary Skipworth 3-2 Mike Hallett
George Apperley 1-3 Ray Grail
Jon Charlton 3-0 Muhammed Aurangzaib (replaces Simon Keenan)
David McDonnell 3-1 Anthony Cutler
Aaron Canavan 2-3 Don Newcombe
Andy Papaiacovou v Marcus Lord
Lyndon Paxfgord 0-3 Dean Sycamore
Andrew Darken 3-2 Adam Denham
Neil Carroll 0-3 Dennis Tristram
Karl Townsend v Colin Mitchell
Cary Kikis 3-2 Andrew Greaves
Rodney Goggins 3-2 Danny Crawford

Last 64

Patrick Wallace 3-0 Neil Herd
James O’Sullivan 3-0 John Palmer
Mark White 3-0 Ady Holley
Mathew Ford 1-3 Rhydian Richards
Wayne Cooper 3-2 Neil Craycraft
Adam Ashley 3-2 Adrian Atkins
Leo Fernandez 3-2 Andrew Milliard
Jason Smith 3-1 Richard Emery
Lee Richardson 3-2 Darren Thompson
Rory McLeod 3-1 Dean Venables
Keith Thomas 3-2 Steve Bird
James Brown 3-0 Gary Britton
Sean Lanigan 3-2 Mark Ball
Gareth Hibbott 3-1 Bal Sembi
Patsy Fagan 3-1 Colin Mitchell
Bradley Jones 3-2 Michael Judge
David Brown 3-1 Anthony Massey
Gary Skipworth 3-0 Andrew Isitt
Colm Gilcreest 3-2 Ray Grail
Jon Charlton 2-3 Les Dodd
Gary Filtness 3-1 David McDonnell
Tony Knowles 3-2 Don Newcombe
Marcus Lord 3-2 Tony Corrigan
Garoid O’Connor 3-1 Dean Sycamore
Stuart Watson 3-1 Andrew Darken
Michael Wrigley 3-1 James Richardson
Johnny Stevens 3-1 Ian Spawton
Gary Coulson 3-0 Dennis Tristram
Karl Townsend 3-1 Gary Miller
Lee S. Martin 3-2 Daren Mirza
Darryl James 1-3 Cary Kikis
Rodney Goggins 3-0 Abid Manzoor

Last 32

Patrick Wallace 3-1 James O’Sullivan
Mark White 0-3 Rhydian Richards
Wayne Cooper 3-0 Adam Ashley
Leo Fernandez 3-0 Jason Smith
Rory McLeod 3-0 Lee Richardson
James Brown 3-0 Keith Thomas
Sean Lanigan 2-3 Gareth Hibbott
Patsy Fagan 2-3 Bradley Jones
David Brown 3-1 Gary Skipworth
Colm Gilcreest 3-0 Les Dodd
Gary Filtness 3-1 Tony Knowles
Marcus Lord 0-3 Garoid O’Connor
Stuart Watson 3-1 Michael Wrigley
Gary Coulson 3-1 Johnny Stevens
Karl Townsend 2-3 Lee S. Martin
Cary Kikis 0-3 Rodney Goggins

Last 16

Patrick Wallace 2-3 Rhydian Richards
Leo Fernandez 3-0 Wayne Cooper
Rory McLeod 3-0 James Brown
Gareth Hibbott 2-3 Bradley Jones
David Brown 1-3 Colm Gilcreest
Gary Filtness 3-1 Garoid O’Connor
Stuart Watson 3-0 Gary Coulson
Lee S. Martin 2-3 Rodney Goggins


Rhydian Richards 2-3 Leo Fernandez
Rory McLeod 3-1 Bradley Jones
Colm Gilcreest 2-3 Gary Filtness
Stuart Watson 1-3 Rodney Goggins


Leo Fernandez 4-2 Rory McLeod
Gary Filtness 1-4 Rodney Goggins

The Final


Leo Fernandez 4-2 Rodney Goggins

Super Seniors Event 3

Screenshot 2019-11-10 at 20.52.38Screenshot 2019-11-10 at 20.52.52

The Final

Patsy Fagan 0-2 Richard Emery


Michael Judge is your 2019 WSS ROKiT UK Champion … in pictures!

