Good News about the Seniors Tour

It’s been a while … but eventually i’s good news.

After the last Seniors World Championship, we got no news about the World Seniors Tour, no provisional calendar for this season, no invitation to register for qualifiers… nothing.

Instead, Jason Francis has been involved in a lot of newer projects: Seniors Darts, the 900 and more… Many, me included, became worried that the World Seniors Snooker Tour would disappear. Clearly, there were some issues.

Yesterday, Jason Francis, posted this on social media

Keep the faith… we’re not done yet! #Daretodream


The announcement triggered a lot of positive comments, and, of course, questions.

Here is one comment by Barry Pinches, with Jason Francis’s answer

Pinches/Json FB 5.8.2022

Of course the other Jason he is mentionning is Jason Ferguson. That’s reassuring and definitely good news! Hopefully, we will know more and get a “calendar” very soon.


One thought on “Good News about the Seniors Tour

  1. COVID Has buggered a lot of businesses up and momentum for things like this has been lost, no doubt.


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