Jimmy White

James Warren White MBE

Born 2 May 1962, Tooting, London

Nationality: English

Professional since 1980
Highest ranking: 2
Winner of 10 ranking events, including the UK Championship (1992), 1984 Masters Champion, 2017 UK Seniors Champion2019 Seniors Irish Masters Champion, 2019 Six Reds World Championship

Jimmy White is unfortunately best known for never winning the World Championship at the Crucible despite making it into 6 finals (1984, 1990-94). This is not doing justice to a remarkable career. In addition to winning 10 ranking events and the Masters, Jimmy is the 1980 World Amateur Champion, the 2009 Six-red World Champion, the 2010 World Seniors Champion and 1984 World Doubles champion with Alex Higgins.

But, first and foremost, Jimmy was and still is  “the People Champion”. His unwavering love for snooker, his uncompromising attacking style, his panache and mettle at the table owned his an equally unwavering love from the fans.

Jimmy still plays on the Main Tour, thanks to an invitational tour card. He has enjoyed considerable success on the WSS tour since it started, winning the 2017 UK Seniors Championship, the 2019 Seniors Irish Masters. the 2019 WSS Six Reds World Championship, the 2019 World Seniors Championship, and the 2020 World Seniors Championship. He made the final of the World Seniors Championship again in 2021,  but was then beaten by David Lilley.

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