Michael Judge defeated both Stephen Hendry and Jimmy White to become the WSS 2019 UK Champion.

Congratulations Michael!

Here is the report by WPBSA

Judge Victorious at ROKiT UK Seniors Snooker Championship

  • 26th October 2019

Ireland’s Michael Judge has defeated Jimmy White 4-2 to claim the ROKiT UK Seniors Snooker Championship title at the Bonus Arena in Hull on Friday evening.

The 44-year-old, who previously reached the semi-finals of the Grand Prix back in 2004, was competing in his first televised final having come through matches against Willie Thorne, James Wattana and notably king of the Crucible Stephen Hendry in a dramatic match earlier in the day.

Awaiting him in the title match was Jimmy White, winner of three of the last four major events staged on the ROKiT World Seniors Tour including the World Seniors Championship at the Crucible Theatre back in August. The Whirlwind had already defeated Rory McLeod and Patrick Wallace earlier in the day, producing one of the shots of the tournament with a do or die pot on the pink during a final frame against McLeod, which paved the way for a match-clinching run of 104.

White continued his scoring streak at the start of the final, notching up a break of 101 to open his account before Judge responded in kind with a knock of 114, equalling his own tournament-high break set earlier in the day.

In contrast the third frame was to prove a nervy affair, White eventually taking it on the pink to head into the mid-session interval with a narrow lead. Judge again drew level as he comfortably took the next frame, before what proved to be the most crucial frame in the tournament. It was White who raced into what looked to be a decisive lead with a break of 69, only to see former world number 24 Judge respond with a break of 48 and eventually clear from the brown to lead in the match for the first time.

White continued to fight but the momentum was now with Judge, a break of 54 ultimately proving decisive as he added the sixth frame to seal the biggest triumph of his career to date.

“It is fantastic, I can’t believe it,” said Dubliner Judge. “It’s why we play in these qualifying events to get to play at these venues and to become UK champion after a good friend of mine Ken [Doherty] won it here last year to make it two Irish victories in a row is great.”

“I was delighted when I hit the century break in the second frame [of the final] to let him know that I was in the match. I felt pretty good and was a bit disappointed not to win the third frame, but I went and out and did what I wanted to do and won the next to get back into the match. And then then the fifth frame to win it from 69 points was unbelievable. I am so proud of myself that I held myself together in the end.

“When I was growing up Jimmy was my hero so to beat him in the final of the UK Seniors Championship with him playing well too, it couldn’t have been better for me. I have seen so many players at the end of tournaments lifting a trophy on my TV at home and have obviously never done it myself before, so it is just a dream come true. Showing that trophy around to the crowd. Whatever happens after this I have done it so I can finish up proud.

“I would like to give a big shout out to Jason Francis for putting this tour together, without him and all of the team we wouldn’t be here. I would also like to thank everyone at home, my family and friends including my mum, my sister Paula, my wife, my kids and everyone else. Also my good friend and sponsor Anthony Bonner who has helped me out over the last few years – sorry to everyone I have forgotten but I am a bit tired!”

As in 2018, the event was well-supported by the city of Hull with large crowds in attendance on both days, as well as live TV coverage provided by FreeSports TV.

There was a bonus prize of £1,000 offered by the Tradewell Snooker Club, won by Stephen Hendry, while Judge also claimed a special prize on offer of a Chamberlain 1875 watch by virtue of his tournament-high break.

Photos by Matt Huart and Monique Limbos.

Here is – in pictures – how the day unfolded:


Michael Judge 3-1 James Wattana

Jimmy White 3-2 Rory McLeod


Stephen Hendry 2-3 Michael Judge

Jimmy White 3-0 Patrick Wallace

The Final and trophy ceremony

Jimmy White 2-4 Michael Judge

Thank you indeed Jason Francis, thank you to the fantastic Hull crowd … and thank you as well to Leo Sculiion and his team who did a great job from start to finish!