WSS ROKiT 2019 World Championship Buid-up – Willie Thorne v Darren Morgan

The second match of the afternoon session on August 15, 2019 at the WSS ROKiT 2019 World Championship will see Willie Thorne take on Darren Morgan.

Willie Thorne nowadays is probably best known as a snooker commentator and pundit, but during his professional days, between 1975 and 2001, he was one of the best players in the World. He won seven professional titles, including one raking event, the 1985 Classic. However what made Willie stand out at the time was his attacking style and his exceptional break building. He made 126 centuries – only the third player to pass the 100 mark back then – including a 147.

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Willie’s opponent is Darren Morgan from Wales. Darren is the reigning Welsh Amateur Champion, as well as the currently European and World Masters Champion. He competed professionally from 1988 to 2007. He was part of the top eight in the world. His best achievement as a professional was to beat Steve Davis by 9-8 to win the 1996 Irish Masters in the iconic Goffs; he also reached three other major finals. Since retiring, Darren Morgan continues to play at a very high level: he has accumulated no less than 20 Amateur titles since 2007!

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Willie Thorne hasn’t played much in recent years, having suffred a number of health issues. Amongst other things, Willie’s eyesight became problematic. Last year he underwent a surgery, in the hope to improve the situation. It has helped but it’s still not perfect. Darren Morgan on the contrary is still playing regularly and at a very high standard. Testimony of that is his recent Welsh Amateur Champion title. Therefore I can see only one winner here. Prediction: Darren Morgan to win.

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